NEWSFEED, 5/30-6/2/2000, ALASKA AIR, RICK LASZIO, CHIEF PARKS, ZEPPLINS, PEDS, GONZALES, PATRICK SWAYZE, BOB HOPE, FLOODS; DX MONTAGE, Titanic movie, Celion Deon music video ;DX-MUSIC VIDEO, Eddie Vanhalen, DX FAITH HILL, country singer sings popular song for Good morning America w/husband Tim Mcraw ; DX LOS ANGELES, CHIEF PARKS granddaughter is killed in shooting, south central L.A. street scenes, ambulance; DX BUFFALO NY, Rick Lazio nominated by GOP, on stage w/wife, greets crowds, press, gives speech at podium; DX USA, govt annouNCes new dietary guidelines, protester throws pie at Dan Whitman, security drags her away; DX USA, various people eating in restaurants, peds riding exercise bikes in gym, CU hamburgers being prepared ; DX ALASKA AIRLINES, two pilots fired, failure to pressurize cabin, home video of incident, plane in flight, landing; DX HESPERIA, black bear climbs joshua tree, animal control tranquilizes, DX NEW MEXICO fires, plane drops water; DX NEW MEXICO fires, forest fires, burning forest, aerials, eywitness acccounts, firefighters, hands making sandwiches; DX LONDON fleet of zeppelin like airships, airship taking off, pov from pilots view, b/w footage of old zepplins; DX WASHINGTON DC, FCC chairman Bill Kennard at press conference, access charges; DX USA Missouri, fire at buick plant, industrial bldg burns up, fire fighters, billowing smoke, eyewitness; DX USA CHARLOTTE NC, train accident aftermath slams into minivan, van smashed up, woman on cell, police inspect vehicle; DX USA trucking regulations, trucks on road, in traffic, pov from truck, talking head,truck accident; DX USA PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ, Patrick Swayze plane crash, clip form one of hismovies, Swayze gives interview,, clips from Ghost; DX USA clips from Survivor TELEVISION show, Big Brother show, other reality shows, The Real World; DX USA ELIAN GONZALEZ, father at press conference, Miami relatives talk to press, Elian at house, attorneys, Janet Reno, protesters; DX USA Bob Hope hospitalized, waves from jeep, doctor talks to press, Hope golfing, b/w footage old movies, desert storm; DX USA FAA gives press conf, Alaska Air maintenance, talking head, aerial of fishing boat fishing, aerials of Boston skyline; DX MEXICO heavy rains cause damage, rescue workers w/guerney, flooded streets, peds in paddle boats, house flooded; DX CUBA mothers marching along coastal street for Elian Gonzales, Castro in streets, huge rally on the streets; DX UK, Dunkirk, ships leaving ports, tugboats, battleships, various boats, sailboats high angle of Dunkirk port; DX AFRICA white farmers are told to give up land, CU newspaper, peds on streets read newspaper, talking heads ;