NEWSFEED: 7/26-28/05 SPEECHES & T/H, UNREST/RIOTS, GOOD INDUSTRIAL FIRE, RUNNING OF BULLS, HELICOPTER CRASH, HEAT WAVES ;MEXICO PEOPLE GORED RUNNING OF THE BULLS oh those customs, bull knocks man down, man grabs bulls tail, man lying immobile; hear screams and an organ playing 'Espana Cani'. Bull knocks another guy down & flings him, ha! He's ok. Men carry stretcher ;RUMSFELD KYRGYZSTAN Rumsfeld & this guy shake hands, conference table, speech ;CHICAGO HELICOPTER CRASH Aerial firefighters around wreck on shoulder of fwy ;VA JAMBOREE BOY SCOUT DEATHS distraught scoutmaster speaking, (some troop leaders were electrocuted); PROTEST VIOLENCE CONTINUES Looks like India, riot police start swatting people with canes, crowd throwing rocks at police ;Int men lying in hospital beds (not state of the art), peaceful protesters, bored police ;ALGERIAN DIPLOMATS KIDNAPED video made by kidnapers ;POLAND MINER CLASH protesters having standoff with riot police, pulling down barricade, blasted by firehose, throwing rocks ;Man collapses as gunshots sound, others gather round, frustrated man throws down his helmet, man loaded into ambulance ;CHINA ZIMBABWE MUGABE VISITS Int shaking hands, soldiers standing at attention, conference table, signing agreement ;CHINA N.KOREA SIX PARTY TALKS delegates posing, conference table ;VA SCOUT DEATHS same talk head, army spokesman ;JOHN ROBERTS WITH SEN GRAHAM photo-op chat, shake hands. ROBERTS WITH SEN HUTCHISON photo-op chat ;HOMELAND SECURITY D.C. TRANSIT SECURITY HEARING. VA BOY SCOUT JAMBOREE RESUMES kids arriving, tents ;BOY SCOUTS more of that same talk head. WHITE HOUSE ON DEATHS McLellan prances in, White House pres conf ;7/27/1996 OLYMPIC BOMBING wow, interview interrupted by rumble of bomb, NX ambulance, paramedics & wounded; 7/27/1953 KOREAN WAR ARMISTICE B/W delegates enter, movie cameras, signing treaty, soldier on stretcher ;ELIZABETH SMART FILE girl playing harp, home movie, banner asking for information about kidnaped girl, Aerial house ;Cops on motorcycles single file, stills ;ARGENTINA FANS AT EVA PERONS GRAVE Peronistas carrying flags, visiting mausoleum, vigil ;CUBA 52ND ANNIVERSARY OF REVOLUTION people along breakwater, street scene, flags & banners, Castro ;NE BARBARA BUSH READS TO KIDS speech, girl reading speech (she's a bit young to be kissing ass), Babs signs stuffed animal ;PRISON INMATES GET RELIGIOUS TRAINING speech, prisoners applaud (not thrilled) ;OH HIGH TEMPS & HUMIDITY (A heat wave in July?!) steamroller, repaving street, police officer drinking Gatorade or something ;AL-MOAYAD SENTENCED stills, courtroom sketches ;OK WALGREENS SETTLEMENT ;ITALY CONSTANTINE STATUE HEAD FOUND ruins, Int classical art museum, unveiling head, reporters & photographers ;OK CANOEING FUNDRAISER balloon folding clown, men in canoe push off, HEY, THAT CANOE HAS AN OUTBOARD MOTOR! CHEATER, CHEATER!!! ;MO SCHOOL BUS SAFETY MEETING like it says... ;TX PLANT FIRE INVESTIGATION Aerial twin plumes of black smoke rising from industrial fire ;
Germany invades Poland during World War II..
German invasion of Poland, September 1, 1939. German troops cross bridge. German artillery fires.German Ju 87 Stuka bombers in flight. Polish antiaircraft gunners on rooftop. street scenes in Warsaw. Poles run for cover in air raid. German Ju 88 aircraft bombing Warsaw. German soldier throwing hand grenade. Polish man driving team of horses flees bombing. Woman with new born baby. Polish victims of bombing laid out on ground. Americans and Britons listening to radio broadcasts about the invasion.Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in London. Prime Minister Chamberlain at his desk. City of Westminster and 10 Downing street with Bobbie on guard. British men building a bomb shelter.British civilians being fitted with gas masks. Barrage balloons aloft. British troops marching on a street with children on bicycles riding next to them. Location: Poland. Date: 1939.
Britain prepares for World War II with Germany
Man and His World: Expo 67
Various shots of Man and His World in Montreal. ESTABLISHING SHOTs of islands forming Man and His World, where Expo 67 was held. Group of visitors advances toward camera. Elevated monorail passes behind, with helicopter flying overhead. Several pavilions, including Poland's, United Kingdom's, Belgium's and Ireland's, can be recognized, along with City of Montreal's aquatic complex. Camera lingers on former United States pavilion, now converted into Biosphere, with its fountain, long escalators crammed with people, pond with pelican and ducks. Monorail enters pavilion and stops. Several bird species, including parrots and flamingos, live in its aviary. Collection of classic cars with each presented in its appropriate place and time period. People fishing at edge of pond. Boy catches small fish, which he holds up proudly at end of line. Another boy wins fishing competition and is presented trophy by officials, including two young hostesses. Large audience sitting on shore watches and applauds various water-skiing tricks. Small train full of passengers makes its way through wandering crowd, including man with long cigar. Young woman adjusts hat of young man holding balloon in right hand and apple which he bites into in left hand. Crowds of people line up for the numerous rides. Others play on waterslides. ESTABLISHING SHOT of La Ronde with giant Ferris wheel.
VTM-87AG Beta SP AFP-87AG 35mm
[Michel Yakovleff]
There is no title for this item. The item is part of the "News in a Nutshell" - a roundup of the news. <br/> <br/>Warsaw, Poland. <br/> <br/>Balloons spread across the field, ready for the Annual Gordon Bennett Race. Various shots of the men surrounding balloons pulling ropes, checking gas pipes, getting them ready for the race. Balloon in the air. An orchestra starts playing. Several balloons in the air - one has German flag with Swastika attached to its ropes. German team is giving Fascist salute from the balloon before they go up. One man has decorated his balloon with flowers. Balloons in the air.
A2 / France 2
01:35:40:11 01:00:12 WS of stage and large audience; audience cheers, bats balloons around, stage is lit up brightly for performances, audience members dance // 01:01:08 Welsh singer Shakin' Stevens p ...
AFP-87H 16mm; NET-243 DigiBeta (at 01:39:03:00); Beta SP
Marshall Goldman speaks about attempts by Gorbachev to improve sluggish Soviet economy; also early 1980s Poland solidarity movement scenes
The USA-USSR Moscow summit on perestroika in Moscow, Soviet Union. A boat sails in water in front of Red Square buildings in Moscow, Russia, Soviet Union. Traffic on road in Moscow. The expert speaks on the sluggish Soviet economy. Soviet Russian people walk on the streets in a Soviet city (likely Moscow). Some are shopping; some are reading posted material on bulletin boards. Marshall Goldman, a Soviet economist, speaks during a world net telecast. More views of Russian people in front of the shops and on the streets in the 1980s. The U.S. president Ronald Wilson Reagan and General Secretary of the communist party of Soviet Union Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev sign a pact limiting nuclear weapons. Mikhail Gorbachev waves to the people. The people hold balloons as they stand to greet him. Soviet Officials including Gorbachev stand at Kremlin in Red Square during a military parade. Flashback scene during the formation of the Solidarit Labor Union in Poland. ?Lech Walesa, Polish Solidarity leader, speaking to a crowd in the early 1980s. Crowd protests on streets in Poland during time of formation of Solidarity movement. Final scenes of clip show rally in Red Square Soviet Union as balloons rise during celebration or parade, and view of large banner of famous deceased Soviet leaders is seen hanging from buildings. Location: Soviet Union. Date: 1988.
2000s NEWS
NEWSFEED: 11/24/05 LOTS OF THANKSGIVING PARADES, SOLDIERS IN IRAQ CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING, THANKSGIVING IN HOMELESS SHELTER, GOOD TRAIN WRECK ; COLUMBIA FLOODING NX people bailing water out of bldgs, wading, Int storm shelter, DX water rushing around houses ;Water buffalo wading. CHINA WATER PROBLEMS people looking at bridge, queue waiting for water ;CARDIN 2006 COLLECTION Pierre Cardin, fashion show costumey futuristic outfits. SIMPSON LACHEY SPLIT press conf ;THANKSGIVING U.S. & Iraqi flags over buffet tables with State Dept. crest, soldiers waiting by cornucopia ;M & F black soldiers singing in choir, soldiers having trays filled, eating, addressing camera with message for folks at home; MIDDLE EAST CHECKPOINT ARRESTS Israeli soldiers along border, checkpoint, blindfolded arrested men, seized CD ;Palestinians going thru checkpoint. THAILAND STUDENT BOMBING investigating bomb site, onlookers, bandaged arm ; NYC MACYS THANKSGIVING PARADE PREPS police walk by, clowns walk by. TURKEY EATING CONTEST a petite Asian woman wins ;MACYS THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE floats, clowns, bunch of kids waving at camera, marching band ;RUSSIA COURT REJECTS SIMPSONS CLAIM courthouse, people looking at books for sale, Int tv broadcasting station; MACYS THANKSGIVING PARADE giant pilgrim heads, floats: Scooby-Doo, Big bird, Barney, Spongebob Squarepants, Charlie Brown ;GELDOF MAN OF PEACE AWARD holding award. ELEPHANT CONSERVATION elephants in wildlife sanctuary, dead elephant; AFRICA NIGER FAMINE starving children in shelter. MI COLD WEATHER jack-knifed truck on snowy hwy ;MACYS THANKSGIVING PARADE ACCIDENT fallen street lamp, police around injured person, parade continues by ;MACYS THANKSGIVING PARADE floats: Dora the Explorer, ground floats, Grover, Ronald McDonald ('Gorgeous!') a float & normal sized ;Floats: Mr Potatohead & Uncle Sam. TX HOUSTON PARADE clockwork turkey float, dance squads, old fashioned bike, unicycle ;Marching band. MACYS THANKSGIVING PARADE ACCIDENT police around fallen street light, HS paramedics carry person on stretcher ;NO TITLE Aerial train wreck, freight train derailed in rural area ;1997 MACYS THANKSGIVING PARADE ACCIDENT the offending float, fallen street light, ambulance, repairing street light ;Marching band, Santa Claus riding horse, dif Big Bird float, bagpipers etc, spectators waving, turkey float, etc ;PHILADELPHIA THANKSGIVING PARADE marching bands, kids watching parade, Curious George, Hello Kitty, Oscar the Grouch ;Santa Claus & Mrs in sleigh float, patriotic float, marching band, color guards, balloon fireman float, Santa ;MA SNOWFALL rural snowfall, HS football in snow, traffic in snow, bulldozer moving snow, diner ;11/25/1990 FIRST ELECTION IN POLAND Walesa voting, people voting, Walesa holding twins ;11/25/1986 IRAN CONTRA AFFAIR Reagan making denial, Meese. 11/25/1963 JFK FUNERAL old videotape ;GA HOSEA WILLIAMS FEEDS HUNGRY Int homeless shelter Thanksgiving meal, kitchen activity ;TX WASHINGTON MUTUAL THANKSGIVING PARADE Aerial parade, spectators waving, turkey float ;AL-JAZEERA JOURNALISTS PROTEST people holding placards on sidewalk ;
00:00:00:00 [President Clinton speaks in Warsaw]---MS President Bill Clinton walking w Pres Aleksander Kwasniewski of Poland &amp; other officials/ LS Clinton meeting w Lech Walesa/ MS Clinton wa ...
In history, why time is divided into several parts
A2 / France 2
DN-LB-439 Beta SP
We Saw It Happen
Movietone News Paragraphs
ISSUE_NO = 278 NO_OF_ITEMS = 8 ITEM_NO = 5 DESCRIPTION : Warsaw - Gordon-Bennett Race. CARD_TITLE : Gordon Bennett SHOT_LIST : Shots of balloons on the ground and the crews preparing to go aloft. The balloons ascending. Balloon in the air. SOUND : Commentator KEYWORDS : Personalities - Aviation; Poland COMMENTS : Is this a person? Gordon-Bennett MATERIAL : Neg 571 TWTD - tape 80 LENGTH_SHOT = 68 DATE_SUBD = 00/00/0000
Various L/S's of soldier marching through the street of Warsaw in Poland followed by tanks, fighter planes fly overhead. The commentator says "To us in Britain... these pictures bring home the comforting fact that the nation whose freedom we are pledged to defend with the force of our arms is no weakling herself." L/S's of a barrage balloons and numerous anti aircraft guns.
The Allied invasion of Sicily during Operation Husky in World War II
British Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder, Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, and British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery are seen looking skyward. They stand on a field in front of a large formation of troops. Scene shifts to a seaport in North Africa, with Allied troop ships preparing to depart. A barrage balloon flies over the port. (Narrator notes that the armada includes ships of Britain, The United States, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, the Indian navies, A warship sits in the water beside a large troop ship. A tugboat tows a large troop transport ship in the harbor. Cargo ships and a three stacker transport ship are seen. Two British battleships. Sailor using signal light to send a message. Two American destroyers in trail formation. U.S. Admiral Henry Kent Hewitt, Commander of the 8th Fleet, presents Lieutenant General George S. Patton, commander of U.S. forces, with a new battle flag. Views of ships in the invasion fleet. Transport ships anchor off the coast as they shuttle troops to the beaches in their landing ships. A landing ship flying the American flag. Naval guns fire barrages at the shore. As landing craft reach the beach, troops wade ashore through the surf. An army truck drives from a landing craft through the surf. Army truck and a jeep drive ashore from a large landing craft. Brief glimpse of Wading tanks leaving a tank carrier and driving ashore through the surf. Troops landing with dry feet from a beached landing craft. View of the city of Gela. Lieutenant George S. Patton climbs over the side of a ship and descends on a rope ladder to enter a Higgins boat that takes him to assume command of the invasion operations. Closeup of Lieutenant General Patton in the boat entering the harbor at Gela. He jumps from the boat as it reaches the beach. Local civilians view activities from the beach. DUKWs (amphibious trucks) drive ashore. Artillery pieces being towed ashore. American infantry entering the town of Gela. Military vehicles enter through rubble strewn streets. An M4 Sherman tank speeds along a road. Remains of an Italian armored train destroyed by Allied gunfire. American soldiers walk through areas destroyed by German bombing. American troops search buildings. Local Italian people mingling with American troops. Surrendered Italian troops march under guard along a street. Allied forces head toward Messina. A tracked gun carrier filled with troops in the back, moves along a street. U.S. infantry marching along a roadside. Army engineers clearing mine fields in advance of troops. Closeup of a buried mine being revealed. Major General Lucian K. Truscott, Jr., Commander of the U.S 3rd Infantry Division, inspects Axis planes and hangars captured by American forces. Many undamaged aircraft are seen in revetments and simply parked on the airfield. Fuel arrives for Allied aircraft. British Fairey Firefly aircraft taking off. Dead Axis soldiers lying on the ground. Destroyed Axis military vehicles. A knocked out German Tiger tank. A DUKW drives past a damaged Axis armored vehicle. UN forces firing mortars from a field. A knocked out Axis armored vehicle. UN motorized gun carrier fires its gun. Allied infantry advancing. Location: Italy. Date: July 1943.
WIDE ANGLE Polish Sportsmen
Warsaw, Poland. <br/> <br/>GV. Palace of Culture and Science. TV. Marching soldiers, & SV. Pan. GV. Pan across bombed buildings with hundreds of people on them watching parade. CS. Sailors marching. CS. Crowd. CS. Girls marching carrying banners. GV. Girls marching. SV. Towards float with discus thrower (festival slogan). GV. Float surmounted by globe with word 'peace' in many languages. GV. Parade of youths carrying banners. Pan up to balloons being released. <br/> <br/>(F.G.) (Orig "I")
DN-LB-738 Beta SP