Nazi Planes Drop Bombs on Norway
Nazi Planes Drop Bombs on Norway
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[Japanese ships bombed by US planes]: HAS bombs being fired at ship in ocean, POV from plane, VS plane flying, dropping of bombs.
Military planes dropping bombs in ocean
Military planes dropping bombs in ocean
Black & White footage Korean War plane drop bomb on field
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00:00:00:00 bomb drop from plane, explosion (1:03) /
Airbus-Dassault: the European fighter ready to take off
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352nd Tactical Fighter Squadron strafing runs and aircraft ahead drops bombs on target.
Airplanes parked on airfield. View of sky and clouds from plane in flight. Aerials of field. Aircraft ahead drops bomb on target (bunkers). Smoke arises from explosion. Plane in flight. Plane drops bomb on field. Location: Vietnam. Date: October 24, 1967.
World War II: Bombs drop on Marienburg
Dominic Encino atomic test airdrop, 1962
Dominic Encino atomic test airdrop, high-speed footage. Operation Dominic was a series of 31 atom bomb tests conducted in the Pacific by the US military in 1962. The locations included Johnston Atoll, Kiritimati, and Kiribati. These tests were among the last atmospheric tests carried out by the USA, with the Limited Test Ban Treaty being ratified in 1963. This test, codenamed Encino, took place on 12 May 1962 at Kiritimati. The tenth test in the series, it was an airdrop with a yield of 500 kilotons.
Lai Cac, Indo-China. <br/> <br/>GV bombs bursting in front line in Indo-China, & SV tank in foreground. GV plane dropped napalm bombs. SV guns firing, & SCU. LV plane drops bombs. LV troops advance under cover of tanks, & SCU. SV advance past burning truck, & SV. LV plane diving. LV bombs exploding. <br/> <br/>(Dupe Neg.) (Title, Scene "K")
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Iraq Bomb (CR)
Iraqi fighter jet accidently drops bomb over Baghdad neighborhood, kills 12 people. (July 6)
Images of the B-52 Bomber in action. Exact dates of taping unknown.
DN-B-199 Beta SP
WWII - Shuttle Bomb Service Opens
U.S. Navy says two Marine planes had to abandon four bombs near the Great Barrier Reef
Soviet nuclear air drop test and mushroom cloud
Soviet nuclear air drop test and mushroom cloud. The Soviet Union (USSR) carried out nuclear weapons tests between 1949 and 1990. A total of 715 nuclear tests were carried out by the USSR, most at the Semipalatinsk site in Kazakhstan and the Novaya Zemlya test site in the Arctic. The yield of the tests varied from tens to hundreds of kilotons, with the most powerful being 50 megatons. The method of delivery and location included air drops, detonations on the ground, underground, and underwater.
US Army Air Corps warplanes practice bombing at Muroc Dry Lake in California
Bombing by Japanese planes on USS Princeton and USS Langley in Pacific Theater.
Japanese planes attack USS Princeton and USS Langley in Pacific Theater. Smoke rises from USS Princeton. Japanese planes in flight above water. The planes drop bombs near USS Langley. Plane crashes in water. Japanese planes dive midst flak. Planes dive on light aircraft carriers (CVL). (World War II period). Location: Pacific Theater. Date: October 26, 1944.
Jet planes flying and dropping bombs
01:16:19 ? 01:17:21 CALIFORNIA (MOS) Jet plane flying ? bomb drops (seen from bomb bay doors), bomb falling ? more planes in the sky
[The Last Bomb:Nagasaki]:VS planes in the air, B-29 dropping atomic bomb, VS mushroom cloud.
United States, 1940s: Aerial view of bombers
United States, 1940s: Aerial view of bombers. Plane drops bombs. Planes drop bombs. Bombs dropping. Plane drops bombs. Bombs dropping. Aerial views, explosions over Japan. View of parade.
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Syria + Iraq. Where are the last fighters of the Islamic State now?
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