Italy Pilgrims (V) - VOICED Pilgrims arrive in Rome for controversial canonisation
TAPE: EF02/0849 IN_TIME: 21:59:03 DURATION: 1:23 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Rome - October 5 2002 VOICED BY TARA OGDEN SHOTLIST: Civitavecchia, Rome 0000 Low shot cruise ship arriving at the port 0007 Mid shot boat 0011 Pilgrims on boat 0017 Wide shot pilgrims attending mass on boat 0022 Close shot picture of Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer 0024 SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Spanish Priest: "The sanctity of lay people, the importance of ordinary lives are things that are important elsewhere in the gospels and in the life of Christ. These things can also be a little bit more diluted in ordinary people's lives, but with Opus Dei and Jose Maria Escriva all this doctrine has come true. I think this is a great message of hope." 0033 Side shot ferry 0038 SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Dr. Miguel Navado Rey, allegedly cured by a miracle performed by Escriva: "And as I visited churches I found a picture of of the beatified Jose Maria, which frankly impressed me because I saw that he was a universal man. So I prayed to him with more intensity and with more faith. And after 14 or 15 days after having seen him my hands began to be more presentable, because before they were horrendous. They were covered in ulcers and I was embarrassed to show them." Vatican 0050 Wide shot of St Peter's Square 0055 Mid shot Painting of Escriva over St Peter's entrance 0100 Various shots of Vatican 0104 Various pilgrims arriving for ceremony 0107 Spanish children waving flag 0113 More of pilgrims 0118 Wide shot Vatican 0123 VISION ENDS STORYLINE Thousands of pilgrims are arriving in Italy ahead of Sunday's canonisation of Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer. During his papacy, John Paul II has canonised more than men and women than any other pope in history. But Sunday's ceremony is being seen as highly significant - as the man being canonised is the founder of a controversial organisation. VOICE-OVER: 0003 A boat carrying Spanish pilgrims arriving at a port town near Rome. 0007 They are among an expected crowd of 250-thousand heading to the Vatican for the canonisation of Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer 0017 The new saint, who died in 1975, founded the controversial organisation Opus Dei - which advocates traditional Catholic values. 0024 UPSOUND 0026 This priest says Escriva's movement encourages a strong moral code in people's everyday lives and provides hope for ordinary Catholics. 0033 Also arriving for the ceremony is Dr. Manuel Nevado Rey. 0038 UPSOUND 0040 He says he was cured from a serious skin condition after touching pictures of Escriva - an act regarded as a miracle by the Vatican. 0050 The Spaniard's canonisation comes after one of the shortest waiting times in church history, but Catholics are divided over the merits of the movement. 0058 Critics liken it to a religious cult and accuse it of using heavy handed recruitment methods. 0104 They also say it is secretive and overtly political. 0107 Despite the divisions, this weekend's papal seal of approval gives Opus Dei a special status within the Catholic Church. 0114 It also represents a remarkable rise for a group that was only founded in 1928. 0120 SOUND ENDS 0122 VISION ENDS