A2 / France 2
Female teacher and several elementary school students walk out of the school building together, Teacher and her students stand outside of a grocery store planning their shopping trip, Teacher holds store door open for the students, Teacher and students walk through grocery store, check out clerk stands by register, man in background pushes cart, Teacher pushes cart over to refrigerated meat case, picks up a package of meat and examines it, CU package of Beef Franks priced $1.35, Little girl pushes cart to the paper plates display, picks up a pack of paper plates, CU paper plates show a price of nine cents, Girl chooses another pack of plates, CU price sticker marked sixteen cents, Girl picks up notepad from her cart, CU notepad as hand writes down prices, Grocer wearing apron stands by the produce section of market, Little girl pushes her cart over to the fruit display, Man's hand sort out exactly nine bananas, Little boy stands by the fruit display looking at the melons, grocer wearing an apron comes over to help him, Man's hands hold watermelon and cut it in half with a large knife, Grocer places cellophane over half a watermelon, Boy examines a package of paper cups, CU price sticker of thirty cents, Boy places the cups in his cart, CU notepad as hand writes down prices, Boy pushes his cart over to the refrigerated dairy case, CU arrangement of milk cartons in the dairy case (Meadow Gold brand), CU pencil draws rectangles on paper, Boy places cartons of milk in the shopping cart, CU pad of paper as pencil adds up the prices, Boy pushes cart down snacks aisle, selects a bag of potato chips, CU pencil adding up prices on notepad, Little girl stands writing on notepad, CU notepad as hand writes prices and adds them up, Boy and girl smile as they push their carts side by side, The students gather together with their teacher and put all their groceries in one cart, Teacher talks to the students, then writes on her notepad, CU teacher's handwriting on notepad, adds up figures, At the check out counter, the students and teacher place the groceries on the counter as check out clerk (man) punches keys on the register, CU cash register shows a total of $5.75, Teacher and students exit the grocery store carrying shopping bags, At a picnic in the park, children bounce up and down at a picnic table while other children play in the grass with an oversized ball, CU picnic table shows woman's hand placing cooked hot dogs on paper plates as children look on. GREAT SCHOOL, FAMILY PICNIC, Children run to the picnic table, The end.
Location Unknown / Unclear. <br/> <br/>CU. Woman seated at table with bowl on lap peeling potatoes. CU. Hands peeling potatoes. CU. & LS. Potatoes being emptied out of sacks into hole in ground. CU. Potatoes being washed under strong pressure. GV. & SV. Potatoes coming up after being washed on conveyor belt. GV. Potatoes on sorting machine. Shots of potatoes being sorted, put into sacks and weighed. CU. Woman in greengrocers shop buying potatoes. <br/> <br/>(Mute F.G.) <br/> <br/>Date found in the old record - 16/01/1958.
Potato grading, timelapse
Timelapse footage of people grading potatoes on a conveyor belt.
Mexican farmers work on a field and in warehouses at Victory gardens in Brooklyn, New York.
A film about people producing food for war in Victory gardens in Brooklyn, New York during World War II. Mexican farmers on a field. Women sort potatoes. The farmers load sacks on trolleys in warehouses. A farmer in a field. Hens feed on the field. A farmer carries a bucket filled with eggs. Farmers pick orchard crop from trees. They put the crops in crates. The farmers load crates on a trolley. A harvester in operation on a field. Location: Brooklyn New York City USA. Date: 1944.
AFP-50AZ 16mm VTM-50AZ Beta SP
Contestants vie to pick the most potatoes in Maine contest
Peru Potato - Indigenous potato replanted in Andes after regrown in labs
NAME: PER POTATO 20070623I TAPE: EF07/0751 IN_TIME: 10:28:15:11 DURATION: 00:02:59:21 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Aymara - Recent RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. Wide of hillside showing farmers 2. Mid of farmers digging the earth 3. Various of piles of potatoes 4. Farmers digging up potatoes 5. Close-up of woman digging up potatoes and tilt up to show other women 6. Set up shot of engineer Rene Gomez 7. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Rene Gomez, expert and curator of the International Potato Centre (CIP): "We are harvesting a group of more than two thousand types of disease-free potatoes to repatriate them to the communities high up in the Andes." 8. Pile of different potato varieties 9. Close-up potatoes 10. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Rene Gomez, expert and curator of the International Potato Centre: "This is a way to return to the communities the potatoes that, in fact, originated there but are now in much better health and disease-free." 11. Close-up of potatoes being pulled from the earth 12. Wide shot of farmers harvesting potatoes 13. Close up and pull out of farmer digging for potatoes 14. Two farmers harvesting potatoes 15. Wide of farmers harvesting potatoes on hillside 16. Female farmer with potatoes 17. Wide of farmer at work, zoom in to mid shot 18. Various piles of harvested potatoes 19. Farmers cooking potatoes 20. Close up baked potatoes 21. Man peeling baked potato then taking a bite and nodding 22. Various of farmers resting and eating the freshly-baked potatoes, in piles on blankets on the hillside STORYLINE: Farmers from Aymara, an Andean village 3,950 metres (13,000 feet) above sea level successfully harvested potatoes of multiple shapes and colours, as part of scientific efforts to preserve the many varieties of wild and domestic tubers in the region. With picturesque names like "best black woman," "best red woman," "makes the daughter-in-law cry," "like a deer's white tongue," "red shadow" and "like an old bone," in Quechua, the ancient language of the Andes, the potatoes range in colour from yellow through to purple, with variations to the tune of pink with yellow spots or yellow with pink spots. They also come in all kinds of shapes, from round, twisted, hooked at the end like walking canes and even spiral like spinning tops. Tuber diversity may not hold much value in the fast-food world, where homogeneity is prized for potatoes to be processed into french fries. But respect for the many variations of potatoes is so profound among Aymara's 650 villagers that it was a natural place for the world's agronomists to produce seeds for a gene bank to preserve their diversity. The cold climate also protects the crops against parasites that infest low-lying potato farms. Rene Gomez, a scientist from the Lima-based International Potato Centre (CIP) took part in the harvest, to provide more seeds to Andean communities. "We are harvesting a group of more than two thousand types of disease-free potatoes to repatriate them to the communities high up in the Andes," he said. The potato centre's scientists have discovered dozens of varieties of wild potatoes and rescued hundreds of types of domesticated potatoes from oblivion after they had been abandoned by farmers. The Lima centre, which provides seeds to communities that have lost their potato crops to diseases, freezes or a decades-long leftist insurgency, began helping Aymara improve its potato stock in 1990s. Villagers eat an average of one kilogram (two pounds) of tubers at every meal. Aymara's villagers complement their starch-heavy diet by loading up llamas, donkeys and horses and travelling to lower-lying communities, where they trade their prized crop for corn, barley and wheat. The women of Aymara rely on their ancestral knowledge of each tuber's virtues as they sort through hundreds of potatoes at harvest time, deciding which to eat, sell, store for seeds or trade to diversify their stock.
Wow Chips (02/10/1998)
Peru: People of the Andes
Peru: People of the Andes. An educational film about Peru in the 1950s. 1950s, Peru, Andes Mountains, llamas, mountain lakes, snow covered Andes Mountain peaks, mountain streams, desert coast, green oasis in desert, Amazon lowlands, rainforest, tropical flowers, parrots, macaws, aboriginal adults and children in traditional clothing, aboriginal man blowing dart, Adobe wall, Incan pottery, sculptures, and gold, Incan Adobe buildings, Cusco, Incan festival, Highland Indians dressed in imperial robes, Indian man in traditional clothing being carried on throne, Church of the Society of Jesus, procession, adult and child indigenous Peruvians in traditional clothing, Mestizos, llamas being herded on Cusco streets, Chincheros, valley, indigenous farmer and daughter harvesting potatoes, indigenous women sorting potatoes, indigenous woman herding cattle in pasture, llamas grazing in pasture, llamas carrying wheat, alpaca, indigenous woman herding sheep, indigenous woman weaving on loom, indigenous family eating meal of boiled potatoes and cheese outside, indigenous people chewing on cocoa leaves and drinking Chicha corn beer, indigenous children walking along wall to school, indigenous children playing basketball, indigenous farmer gathering wheat in field, burros carrying wheat, farmers threshing wheat with oxen, indigenous women and men working in hacienda field, men carrying wheat on their backs, indigenous people selling goods in Chincheros marketplace, harvest festival, religious festival, fiesta, procession on city street, decorated oxen, image of Virgin Mary being carried in procession, indigenous dancers in traditional clothing performing dance to musicians, dancers wearing masks, indigenous men working in Andes Mountain mine, mine railway, Lima, Cathedral of Lima, Archbishop's Palace of Lima, policeman and traffic in front of modern building, supermarket, modern and historic buildings, Plaza de Bolivar, street scenes, indigenous woman herding sheep in mountain field, mountain village
Color, silent footage from the mid-1960s of development and attractions throughout the state of California. Exact dates of filming unknown. cont
GIs come home to a rosy future. Detroit Times headlines: NAZI RADIO ANNOUNCES WAR ENDS IN EUROPE; ALLIES RULE SW PACIFIC Young woman in dress, apron sits in chair, reads magazine, looks out window, is happily surprised, jumps up WWII army sergeant exits purple 'CHECKER CAB,' pays driver, limps toward house with cane, young woman runs out of house, hugs him CU they kiss, climb steps Teen boys eat lunch, talk in school cafeteria Teen girl in dress pays for food in school cafeteria Girl smiles Narrator tells us how one girl gets lots of dates by 'parking in cars with the boys at night,' and 'she dates all the boys' Girl walks over to table with tray, talks to group, boy hands her paper Narrator tells us she is 'not really popular' Boys make comments about girl, second girl says 'meow, meow.' Girl takes water from dispenser, puts glass on tray, second girl talks with her, invites her to table, she sits CU phone rings, female hand picks it up Teen girl talks on phone Teen boy talks on phone They discuss possible dates to movies, 'teen town,' skating party, wienie roast Offscreen narrator tells us this is way to make a date Dad wears suit, sits in easy chair, reads newspaper, teen girl descends stairs, lets teen boy in, he takes off ear muffs, she introduces him to dad, mom, boy comes off like world's biggest dork, talks with girl's mom Teen girl descends steps, smiles Mirror view of teen boy, girl putting on gloves, earmuffs Teen girl hands boy ice skates, shows key, they exit Fishing boat enters crowded harbor Steam locomotive moves through rail yard Switcher engine moves boxcars Diesel engine pulls train under bridge Table stacked with food products, including many of today's brands, plus a box of DREFT!!, woman's hands point to products, lift black cloth to block view, remove it and, presto, shot is now in B/W, then she changes it back to color CU packs of various brands of cigarettes CU hand puts something in creel (fishing basket) CU creel lies on side, several fish next to it Next to pond, man smokes cigarette, lights one for woman, on their way to their first cancer operation CU man lights woman's cigarette Ext. man in tuxedo lights cigarette for woman in gown (NIGHT) CU Joe drives Car stops at house, Joe walks into house with bundles Joe sits in easy chair, reads comics, laughs, picks up fireplace andiron, lifts over head, throws back out, yells in pain, argues with narrator Joe in line with men in costumes of several nations, they all merge into his body Time machine appears next to Joe, he pulls lever, watches cave woman on screen pounding rocks, then man with pipe hammering spike into a wheel (could pass for animated character watching TV) Man hammers spike, lifts anvil, strikes match on it, lights pipe CU flexed bicep, 1/2 and horse drawn on it Horses run on treadmill to turn wheels Joe runs machine with lever, machine stamps metal into wheels Joe speeds out of factory in suit, hat, he struts CU Joe gets mad at narrator CU cartoon versions of Constitution, Bill of Rights Man with top hat hands blueprint to man in suit, he hands it to Joe, who enters tiny 'MODEL SHOP,' works, exits with engine, looks proud Joe enthroned atop giant engine, man in suit gives him OK sign, he pulls lever, various futuristic products emerge on conveyor belt CU Joe tips crown Teen boy, teen girl walk to her door, look uneasy, he practically attacks her trying to get a kiss, she gets upset, runs into house, he walks away feeling stupid They approach door again, he says 'so long,' walks away CU girl looks sad They approach door again, talk, smile, say good night, boy walks away smiling, whistling Female master chef demonstrates techniques for making jelly in kitchen Woman in dress, apron cooks, talks to woman in dress Master female chef dumps contents of jar onto plate, result is runny jelly, teenage girls at table giggle, she lectures CU hands dump contents of jar onto plate, result is soft jelly falls over, hands cut it with knife CU hands dump contents of jar onto plate, result is perfect jelly, hand cuts it with knife Same dumping business, result is stiff jelly, more cutting Teen boys, girls pick up food, drinks at table, banner overhead ('SCAVENGER SALE') One boy, girl sit on crate, use second crate as table, bottles of Coca Cola, food on crate, they talk, girl drinks coke through straw, they talk about potential date possibilities: bicycle trips, weenie roasts, taffy pulls, miniature golf, square dances, baseball games, bowling, band concert Girl says 'baseball games and taffy pulls. I think they're swell.' Teens 'break open the ice cream' Family sings praises of electrical appliances CU teen girl's feet in bobby sox, saddle shoes tap in rhythm Portable radio Teen girl wears man's shirt, tail out, irons, bops to big-band music, turns radio off Teen girl irons, talks CU middle-aged woman talks 'Normal' teen boy, nerdy teen boy do Alphonse-Gaston act, enter front door Nerd says hello, hugs mom, introduces normal boy Alex Teen girl annoyed, nerd's voiceover ('you're the twin without the Toni.') Alex looks in bathroom mirror, shaves with electric razor, talks Nerdy boy looks out of shower, talks Mom pulls blanket out of washer, teen girl sorts laundry, they talk in CU Teen girl reads magazine on sofa, dad smokes pipe, Alex bores them to death with techno chatter Teen girls take towels from dryer, one hugs a towel, one mimics mom CU Alex wears suit, blabs some more to teen girl CU thrilled teen girl smiles ('golly, I'm so impressed!!') 'IKE' button bounces behind words 'EISENHOWER FOR PRESIDENT' Uncle Sam struts with baton, wears 'IKE' button (seen again) CU Eisenhower caricature Elephant wears Ike caricature, parades, beats bass drum with tail, wears 'IKE' banner on trunk (seen again) People of various walks of life march with IKE signs Donkeys represent Democratic candidates Farmer drives tractor with 'IKE' banner Parents push baby carriage flying 'IKE' balloon, their dog has 'IKE' banner on tail Tail beats 'IKE' bass drum Sign with Eisenhower caricature People with 'IKE' signs march past sign ('WHITE HOUSE') from day into night Silhouette of man riding donkey in background Jet plane flies 'IKE' banner over United States Capitol Building 'IKE' sun rises over Capitol Building CU girl blows on nails Girl stands, talks, points to appliances, takes clothes from Whirlpool washer, puts them into Whirlpool dryer, sits on high stool, talks Woman wears dress, pearls, fresh hairdo, talks on phone in kitchen, hangs up, talks to us about advantages of owning 'two fine Fords' Man in suit gets into '56 or '57 Ford in suburban driveway, drives past Ford station wagon Hollywood-style musical fantasy by General Motors. Art of night city skyline Woman with perfect makeup and hairdo 'sleeps' in Hollywood-type bed Masked man in top hat, tails waltzes into room, does worst imitation of Fred Astaire in recorded history, holds out tray to woman, she takes heart-shaped invitation from it CU in woman's hands heart-shaped invitation says 'SPECIAL INVITATION TO THE GENERAL MOTORS MOTORAMA' Woman in pajamas rolls out of bed, dances, pajamas suddenly turn to beautiful gown, she looks at camera through frame of large mirror, 'dances,' flies out window after heart invitation Invitation flies past art skyline Masked top hat man holds, points to invitation, 'INFORMATION' sign overhead Woman dances down hall toward masked man CU puzzled woman's face Woman takes invitation from pipe hanging from ceiling, puts it back on tray held by man Crowds jam large room to see 'concept' cars Masked man points out General Motors wonders to woman, she looks through opera glasses, dances to back of crowd, tries to see over tall people, top-hat man materializes, lifts her ballet style for better view People smile at cars, man holds woman aloft, she stares, 'CHEVROLET' sign overhead During following, woman sings about wanting each car Woman looks over crowd at 1950s Corvette Crowd looks at 1950s Pontiac, man dances on carrying woman CU Pontiac front end They dance in, look at 1950s Oldsmobile convertible Crowd looks at Oldsmobile convertible They dance to, look at Buick convertible, crowd looks also Woman thrilled in driver's seat of Buick convertible Man carries woman over to a Cadillac, crowd watches Woman steps out of back door of Cadillac, opens umbrella (I have no idea why), photographer snaps her photo, umbrella disappears, apron appears around her waist, she swoons in man's arms, he carries her off, puts her down in ultra-modern kitchen, spins, vanishes, she dances around kitchen, slips card in slot, picture of food appears on screen, she pushes button, mixer blades descend from cabinet into glass bowl, spin, she operates lazy-susan refrigerator, pushes button, cabinet rolls out with pan of cake dough, she puts it into oven with glass-dome top Woman skips behind upright, emerges in tennis outfit with racquet, dances, goes back, comes out in golf clothes, spins club, dances, goes back, comes out in swim suit, large hat, pantomimes oiling body, lies down on bench to 'sunbathe', goes back, emerges in gown, apron, exits Woman dances into kitchen, pushes button, oven dome opens, she removes cake with frosting, birthday candles, candles suddenly light Woman crosses fingers, closes eyes, blows out candles, smoke fills screen Smoke clears, reveals woman on stage Audience applauds Woman bows CU woman smiles Audience claps in unison (GREAT) Woman does goofy dance on 'futuristic' stage Woman throws sparkling stuff in air Fireworks against night sky Chauffeur opens door of Cadillac limo on rotating display stage, model exits in Dior outfit Model in Montesano outfit stands next to Buick Centurion on rotating display stage, holds dog, puts dog on car roof Model stands next to Oldsmobile Golden Rocket on rotating display stage, wears Pat Primo outfit Model in Emilio of Capri outfit stands next to Pontiac Club de Mer on rotating turntable, dances Model in Digby Morton outfit dances next to Chevy Impala on rotating display stage Audience looks up with open mouths Top-hat man says 'ssshhhh!' Audience says 'sssshhh!' Woman is astounded Man presents Firebird II car in cloud of smoke, opens door Woman floats from upper level of set to floor, dances to man at car, he puts white fur stole around her neck, ushers her into car Audience is wowed Gull wing doors close as man, woman sit in car, his mask vanishes, she is surprised Headlights slide out of fenders Car pulls away, kind of flies off Audience watches View of stagey 'road of tomorrow' from moving car. Color version of futurama with all kinds of models on roadway Mini cars zoom on roads in Disney-style model of future highways, looking like a forerunner of Hot Wheels as voiceover male, female sing corny song about our bright future Woman passenger astounded Tranquilizers as the antidote to reality. CU man apparently tries to sleep on rug Six model Greek columns, 'ATARAXIA' appears overhead Lab equipment on table, bubbling beaker, two tense grasping male arms (!!) stick up through holes in table, glass bottle hangs overhead CU beakers, flasks with unhappy Mr. Potato-Head-type features glued on Glass bottle of apparent rock candy, tube labeled 'ATARAXIC' Hands try to reach hanging bottle CU crystals fall from neck of bottle CU red liquid in beaker bubbles, smokes, turns blue CU hands relax Businessman relaxes, spins slowly in chair behind desk, poles for walls, arm with newspaper rises from desk top, man takes paper, opens it, it's 'THE DAILY TRIBUNE EXTRA HURRICANE ON THE WAY,' then he opens another paper, 'THE PARK TRIBUNE EXTRA HURRICANE OUT TO SEA,' he throws paper on floor, arm rises again with newspapers, man takes, opens, reads 'THE EVENING TIMES EXTRA BUSINESS DIP DUE' (apparently this guy IS the business dip!), next it's 'THE EVENING JOURNAL EXTRA INCOME AT NEW HIGH,' he throws newspaper away again Modern kitchen, 1958 style Woman in dress, apron, earrings, new hairdo, pulls down panel with burners on it CU hand holds mixer, puts it into bowl CU small chickens turn on General Electric rotisserie, hand closes lid CU overhead shot of toast rising slowly out of toaster CU hand opens tray in bottom of toaster, puts toast into tray, closes it CU hand pours tomato juice from plastic pitcher into glass CU electric can opener opens can CU hands take open can of Campbell's soup from electric can opener CU hand takes bowl of ice away from ice maker CU from rug level, vacuum cleaner cleans CU floor polisher polishes floor Off screen narrator says 'everyday conveniences...which we as Americans may enjoy' All dressed up with nowhere to go Large telescope in observatory, dome opens, reveals night sky (SKY IS SFX, AND TELESCOPE IS PROBABLY MINIATURE), SFX meteor streaks across sky next time we see this Off screen narrator says 'you are about to enter a beautiful, exciting, wonderful, new world, the world of 1960!' Crowd of people in tuxes, gowns, furs on sound stage, mini observatory, SFX sky, SFX city lights in background People watch SFX meteor streak across SFX night sky, land, suddenly turn into a 1960 Ford Galaxie (surprise!) Two more SFX meteors land, turn into a Thunderbird and a Ford Falcon Elegant (read 'snooty') people march over dutifully to check out the Fords CU right front fender with 'GALAXIE' name, dolly along right side of car to rear bumper with 1960 plate Dolly along left side of Thunderbird as people look, to rear bumper with 1960 plate Front end of Falcon with 'FORD' name above grill People look at Falcon Off screen chorus sings about the 'beautiful, wonderful, new world of Fords' (and who wouldn't?)
Food and rations supplied by New Zealand to U.S. Army Quartermaster South Pacific operations during World War II.
Cooperation between New Zealand and the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps during World War II. A tractor on a farm in New Zealand. A tractor plows the field. The Pukekohe Golf Club, near Wellington, converted from golf to farm to grow crops for the war effort. New Zealand farmers works in the field. Farmers load a truck with sacks of potatoes. Close up view of potatoes on a sorting belt and farmers sort potatoes and bag them. Women workers sort cabbage and package the cabbage for shipment. Men and women farmers picking fruits and vegetables in farm fields. A factory shows apples being moved on a belt driven machine, and peeled and cored by a machine, cut into very small pieces and dehydrated in order to conserve shipping space. Canning operations are shown as the dehydrated fruits and vegetables are packed in moisture proof tins in packing houses. Meat and vegetable are mixed in proportions to prepare Quartermaster combat rations. Combat ration cans being filled and sealed at a factory plant. A machine re-generating chocolate bars from old chocolate by melting them down and reprocessing them. Soldiers unloading cartoons from the truck. Rations from New Zealand are loading on to ships by cranes with nets at large shipyards, with ships bound for the Solomon Islands. A dairy warehouse of the New Zealand Co-op Dairy Company (later Tatua) is seen at an airport near Auckland (Possibly Tatuanui or Pauanui). Milk is loaded into a specifically converted B-24 aircraft at the airport. Soldiers loading the aircraft with milk containers. The B-24 aircraft takes off. The aircraft arrives at the Tontouta Air Base in New Caledonia. A nurse serves milk to a wounded soldier patient in a hospital. Sign over the patient's bed says "Pappy Shooter, 27th Division; Saipan; Oahu, Hawaii". The patient drinks milk. Bread being made in Quartermaster bakery. A group of Army bakers working together to form loaves of bread dough on a large work surface. Workers making bread. A worker opens an oven revealing many loaves of baked bread. Ice slabs being formed at an ice plant, and soldiers picking up ice blocks for use in preserving meats and other foods, and in making ice cream. A soldier making ice cream using an ice cream churn in the field. View of a larger Quartermaster ice cream plant that was setup at a large base. Location: New Zealand. Date: 1945.
Belvoir Castle. <br/> <br/>GV New British made potato harvester with tractor on front slowly driving through field. SCU Harvester showing rotating riddle. CU Rotating riddle. SCU Share plough lifting crop. SCU Woman sorting potatoes, two women and a man sorting potatoes on harvester. SCU Elevator dropping potatoes into cart which travels alongside harvester. CU Top of elevator dropping potatoes over. Pan down to pile of potatoes in cart. SV Harvester showing tractor which pulls cart at side. GV Harvester showing tractor moving slowly up field. <br/> <br/>(Neg.) (Title Scene 'F')
The 90's, episode 209: KIDS, SCHOOLS, AND LEARNING
01:53 Plamondon School by Kathie Robertson. On Chicago's West Side, Principal Guadalupe Hamersma talks about the troubles facing low income urban schools. It's a mistake excusing ignorance because of poverty. I really feel that if you have high expectations and find ways to help kids meet those expectations, kids will achieve. She also feels that these kids should not be concentrated in poor schools but instead should be integrated into schools in wealthier communities. I feel it's important for kids have to get out of their neighborhood because the resources are so limited. 10:07 Sebastian & Molly by Dee Dee Halleck. Two kids sing parodies of children's songs that have been altered to feature the demise of teachers. Sebastian sings: On top of the chalkboard, all covered with blood, I shot my poor teacher with a .44 slug... Molly adds a tune dedicated to her teacher Miss Owens: Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, throw your teacher off the boat and listen to her scream! 18:54 Leon Lederman commentary by Ricki Katz. Lederman, a Nobel Prize winning physicist, speaks about the poor state of education in America. In the '60s we were making the best cars, the best machines, and then all of a sudden we weren't anymore. School systems around the world were getting better than us. Something happened to this country in the late '60s to do with the Vietnam War. It created a malaise in our students, it created a dropout mentality. I don't think you can blame it on one thing, but that was a sort of milestone, one from which we have never recovered. Our text books were watered down, we neglected our teachers' salaries. Right now we're spending more per capita per year than any other country - $380 billion a year on higher and lower education. We have to turn the education system around, but we have to 'leverage' money very carefully in order to fix it. 29:24 Bill Ayers commentary by Jim Morrissette. Ayers, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and former member of the radical group The Weather Underground, speaks about education. In many ways schools are very effective. They function as large sorting machines, sorting kids out along class, racial and gender lines. We complain but we never fix them. I want them to not train people to fit into hierarchies, I want them to train students to participate fully in a democratic society. 31:18 Harbor College by Nancy Cain. In Los Angeles, Cain visits a college for grade school kids that teaches stock market history, finance and business. 34:50 Murray Bookchin commentary by Luana Plunkett. Writer / activist Bookchin speaks about the misconceptions people have about education. Education today is confusing the accumulation of information and data with the pursuit of wisdom. We are not becoming wiser, we are learning a lot of data that has no meaning, no relevance. Education should provoke, should stimulate the student to thinking. What we call education to day is, in my opinion, nonsense! 40:32 Bill Ayers commentary continued. Most teachers teach for the right reasons - they're altruistic, optimistic and they love kids, or they love the world, they love art, mathematics, or music enough that they want to share this with kids. Their motivation is transformation. But they go to colleges of education where they effectively ignore that or beat it out of them. So they become involved in structures which reward obedience, conformity and being a clerk. School systems are becoming enormous bureaucracies toppling under their own weight. 44:13 William Wilson by WTTW. Wilson, a music teacher at Hubbard High School in Chicago, won a Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching. His philosophy: I never accept the word can't. I say 'erase that 'T''. His students report on Wilson's unique teaching style. He treats everyone like his own child. So we have three parents: mother, father, and Mr. Wilson. 47:18 Public Education: It's a Bull Market by Hobart Swan. This tape traces the history of business involvement in education. In April 1990, the California State Assembly made a historic recommendation allowing Channel One, a commercial news station, to broadcast in public school classrooms. If this recommendation becomes law, commercials for candy bars and potato chips will become part of daily curriculum. However, this may not necessarily be a new thing. Public school children have always watched industrial films produced by private companies. In years past, children learned about electricity from electrical companies, ecology from lumber companies, and nutrition from sugar companies. 55:54 More from Leon Lederman. TV is a tremendous force. It could do a lot of things. The typical scientist is portrayed as a weirdo stroking a cat and talking with an accent. TV owes an obligation both to entertain and to teach. We need he roes in science, we need good role models so kids can say this is not a nerd operation.
FR3 / France 3
04:01:14:07 BARS AND TONE. 04:02:07:23 Edit master. vo greg dobbs. vs of a potato processing plant. ms of female workers sorting potatoes travelling on a conveyer belt. vs paid political television commercials on an Idaho job referendum that would allow nonunion workers to work at the potato plant. vs workers closing boxes of french fries. 04:03:37:08 Edit master close. Refeed natural sound. 04:05:29:05 Film xfer documentary on gold mines in northen california. 04:09:17:10 Bars and tone. 23:28:23:05 Off air abc news coverage of nightline. Intv w/ peggy say sister of american hostage terry anderson. she talks about the anticipated release of her brother from lebanese captivity. CI: PERSONALITIES: ANDERSON, TERRY (ABOUT). PERSONALITIES: SAY, PEGGY. INDUSTRIES: POTATO.
AFP-143AN 16mm; VTM-143AN Beta SP; NET-179 DigiBeta (at 01:32:27:00); Beta SP
AFP-143BI 16mm
Centre Est
American, Filipino and Mexican men, women and children work in farm fields, United States. Migrant farmers seeking work.
Clouds over barren and parched land during Great Depression. Expansive views of open western plains and distant mountains. Some cactus plants in undeveloped wide open areas in Arizona. A steam engine locomotive pulls a train in the distance. Hills, cattle graze. Elevated view of a man made Theodore Roosevelt Lake reservoir and the Theodore Roosevelt dam that created it, northeast of Phoenix Arizona. Farms, fields, trees and vegetation. Migrant farmers in overloaded cars and heavily loaded automobiles on a dirt road. A parked trailer. A loaded wagon attached to the car. Boxes of fruits and vegetables including lemons, sweet potatoes and oranges at very low prices. Children of migrant farmers playing together and milling about. Groups of migrant worker farmers looking for work and competing for work in Arizona with four crops a year due to warm conditions and water from dams. Cars with variety of western United States 1939 license plates. Filipino and Mexican immigrant farmers pick fruits and vegetables (lettuce) on a farm. Men work on an irrigated field. Narrator states that Filipino and Mexicans have the jobs because they are strong. They pick and load lettuce into trucks on a lettuce field. Men work at sheds at packing machines to pack the lettuce. Trucks loaded in the field. Mexican border on Rio Grande river valley: Men, women and children work in a field. Most are Mexican. They pick fruits and vegetables and load them into buckets and containers. A man supervises the workers. Women workers pick and sort produce on a field. A man with a loaded horse wagon. Men lift boxes of produce. Migrants work in a field. Location: United States USA. Date: 1939.
Full title reads: "SPEED DIGGER HARVESTS POTATOES". <br/> <br/>United States of America (USA). <br/> <br/>Several shots of tractors digging up potatoes. Back shot of potatoes coming off tractor and falling onto ground. Several close up shots of potatoes being churned up, pan down to potatoes on ground. Man at large wheel on tractor. Long shot of pickers at work. Close up shot of hands picking potatoes. Pan along sorting racks to baggers. Close up shot of potatoes on sorting racks. Close up shot of potatoes going into bags. Men tying bags. Close up shot of bag going along chute. Train loaded with goods (presumably potatoes) speeding towards and past camera.