Entertainment Europe: McCartney Wedding Wrap - Pull together of the McCartney/Mills wedding
TAPE: EF02/0502 IN_TIME: 14:06:19 DURATION: 2:39 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Glaslough, Ireland. 10 & 11 June 2002 SHOTLIST APTN Glaslough, Ireland. 11 June 2002 1. VS Fireworks & crowds outside castle 2. People applauding at the end of the fireworks APTN Glaslough, Ireland. 10 June 2002 3. Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills walk towards cameras and crowd, kiss each other (applause) 4. Various them together with crowd cheering 5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills: Paul: "Thanking all the people who have wished us good wishes, the people who have written into us and the people we have met on the street, we would like to take the opportunity of thanking all those people. Right - what would you like to say?" (he says to Heather) Heather:- "Just the same, thanks for all your support and really nice letters, really appreciate it. Paul: "So we are going to go... Reporter : "Are you nervous?" Paul : "Just a bit, yes." Heather: "Excited!" Paul: "So we're going to go back into the Castle - and as you know from Uncle Jack it is tomorrow (laughter) but it is a secret. So what we are going to do is basically a family wedding, so we are going to have family and friends and we are just going to have a bit of fun. So there you are. (they kiss) So if you didn't get that, you didn't get that!" APTN Glaslough, Ireland. 10 June 2002 6. Castle and castle ground with marquees and the church in the foreground 7. Close up church 8. Side shot castle 9. Close up tables by marquee at edge of lake 10. Wide shot castle and marquees with lake in foreground APTN - Belfast, Northern Ireland. 11th June 2002 11. Ringo Starr's private plane on the tarmac 12. Mercedes drives up 13. Ringo on tarmac, turns and walks towards terminal, does a funny dance/walk and goes in 14. Ringo puts coat in boot of car and gets in car 15. Wide shot car drives off 16. Wide shot guests queuing to get on bus 17. Zoom in to British musician Jools Holland 18. Chrissie Hynde, of rock group The Pretenders holds up her passport, smiles and gets on bus 19. Chrissie Hynde in bus talking to fellow passengers 20. Buses drive off across tarmac and a passenger waves 21. Wide shot buses driving away APTN Glaslough, Ireland. 11th June 2002 22. Police in front of entrance 23. SOUNDBITE: (English) Voxpop Question: "Who do you want to see? " Answer: "Anybody in particular, it's a very quiet place, we live a sheltered life here so I don't know we might get a glimpse of somebody." 24. Sign for wishing Paul and Heather well for their wedding Amateur footage - 2000 25. Wide shot church 26. Window, zooms out to show lake 27. Pan of interior to show lavish furnishings 28. Interior shots castle & Preps APTN Glaslough, Ireland. 11 June 2002 Wide shot of crowd outside entrance to castle 29. Guest driving out of castle 30. Public watching 31. Guest leaving the castle 32. People leaving. MR AND MRS McCARTNEY OFF WITH A BANG Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills jetted off on their honeymoon today following a dramatic firework display at the remote Irish castle where they were married. The 300 guests waved the couple off following a lavish celebration at the 1,000 acre 17th century estate of Castle Leslie, Co Monaghan. Three years after the couple first met, Sir Paul and his new bride tied the knot in a 4.30pm ceremony yesterday at the picturesque San Salvator's church, Glaslough, conducted by the Venerable Cecil Pringle, Archdeacon of Clogher. As befits a wedding for one of the world's best known songwriters, his bride entered the 17th century church to the strains of a bridal march, set to the song 'Heather' which McCartney penned for his recent album 'Driving Rain'. Heather carried a bouquet of 11 McCartney roses, named in honour of her new husband, and two peonies. And as the beaming pair walked down the aisle after the formal part of the ceremony, the organ played the Wedding March from the film 'The Family Way', for which Sir Paul wrote the soundtrack in the 60s. Guests included Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and the band's producer Sir George Martin, commonly known as the fifth Beatle, as well as Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour. Sir Paul's 1969 Marylebone register office wedding to late wife Linda saw none of The Beatles invited. The ceremony was followed by a reception featuring five bands. The Irish location was chosen because his mother Mary Patricia Mohin, who died when her musician son was just 14, lived in nearby Castleblaney, Co Monaghan and was raised there before moving to Liverpool at the age of 11. A spokesman for Sir Paul said: "The ceremony was joyful and moving. Heather captured the hearts of the congregation when, overcome by the emotion of the occasion, she briefly faltered and wept tears of joy whilst making her vows." Sir Paul's brother Mike was best man, a role he carried out at the Marylebone wedding three decades ago, and wore a brown three-piece suit with a pink-red McCartney rose buttonhole. Heather, who was eight minutes late, was given away by her sister Fiona Mills and wore a fitted ecru lace dress which she designed herself. It was made by Eavis & Brown. Heather's hair was styled by Amanda Amos from Brighton and her makeup was by Mathew Alexander of Michael John. Instead of a traditional reading the couple's friend, poet Adrian Mitchell, read 'Roses In The Summertime', a poem he wrote specially for the newlyweds. Hymns at the 30-minute service were 'Praise My Soul The King of Heaven' and 'Lord Of All Hopefulness'. Sir Paul and his new bride had been keen to keep the event under wraps, but news of the location leaked out and the estate owner let the date slip.Preparations had been continuing for days to ensure it was all to the couple's specifications. Sir Paul, 59, and his 34-year-old bride arrived on Sunday and posed for photographs outside the castle grounds on Monday. He said then: "We would just like to thank all the people who have wished us good wishes and who have written to us." The pair are believed to have turned down a £1.5 million offer for the rights to the wedding photos from a glossy magazine. The ceremony ended with a peel of bells from the church which rang out across the grounds and indicated to onlookers that the pair were now husband and wife. Guests, who also included former Pretenders star Chrissie Hynde, a good friend of Linda and a fellow animal campaigner, dined on an Indian-themed vegetarian breakfast. Sir Paul had bought the engagement ring in India as he and Heather enjoyed a holiday in Rajasthan, but he waited until they took a break in the Lake District last year until he popped the question. They wanted the ceremony to be private but agreed to release an official photograph in return for donations to the charity Adopt-A-Minefield UK. Heather, who lost a leg when hit by a police motorbike, has campaigned for a number of years for landmine victims. Heavy rain fell throughout much of the day but the couple avoided the downpours by heading from the castle, where they were staying, to the church under a specially-constructed covered walkway. Several marquees were set up in the extensive grounds of the estate to accommodate the revellers, who also included relatives of Linda. A spectacular firework display later took place for the guests who included Sir Paul's children Stella, Mary and James and his stepdaughter Heather, from Linda's first marriage. Around 500 local people had gathered to see the five minute show, which illuminated the village of Glaslough. Following the dramatic display, gentle and romantic music drifted from the estate. Shortly afterwards, a helicopter took off from the castle estate believed to be carrying Sir Paul and Ms Mills. The luxury helicopter circled the estate before heading to Belfast International Airport where the couple were expected to depart on their honeymoon. According to some press reports the couple, now Sir Paul and Lady McCartney, were said to have signed a £20 million pre-nuptial deal should the marriage end in divorce. The UK Daily Mail alleged that Sir Paul, though to be worth £700 million (USD$1billion) had bowed to pressure from daughter Stella, who is thought to have opposed the marriage. However, the reports were today denied by Sir Paul's spokesman.
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