Wooden Car (09/09/1997)
Jason Davis feature on a 1919 Model T carved from wood.
Comedians Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy at theatre in Northampton, Northamptonshire. <br/> <br/>L/S Theatre camera pans down to billboard reading 'Laurel and Hardy'. M/S Theatre car pulls up outside building. M/S Chauffeur getting out of car. Hardy also gets out. M/S of the Chauffeur walking around the car and opening offside door. Good shots of Laurel and Hardy walking around the car to the chauffeur. On seeing him they walk round back of car again go in door and come out door which chauffeur is holding open. They shake hands with the chauffeur. <br/> <br/>M/S Laurel and Hardy speaking to stage door keeper. M/S In dressing room, Stan Laurel is making his face up. Hardy takes over mirror and starts to make his face up. Both comics making faces up. M/S of Laurel and Hardy adjusting bowlers on their heads. M/S of Laurel and Hardy brushing coats. Stan lifts brush up and starts brushing Oliver's chin. M/S Stage manager looking impatient knocking on stage door. M/S Laurel and Hardy, Stan shuts trunk and catches Oliver's coat in it. C/U Oliver's coat caught in trunk Stan and catches Oliver's coat in it. Stan pulling at Oliver's coat. M/S Stan pulling bunch of keys from his pocket.
Lucille Hardy (Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy)
Interview Re: Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy
Archival Hollywood Footage
00:00 - 01:47 - B/W, 1929. Clip from ‘Double Whoopee’ with Stan Laurel, Jean Harlow and Oliver Hardy. Harlow arrives in a taxi at a hotel where Laurel and Hardy work as footman and doorman and ends up partially undressed. 01:47 - 04:05 - B/W, 1959. INT Babe London visiting Stan Laurel at his home. London joking around by reading magazine with 3D glasses. London and Laurel watching Laurel and Hardy short ‘Our Wife’, in which Babe London co-starred as Dulcy, the bride. London laughs and wipes away tears while watching the film. 04:05 - 05:04 - Color, 1970s. EXT film studio buildings. Notification on door ‘Nitrate film. No Smoking. Keep Doors Closed.’ EXT and INT film library, building 69. Viewer 05:04 - 08:05 - Color, 1940s. EXT aerial views over Warner Brothers Studio. ‘The home of Warner Bros. Pictures - Combining good citizenship with good picture making’ billboard. Activity around backlot. Actors and actresses in costume. Raoul Walsh sitting in director’s chair on set receiving phone call, possibly while filming ‘Fighter Squadron’. Warner Brothers Studio Water Tower. Man holding clapperboard in front of camera. Actors and actresses in costumes running out of soundstage and standing in line to have man sign documents, possibly paychecks. ‘Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc - Burbank, Calif.’ plaque on gate. Guard opening gate to allow man in car to drive through entrance into backlot. 08:05 - 08:39 - Color, 1970s. EXT movie ranch / backlot. Film sets, including Old West set. 08:39 - 10:17 - B/W, EXT HA PAN film studio and backlot. 10:17 - 11:25 - Color, 1970s. EXT Warner Brothers Studio backlot. Old West set. Laramie Street. ‘The Waltons’ set including White Arrow Bus Station. 11:25 - 11:53 - Color, 1936. Selznick International Pictures logo, possibly from ‘A Star is Born’ (1937). 11:53 - 14:31 - B/W, 1920s. ‘Own Your Own Library - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Stars, Culver City, California.’ Aerial view Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. Clips of Marion Davies, Lillian Gish, Antonio Moreno, Norma Scheerer, Alice Terry, John Gilbert, Renee Adoree, Lon Chaney, Joan Crawford and Charles Ray 14:31 - 15:09 - B/W, 1938. Fanny Brice performing ‘Quainty Dainty Me’ from ‘Everybody Sing’. 15:09 - 15:41 - Color, 1970s. EXT Tilt down Western Costume building facade. 15:41 - 15:51 - Color. Paramount Pictures ‘A Paramount Picture’ logo. 15:51 - 16:08 - B/W. EXT Filmed photograph of Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation West Coast Studios building facade. Water tower on top of mill. 16:08 - 16:22 - Color, 1970s. EXT Oblath’s Cafe sign on building. 16:22 - 16:40 - Color, EXT Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation West Coast Studios building facade. 16:41 - 17:28 - Color, 1970s. EXT Nickodell Melrose Restaurant. KHJ Radio Station building. 17:28 - 17:43 - B/W. Photograph of RKO Radio Pictures building with cars parked outside. 17:43 - 17:49 - B/W. Downtown Los Angeles skyline with KRKD radio tower. 17:49 - 18:32 - Color, Night, 1936. EXT HA Los Angeles skyline illuminated with lights. Probably B-roll / outtakes from ‘A Star is Born’ (1937). 18:32 - 18:48 - Color, Night, 1936. EXT Probably outtakes / b-roll footage from ‘A Star is Born’ (1937). Man and woman run to parked car and drive off. 18:48 - 19:07 - Color, Night, 1937. EXT HA Los Angeles skyline with flashing Hollywoodland sign. Probably outtakes / b-roll footage from ‘A Star is Born’ (1937). 19:07 - 20:23 - B/W, Night, 1940s. Car POV past Ciro’s. Street scenes on Hollywood Boulevard with heavy traffic, pedestrians and illuminated neon signs. Coca-Cola “All Roads Lead to Hollywood” neon sign. Signs for Christie Hotel and partially visible Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. EXT Earl Carroll Theatre and Slapsie Maxie’s. 20:23 - 20:44 - Color, Night, 1936. EXT WS Men outside Cafe Trocadero. Probably outtakes / b-roll footage from ‘A Star is Born’ (1937). 20:44 - 20:54 - Color. EXT Samuel Goldwyn Studios building door. 20:54 - 21:01 - B/W. Metrotone Snapshots title card. 21:01 - 21:50 - B/W, 1954. Movie News - Warner Pathe News. ‘Alan Ladd Steps in with Both Feet!’ Alan Ladd getting footprints and handprints immortalized on Hollywood Walk of Fame outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Ladd kisses wife Sue Carol. ‘Fans honor John Wayne, June Allyson’. June Allyson and John Wayne (in costume for playing Genghis Khan from The Conqueror’ receiving Woman’s Home Companion Favorite Movie Actress and Actor Awards for 1954. 21:50 - 22:14 - B/W, Night, 1952. EXT RKO Pantages Theatre with ‘24th Annual Academy Awards Presentation’ on marquee. Movie stars arriving. Hearst Metronome News - Metro Goldwyn Mayer ending title card. 22:14 - 23:38 - B/W, Night, 1952. Warner Pathe News. ‘Academy Awards’. EXT RKO Pantages Theater with ‘24th Annual Academy Awards Presentation’ on marquee. INT theater during presentation. Oscars being presented. Bettie Davis accepting award on behalf of Kim Hunter with George Stands standing next to podium. Kim Hunter arriving at the Playhouse in NYC where she is appearing in ‘The Chase’ with John Hodiak. Greer Garson presenting Oscar for Best Actor to Humphrey Bogart. Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh kissing in her dressing room for the stage version of ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ at the Ziegfeld Theatre. 23:38 - 24:37 - B/W, Night, 1955. Warner Pathe News ‘Film Industry Awards Its Oscars’. EXT RKO Pantages Theatre with ‘27th Annual Academy Awards Presentation’ on marquee. Stars arriving. EXT NBC Television Century Theatre. INT theater during presentation. Elia Kazan receiving Oscar for Best Director. Bette Davis presenting Oscar for Best Actor to Marlon Brando. William Holden presenting Oscar for Best Actress to Grace Kelly. 24:37 - 25:13 - Color, 1949. INT HA ‘The Hawk and the Arrow’ (1950 - also known as ‘The Flame and the Arrow’) written on clapperboard held in front of camera. Fight scene inside castle being filmed. 25:13 - 34:27 - Color, 1949. INT wardrobe test for ‘The Petty Girl’ (1950). Actor and models / dancers / actresses modeling costumes by striking poses, turning around and dancing, some en pointe or spinning on ice skates. Includes Joan Caulfield, the Toni Twins and Tippi Hedren as ‘Ice Box’. Man holding clapperboards with character names and months of ‘Calendar girls’. 34:27 - 39:45 - B/W, 1956. INT wardrobe test for 'Melville Goodwin’. Humphrey Bogart as Gen Goodwin on set trying various uniforms and coats on. Bogart turning around, smoking cigarettes and talking. Bogart being joined by Lauren Bacall, wearing sparkling evening gown and fur wrap / stole, before she tosses it off-screen. Bogart stands on tip toes trying to be taller than Bacall. 39:45 - 41:44 - Color, 1952. INT screen test/ wardrobe test for ‘Salome’ (1953). Arthur Franz, in costume, testing alone and with Rita Hayworth. 41:44 - 42:05 - Color, 1949. INT wardrobe test for ‘The Petty Girl’ (1950). Joan Caulfield, wearing blue swimsuit, turning around and posing. 42:05 - 43:37 - Color, 1950s. Wardrobe tests. Comic actor trying on costumes and disguises of different ethnicities. Clapperboards held in front of actor with ‘Pull on type of skull cap for shaved head. Change #2 Chinese Mandarin, ’Type 2 of quick change mask change #4 ‘Arab’’. ‘Suggestion for hat and wig. Change #5 Scarlett O’Hara’. Man wearing Scarlett O’Hara costume. 43:37 - 44:15 - B/W, 1920s. Keystone Presents ‘Universal Studio and Stars’ Keystone Kinescope Projectors title card. EXT Universal Pictures Corporation Pacific Coast Studios. HA studio / backlot. 44:15 - 46:39 - B/W, 1940s. ’Charlie’s Fisted Romance’ with Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen.
Representatives from theater and film participate in the parade held for the Variety Club Convention in Atlantic City, NJ
AFP-41BZ 16mm VTM-41BZ Beta SP
1933 Bogus Bandits trailer
Bogus Bandits - 1933 b&w trailer - comedy Stan Laurel , Oliver Hardy, Dennis King, Thelma Todd Laurel and Hardy in olde English costumes hold muskets on third man - Todd displays her many petticoats - Laurel and Hardy laugh uproariously
Various Subjects
Role of the Jeep in U.S. military operations during World War II.
A U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) Waco CG-4A-WO glider is seen descending and landing in a grass field. Upon touchdown, its front pops open and and an army jeep drives out. USAAF C-47 aircraft are seen next, offloading jeeps pulling small artillery pieces, and infantry who move rapidly from the parked aircraft. Jeeps traversing a high hump in a dirt road. A jeep towing an M-3 Antitank Gun 37mm, and others driving through underbrush and bouncing over rough road while towing 37mm guns and trailers. Soldiers stepping from jeeps to set up machine guns. American soldiers playing a game of horse and rider, during a break in duties. Soldiers setting up mortars. Jeeps driving through bodies of water. Two M4A1 (76)W Sherman tanks, with cast steel hulls, drive into a stream. Troops setting up several 37mm guns on a river bank. Two soldiers in a communications jeep. Army officers perusing a map laid out on the hood of a jeep. U.S. field artillerymen using periscopic binoculars on tripods, to spot and direct gunfire. Military vehicles, including jeeps, moving across desert terrain. Artillery crews firing M59 (M2 Long Tom) 155mm guns. A Douglas A-26 Invader aircraft flying overhead. Jeeps in various roles, bouncing along in the desert and laying smoke screens. Jeeps equipped with M3 anti-aircraft guns and others with stretchers for wounded affixed to their sides. U.S. Army Ford GPA "Seep" amphibious jeeps plunging into water and continuing on as boats. A jeep production and assembly line in a U.S. factory showing stages of assembly and finished jeeps driving out of the plant into yards containing hundreds of them. A convoy of jeeps driving over a bridge, and others carrying a U.S. military brass band in a parade in England. A Hollywood actress (Gloria Swanson?) being lifted into a jeep by several men. Glimpse of an unidentified actress with an American soldier, in a jeep. Hollywood stars, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy clowning in the front seat of a jeep with Desi Arnaz and two women riding in the back. Several jeeps carrying these and other Hollywood personalities during a war bond parade in Washington DC. The Capitol looming in the background as the jeeps move away from it toward the camera. Jeeps being prepared for transport to overseas destinations. Some being enclosed in wooden crates and placed on rail cars. Jeeps being hauled by cranes and placed aboard ships. Landing crafts mechanized (LCMs) transporting infantry and vehicles, including jeeps. An M4A1 Sherman tank driving out of a landing craft into surf. A jeep being driven onto beach at Adak,in the Aleutians,from a landing craft of the USS J.Franklin Bell (AP-34), in 1942. In 1943, this transport ship was reclassified as APA-16.) American troops with jeep on a South Pacific island in World War 2. A soldier on motorcycle, skids in mud on road in North Africa, and jeeps drive past him. American soldiers ride camels and some drive in a jeep near the Great pyramid and Sphinx in Egypt. Jeeps seen in China, with Generals Joseph Stilwell and Claire Chennault. One parked next to a Flying Tiger P-40 airplane. Soldiers in a jeep in Alaska, next to a tent and sign pointing to "Tokyo." Local tribesmen literally carrying a jeep, on long poles, across a river in Timor. General Douglas MacArthur, accompanied by staff officers, being driven in a jeep along a jungle road in New Guinea, past a line of local tribesmen. Wendell Wilkie, serving as Ambassador-at-large, during the war, speaks to U.S. officers in a jeep. Britain's King George VI in a jeep followed by another carrying Queen Elizabeth. President Franklin D. Roosevelt riding in a jeep to review troops. He removes his hat as they pass the American flag. Sign on a building in North Africa reads "Bizerte." General George S. Patton, standing in a jeep during a victory parade in North Africa. Soldiers at an outdoor religious service during the war with the hood of a jeep serving as a make shift altar.Various views of jeeps driving with soldiers in them. Location: United States USA. Date: 1943.
In a silent film, Chaplin imitator Billy West and Oliver Hardy fight over a woman. Master in Apple Pro Res 422 HQ 29.97fps 1080p.
My life in film!
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
ISSUE_NO = 929A NO_OF_ITEMS = 5 ITEM_NO = 5 DESCRIPTION : Laurel and Hardy attend the 21st birthday party of the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway. CARD_FILE = 48364 CARD_TITLE : RAILWAY BIRTHDAY PARTY SHOT_LIST : CUT STORY: KS Front of engine, of miniature railway travelling along route, fromt being decorated "21st Birthday". Small train at Romney station, Oliver Hardy with "golden key". Hardy walks along track. MS Hardy trying to place key in lock, doesn't succeed, turns away from door and inspects key. laurel walks behind him pushes door open without key. Background sound of crwods laughing. At platform, hardy being pushed into coach by laruel, tracking shot of Stan Laurel and Hardy in coach, drinking and smoking. Alighting at station, shaking hands with Mayor, laurel and hardy also shake hands. hardy beckons Mayor over to engine, inspecting same, when driver releases steam valve, Hardy jumps also Laurel. Laurel and Hardy seated in engine blow whistle. Hardy assisted by laurel pushing train. CUTS: Travelling shots of train across country. CU's of Laurel & Hardy. Swop hats with driver. INDEX : Ceremonies & Celebrations, Entertainment - Comedy, film Starts, Mankind, Personalities - Stan laurel, Oliver Hardy, Railways, Towns and Cities, Geography - countryside, Sound and Speeches. MATERIAL : DUPE - CAN 0854 DUPE - CAN 01073 16MM COMB. DUPE NEG - CAN 08061 GAUMONT LAV - CAN 9227 DUPE NEG OF ISSUE - CAN 10039 TWTD - TAPE 72 LENGTH_SHOT = 137 DATE_SUBD = 03/24/1947
00:00:00:00 :40 WS Oliver Hardy look-a-likes prepare to audition for role of Oliver Hardy (0:00)/
France. Laurel and Hardy are on their way back to Britain. <br/> <br/>MS CU Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy seated in the boat train with their wives. Stanley Laurel has difficulty with the cutlery and menu. <br/> <br/>CU Hardy tucks his table napkin in his collar. <br/> <br/>MS They alight from the train. Stan is wearing a French beret. <br/> <br/>Cataloguers Note: Both Stan and Ollie are showing signs of their age - MD.
Celebrities come out for the 1937 opening of the Del Mar racetrack
Rather odd little commercial from the 1960s for Ajax dishwashing soap, starring a slapstick clip starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Spot features a brief edit, but it's still hard to tell what the classic comedians have to do with the product being featured.
AFP-2BR 16mm VTM-2BR Beta SP
Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy
Françoise Hardy
FR3 / France 3
People; musicians
jazz king Paul ('Rhapsody in Blue') Whiteman, wife CU; CU couple on ship; CU Whiteman holds up book titled JAZZ; looks a lot like Oliver Hardy;
b&w TV program about comedians Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy - their reunion in later years after a period of falling out - Hollywood history - Laurel & Hardy enter show set - stills of scenes from early Laurel and Hardy film