Indonesia Nike Protest - Protests against Nike's plans to cut production
TAPE: EF02/0702 IN_TIME: 07:38:45 DURATION: 1:48 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Jakarta - 20 August 2002 SHOTLIST: 1. Wide shot protesters marching down street 2. Close up of anti-Nike banner showing cowboy carrying Nike briefcase 3. Close up of banner saying condemning Nike job cuts 4. Wide shot protesters on street, tilt down 5. Medium shot protesters 6. US security guards close gate to US Embassy 7. Close up of banner reading "You are a Devil" 8. Wide shot protesters holding "You are a Devil" banner outside embassy 9. Close up of protesters 10. Pan of protesters 11. SOUNDBITE: (English) Rustam Aksam, President of the Indonesian Textile, Garment and Leather Worker's Union: "Workers are not just a tool, like a machine, if they're not used then they will be scrap, there should be more attention on that (issue), especially when it comes to an international company like Nike. They have the responsibility, they already earn profit, and once the profit goes, they leave us. It is not wise, it is irresponsible you see." 12. Various of protest STORYLINE: Banging cans and waving anti-Nike banners, about 4,000 workers staged a peaceful protest on Tuesday in the Indonesian capital over the American company's plans to cut back production. Angry workers in recent weeks have staged a serious of protests over plans by Nike and Reebok to terminate contracts with local producers. One such protest featured the burning of a giant Reebok shoe. Nike workers expect the cutback could cost 7,000 jobs while Reebok workers fear 5,400 workers will be laid off. Traffic jams arose around the protest as Tuesday's demonstrators marched through central Jakarta to the U-S Embassy. Carrying banners, they demanded it compensate laid-off workers. Demonstrators said Nike's local contractor, P-T Doson Indonesia, has offered workers compensation of between 66 and 132 U-S dollars. President of the Indonesian Textile, Garment and Leather Worker's Union, Rustam Aksam said "Nike has no responsibility." Nike confirmed it will terminate a contract with Doson Indonesia in November. But the company said it will continue to work with 47 other factories that employ 123-thousand workers. It has offered Doson workers continued medical care, loans and training. But it has called on Doson Indonesia to provide other compensation. Many foreign manufacturers have moved their operations to Vietnam and China, where productivity is higher and wages are lower.
NEWSFEED: 1/23-24/2007 HISTORICAL, GOOD CRIME SCENES, CONGRESS, WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, THE NEW DOLLAR COIN ;EU REPORT/CIA SECRET PRISONS E.U. meeting. 1/24/1978 SATELLITE FALLS military aircraft, 'Caution Radiation' sign ;Tent on snow-covered field, men moving barrel. 1/24/1995 SIMPSON TRIAL BEGINS some exciting excerpts ;1/24/1989 TED BUNDY EXECUTED cheerful vigil at Dusk, women peering over barbed wire, huge binoculars! cheering ;OR IRAQ WAR FLAG DISPLAY little white markers on campus. PASSPORTS DEADLINE EVENT ;PA 14 VEHICLE CRASH KILLS ONE NX emergency vehicles on hwy, DX wrecks, bread spilled from truck; TX BILLBOARD HANGING mannequin hanging from safety harness (which, coincidentally, the billboard is advertising) ;TX ILLEGALS IN JAIL prisoner standing before split-screen monitor, police activity, shaggy arrestee in police car; Details of Harris County Sheriff's van & station, prisoners, bunks in jail cell ;TX MAIL TRUCK OVER BRIDGE Aerial accident aftermath- mail truck lying below fwy. JIMMY CARTER at book signing ;Dusk Israeli soldiers approaching on city street, Palestinians around bonfire, Carter, prof hurrying along with his coffee; STATE OF THE UNION HOUSE DEMS, REACT. REV RABBI KIDNEY SWAP methodist church, man on dialysis, rabbi lights Menorah ;A HARSH WINTER HITS SPAIN snowy hwy, snowplow, detour, hikers in winter wonderland, dog herding sheep, snowplow on country road; Person shoveling snow (a favorite), NX parked cars covered with snow, lonely stop sign ;SWITZERLAND PARTICIPANTS ARRIVE FOR WEF snowy town, checkpoint, international flags, Int bigwigs chitchat ;MISSING FAMILY or FAMILY FOUND VIDEO NX crime scene at motel, 'Sleepy Hollow Motel' -they're going to turn up sans heads ;NX WS motel, detective winding cordon around pole. CA QE2 NOROVIRUS DX Aerial Cunard ocean liner at dock ;LI DOUBLE MURDER crime scene at nice house, man holds portrait of the unfortunates. MINIMUM WAGE VOTE AND REACTION Congress; WILL SMITH FILMS MOVIE NYC Smith joking around with crew, Brooklyn Bridge, costumed soldiers receiving rifles ;TX MAN RESCUES CHILDREN awesome, arrestee pounds on window of police car- with her bare feet, apparently ;Paramedics wheel boy on stretcher. NY COUPLE KILLED PRESSER ('What's a presser?') ;OH COCAINE FOUND ON BUS glimpses of courtroom activity, Aerial parked schoolbuses in snow; IN REEBOK PRINTING SHIRTS neato t-shirt factory, super bowl t-shirt. 1/25/1981 IRAN HOSTAGES RETURN plane landing, motorcade ;1/25/1990 LONG ISLAND CRASH NX rescuing passengers from plane wreck. LEBANON FUNERAL/AMR MOUSSA protest march/throng ;Men sweeping street, shoveling ashes. COLUMBIA FOUR GUERILLAS KILLED soldiers firing in jungle, helicopter fires missile ;Seized weapons. GA WRONGFUL CONVICTION t/h. WA SERIAL KILLER searching for evidence in countryside; TX NEW DOLLAR COIN George Washington himself lecturing schoolchildren, CU coin; LA MAYOR NAGIN women in 'the Road Home' office, Nagin speaking. LA BLANCO BUSH first Bush, then Blanco pointing to charts ;BELGIUM SKYDIVERS CRIME OF PASSION skydivers dive (and, presumably, commit crimes of passion), crime scene in neighborhood ;SENATE COMM VOTE RESOLUTION senators on panel. FL PIT BULLS ATTACK BOY boys shows bandages on hip belly and leg, torn clothing ;LS sidewalk thru neighborhood, bandaged & tattooed heroine ('I'm punching the pit bulls...'), mass sentencing of some sort ;
Indonesia Nike Protest (V) - Protests against Nike's plans to cut production
TAPE: EF02/0704 IN_TIME: 23:06:15 DURATION: 1:15 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Jakarta - 20 August 2002 VOICED BY NICOLE CLEMENTS SHOTLIST: 0000 Wide shot protesters marching down street 0004 Anti-Nike banner showing cowboy carrying Nike briefcase 0009 Close up of banner saying condemning Nike job cuts 0014 Low shot protestors with police in foreground 0018 US security guards close gate to US Embassy 0023 Close up of banner reading "You are a Devil" 0028 Wide shot protesters holding "You are a Devil" banner outside embassy 0035 Close up of protesters 0040 Protesters and police 0044 SOUNDBITE: (English) Rustam Aksam, President of the Indonesian Textile, Garment and Leather Worker's Union: "Especially when it comes to an international company like Nike. They have the responsibility, they already earn profit, and once the profit goes, they leave us. It is not wise." 0059 Various of protest 0115 ENDS STORYLINE: Thousands of Nike workers in Indonesia on Tuesday marched on the US embassy in the country's capital over the company's plans to cut back production. Angry workers in recent weeks have staged a serious of protests over plans by Nike and Reebok to terminate contracts with local producers. 0002 About four thousand angry workers joined in Tuesday's protest. Chanting and waving anti-Nike banners, they marched on the US embassy. They are protesting the seven thousand job cutbacks expected when Nike ends its agreement with local contractor Doson in November. 0018 The embassy closed its gates to confine the protest, which was peaceful, to the street outside. In unemployment-stricken Indonesia, the workers don't want the lay offs at all. But if they do happen, they want compensation, just as they would get in the West. But Doson and Nike can't agree on who should provide such compensation. Union leaders say Nike can't be allowed to treat its workers like a piece of factory machinery. 0044 SOUNDBITE (English) Rustam Aksam, President of the Indonesian Textile, Garment and Leather Worker's Union: "Especially to the international company like Nike, they have the responsibility, they got the profit already and after go profit, they just left us. It is not wise." 0059 Vietnam and China, with higher productivity and cheaper labour, are becoming the favoured option for foreign companies to base their production, although Nike says it will continue to work with other factories in Indonesia, employing over one hundred thousand workers.
2055 SENATE FS102 89 Trump Impeachment Trial, Day 2: The Senate resumes its sitting as a Court of Impeachment for the impeachment trial of Donald John Trump, President of the United States, hearing opening arguments by House managers. [8:55:14 PM] ZOE LOFGREN >> demanding that he provide the complaint as the law required the next day on September eleventh President Trump lifted the hold on the security system to Ukraine now have testified that they weren't aware of any reason why the hold was lifted just as there was no explanation for the whole being implemented there was no additional review no additional European contribution nothing to justify the president's change in position except he got caught just as there was no official explanation for why the hold on Ukrainian assistance was implemented numerous Witnesses testified that they were not provided with any reason for why the hold was lifted on September 11th for example Jennifer Williams who was the special adviser to vice president Pence testified that she was never given a reason for that [8:56:15 PM] decision neither was Lieutenant Colonel Venneman here's what he told us during the hearing are you also aware however that the security assistance hold was not lifted for another 10 days after this meeting that's cracked and am I correct that unit didn't learn the reason why the holes was lifted that's cracked Colonel Benjamin you didn't learn a reason why the hold was lifted either is that right acrylic bending are you aware that the committee's launch an investigation into Ukraine matters on September 9th two days before the hold was lifted I am aware and I was aware Ambassador Taylor the person in charge at the us Embassy in Kiev who communicated the decision to the Ukrainians also never got an explanation here's what he said are you also aware however that the security assistance hold was not lifted [8:57:18 PM] for another 10 days after this life finally on September 11th I learned that the holding elected and security systems would be provided I was not told the reason why the hold has been lifted Mark Sandy the career officer at omb testified he only learned of a partial possible rationale for the hold in early September after the acting D and I had informed the White House about The Whistleblower complaint that Sandy testified that sometime in early September he was Steven email from his boss Michael Duffy approximately two months after the hold has been placed the email quote attributed the hold to the presents concerned about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine and request a quote information about what additional countries were contributing to Ukraine this was a different explanation [8:58:19 PM] then omb had provided at the July 26th interagency meeting that reference concerns about corruption Lieutenant Colonel testified that none of the facts on the ground about Ukrainian efforts to combat corruption or other countries contribution to Ukraine had changed before President Trump lifted the hold according to a press report after Congress began investigating President Trump's scheme the White House counsel's office opened an internal investigation relating to the July 25th call the following slides provide excerpts from a report in the Washington Post as part of that internal investigation White House lawyers reportedly gathered and reviewed hundreds of documents that reveal extensive efforts to generate an after-the-fact justification for the hold on Military assistance for Ukraine that had been ordered [8:59:19 PM] by the president these documents reportedly include quote early August email exchanges between acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and White House budget officials seeking to provide an explanation for withholding the funds after the president had already ordered a whole in mid-july on the nearly four hundred million dollars in security assistance The Washington Post article also reported that in these this is a quote emails show omb director bought and r&b staffers arguing that with holding the aid was legal while officials at the National Security Council and state department protested omb lawyers said that it was legal to withhold aie aid as long as they deemed it a temporary hold you should be able to see these documents but the White House has withheld them from Congress so the house [9:00:19 PM] can't verify the news report but you could you you could do that if you could see these documents you should subpoena them and there's no reason not to see all the relevant documents now the lengthy delay created by President Trump's whole prevented the Department of Defense from spending all congressional he appropriated funds by the end of the fiscal year as we mentioned before that meant the funds were going to expire on September 30th because as we know unused funds do not roll over to the next fiscal year this confirm the fears Express by Cooper Sandy and other's concerns that were discussed within the relevant agencies in Late July and roughout August approximately ultimately 35 million dollars of Ukraine military assistance as 14% of the dod funds remain done spent by the end of the fiscal year in order to msue sure [9:01:21 PM] that Ukraine did not permanently lose the 35 million of critical military assistance that have been frozen by the White House Congress had to pass a provision on September 27th 3 days before the funds with to expire to ensure that the remaining 35 million could be sent to you Ukraine now George Kent is an anti-corruption and rule of law expert he told us that American anti-corruption efforts fried prioritized building institutional capacity support for the rule of law not the pursuit of individual investigations particularly a political rival here's how explain the approach U.S. Efforts to counter corruption in Ukraine focus on building institutional capacity so that the Ukrainian government has the ability to go after corruption and effectively investigate [9:02:23 PM] prosecute and judge allege criminal activities using appropriate institutional mechanisms that is to create and follow the rule of law that means that if there are criminal necklaces for activity in the United States us law enforcement should pursue the case if we think there's been a criminal act overseas that violates us law we have the institutional mechanisms to address that it could be through the justice department and FBI agents assigned overseas or through feeding mechanisms such as the mutual legal assistance treaty as a general principle I do not believe the United States should ask other countries to engage in selective politically Associated investigations are prosecution's against opponents of those in power because such selective actions undermine the rule of law regardless of the country now David Holmes heard during his testimony homes also compared the official approach that we believe in that we [9:03:24 PM] of promulgate across the world with what the president and Mr. Giuliani actually were doing Bursar long-standing policy is to encourage them to establish and build rule of law institutions that are capable and their Independence and that can actually pursue credible allegations that's our policy we've been doing that for quite some time with some success so focusing on a particular interest of the president just not part of what we've done it's hard to explain why we would do that unfortunately we do know the explanation we know why President Trump wanted present solinsky to announce investigations because it would help him in his election now and September 18th approximately a week before he was supposed to meet with President Trump at the United Nations General Assembly in New York presents Wollensky spoke by telephone [9:04:26 PM] with vice president Pence Williams testified then she is a was vice president Pence's assistant Hsieh testified that vice president Pence basically reiterated that the hold on Aid has been lifted and asked a bit more about how Zelinsky's efforts were going at following her deposition and while preparing for her testimony at the open hearing on November 19th Williams review the documents they've not been produced To Us by the White House and those documents refresh your recollection a vice president Pence call with presents Alinsky and the White House blocked Williams from testifying about her refreshed recollection of the vice-presidents call when she appeared at the open public hearing they claimed that certain portions of the September 8th 18th call including the information that [9:05:26 PM] William just wanted to tell us about we're classified I November 26th she submitted a classified addition to her hearing testimony where she provided additional information about the vice president September 18th telephone call with President solinsky the intelligence committee provided this classified addition to the Judiciary Committee it has been sent to the senate for your review now I've read that testimony I'll just say that a cover-up is not a proper reason to classify a document vice president Pence has repeatedly said publicly that he has no objection to the White House releasing the actual transcript of his calls with President Zelensky and yeah is office has refused many requests by the committee to declassify Williams addendum so the American people could also see the [9:06:28 PM] additional evidence about this call we are urged the Senators to review it and we ask again that the White House be classified as the usroad in two separate letters there is no basis to keep a classified ad again in case the White House needs a reminder it's improper to keep something classified just to avoid embarrassment for to conceal wrongdoing now we've been through a lot of facts today we've seen the president's Kemah Shakedown of Ukraine for his personal benefit was I believe in obvious abuse of his power but this misconduct the scheme became exposed Congress ask questions the Press reported non political officers in the government Express concern The Whistleblower laws were [9:07:30 PM] activated as this happened there was an effort to create an after-the-fact misleading record to avoid responsibility for what the president had actually been doing these were not the only adverts to hide misconduct and the misconduct continued Congressman shift will review some of those items so we have about 20 minutes left in the presentation tonight I'd like to now go through with you the president's efforts to hide this crap scheme even as a continued well into the fall of last year on August 12th whistleblower in the [9:08:32 PM] intelligence community's submitted a complaint address to the Congressional intelligence committees this explosive document stated that President Trump has solicited for an interference from Ukraine to assist in his 2020 re-election bid the complaint alleged a scheme by President Trump to quote use the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 us election the complaint stated that the president had applied pressure on Ukraine to investigate one of the president's main domestic political Rivals and detail the involvement of the president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani the complaint also stated that the Whistleblower believe that the presents activities quote pose risks of us National Security and undermine the us government's efforts to deter and counter foreign interference in us elections under the law The Whistleblower was required to file the complaint with the Inspector General of the intelligence Community which was then required to vet and [9:09:32 PM] assess the complaint and determine if it warranted reporting to the intelligence committees the law gives the inspector-general 14 days to conduct an initial review and then inform the Director of National Intelligence about his findings on August 26th the Inspector General sent the Whistleblower complaint and inspector General's preliminary determination to the acting Director of National Intelligence inspector-general road that based on a review his review of the complaint it's allegations constituted an urgent concern and appeared credible under the statute inspector-general confirm that the Whistleblower acted lawfully and bringing the complaints and credibly raised a legitimate concern that should be communicated to the intelligence Committees of Congress the Director of National Intelligence quickly informed the White House about [9:10:32 PM] the complaint under the law of the acting director National Intelligence was required to forward the complaints and the inspector General's determination to the Congressional intelligence committees no later than 7 days after he received it the legal requirement is extremely clear upon receipt of the transmittal from the I see ig that is Inspector General of the intelligence Community the director shall within 7 calendar days of such receipt Ford such transmittal to the Congressional intelligence committees together with any comments the director considers appropriate yet despite the clearer letter of the law the White House mobilized to keep the information in the Whistleblower complaint from Congress including by inviting the Department of Justice to render an opinion as to whether the complaint could be withheld from Congress the statutory deadline of September 2nd when the inspector when the Director of [9:11:33 PM] National Intelligence was required to turn it over to Congress came and went and the complaint remain hidden from Congress finally on September 9th a full week after the complaint was required to be sent to Congress and once again and Urgent concern the inspector-general one week after it was required to be sent to Congress the inspector-general road to the leaders of the intelligence committees to inform them that the Director of National Intelligence was withholding a whistleblower complaint in direct contravention of pack pass practice and the law on September 24th Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives is moving forwd th an official impeachment inquiry the next day the House of Representatives passed a resolution calling on the Trump Administration to provide the whistleblowers complaint immediately to Congressional intelligence committees later that day the White House publicly-released the summary of the July 25th [9:12:33 PM] call between President Trump and president solinsky and permitted the acting Director of National Intelligence to provide the whistleblowers complaint and related documents to the Congressional intelligence committees the person himself was happy to discuss the motivations for the steam in public that day and a joint press availability with president solinsky at the United Nations Ger Assembly President Trump reiterated that he wanted Ukraine to investigate the Bidens did you moron Joe Biden and investigate him to do whatever he can at this was not his fault he wasn't there he's just been here recently but whatever he can do in terms of corruption because the Corruptions massive now when Biden son walks away with millions of dollars from Ukraine and he knows nothing and they're paying them millions of dollars that's corruption when find me the day after President Trump explain to the [9:13:34 PM] public that he wanted Ukraine to investigate former president vice president former Vice President Biden on the morning of September 26th intelligence committee publicly-released Declassified redactions of two documents the whistleblowers August 12th 12th complaint and inspector Geras GU 26th transmittal to the acting Director of National Intelligence even after the impeachment inquiry into the crane matter began President Trump in his proxy Rudy Giuliani have continued to publicly urge present solinsky to launch an investigation of Vice President Biden and alleged 2016 election interference by Ukraine on September 31st at the swearing-in of the new labor secretary President Trump stated got the new president of refrain ran on the basis of no corruption that's how he got elected and I believe that he really means it but there was a lot of corruption [9:14:35 PM] election against us and we want to get to the bottom of it and it's very important we do thank you very much so here he is is meeting at the United Nations September 30th and he's still pursuing this bogus crowdstrike Conspiracy Theory with the president of Ukraine October 7th second and public press availability President Trump discuss the July 25th call with presidents Alinsky and stated the conversation was perfect it could have been nicer eventlink his notion of corruption with the Biden investigation on October 3rd and remarks before he departed Marine One President Trump Express is hope that Ukraine would investigate Vice President Biden and his son President Trump actually escalated his rhetoric origin not only Ukraine to investigate the Biden's the China too [9:15:38 PM] well I would think that if they were honest about it that sort of major investigation into the bike to very simple answer they should investigate to buy because how does a company that's newly formed and all these companies if you look at him by the way likewise inju started investigation into the Bible because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with with Ukraine so I would say that president salinsky if it were me I would recommend that they start an investigation into the bike the same day President Trump tweeted that he has an absolute right to investigate corruption that really means is he feels he has an absolute right to investigate or get foreign countries to investigate his political opponents the president sent a similar to eat the next day [9:16:38 PM] once again Lincoln corruption with the Biden investigation as president I have an obligation to end corruption even if that means requesting the help of a foreign country or countries it is done all the time this has nothing to do with politics or a political campaign against the Bidens this does have to do with corruption give him credit for being so obvious this has nothing to do with politics or a political campaign against the Bidens but you got to investigate the bites I guess that's just a coincidence President Trump continue to demonstrate his eagerness to solicit foren sian relatetoiserna interest here's what's okay he said if we feel this corruption like I feel there was in the 2016 campaign there was tremendous corruption against me if we feel this corruption we have a right to go to a foreign [9:17:38 PM] country President Trump added that asking president XI of China to investigate the Bidens is certainly something we can start thinking about even last month be the last month the president and Giuliani scheme continue during the first week of December Giuliani travel to Budapest Kiev and Vienna to meet with a former Ukrainian government officials as part of a continuing effort to dig up dirt political dirt on Vice President Biden and Advance the theory that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election asked about his interviews of foreign Ukrainian prosecutors Giuliani told the New York Times that he was acting on behalf ofis client President Trump quote like a good lawyer I am Gathering evidence to defend my client against the false charges being leveled against him indeed evidence obtained by the house from Giuliani's associate confirms that he had been representing himself in as early as May 2019 as president trumps personal lawyer doing Donald J Trump's [9:18:40 PM] personal bidding in his dealings with Ukraine this letter May 10th 2019 from Giuliani to Zelenskysays among other things however I have a more specific requests in my capacity as personal counsel to President Trump and with his knowledge and consent I request a meeting with you on this upcoming Monday May 13th or Tuesday May 14th I will need no more than a half an hour of your time and I will be accompanied by my colleague Victoria toensing a distinguished American attorney was very familiar with this matter please have your office let me know what time or times are convenient for you and Victoria and I will be there this is evidence recently obtained showing his effort to get that meeting in May was Olinsky Return to New York from this most recent trip on December 7th President [9:19:40 PM] Trumcaedims S ane was still taxing down the runway what did you get he said President Trump passed more than you can imagine Giuliani replied Giuliani claimed that he was putting his findings into a 20-page report that the president had asked him to brief the attorney general and the Republicans in Congress shortly thereafter on the same day President Trump told reporters before departing on Marine one that he was aware of Giuliani's efforts in Ukraine and a Giuliani was going to report his reported findings E torney general and Congress well I just know he came back from someplace and he's going to make a report I think to the attorney general and the Congress he says he has a lot of good information I have not spoken to him about that information but Rudy as you know it's been one of the great crime fighter's of the last 50 years he did get back from Europe just [9:20:42 PM] recently and I know he has not told me what he's found but I think he wants to go before Congress and say and also to the attorney general and the Department of Justice I hear he's found plenty yeah 3 days after that those remarks on December 10th Giuliani confirm to The Washington Post the President Trump and ask him to brief the justice departntnd Republican Senators on his quote findings on quote from his trip to Ukraine Giuliani stated he wants me to do it I'm working on pulling it together and hope to have it done by the end of the week that Friday December 13th Giuliani reportedly met with President Trump at the White House and on December 17th Giuliani confirm to CNN the President Trump has been very supportive of his efforts to dig up dirt on Vice President Biden Ukraine and that they are on the same page the following day on December 18th 2019 the House of Representatives approve the two articles of impeachment [9:21:42 PM] you are considering in this trial since the house voted on these articles evidence has continued to come to light related to the presents corrupt scheme among other things Freedom of Information Act lawsuits press reporting and documents provided to Congress Rudy Giuliani Associates Lev parnas further corroborate what we already know about the president's scheme as Giuliani against said on December seventeenth President Trump has been quote very supportive on quote O his efforts to dig up dirt on Vice President Biden and they are quote on the same page harness for the corroborated what we already know about President Trump scheme that he was responsible for withholding military aid and sustaining that hold and that is personal attorney Mr. Giuliani was working at the direction of President Trump himself [9:22:46 PM] on December 20th new emails were released showing that 91 minutes after President Trump's call with Ukrainian president solinsky a top Office of Management and budget Aid ask the Department of Defense to withhold to hold off on sending military aid to Ukraine so those were new documents that came on December 20th on December 29th Revelations emerge from omb director and acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney's roll about them about that role in the delay of Aid and efforts by lawyers at omb the Department of Justice in the White House to justify the delay and the alarm that the delay caused within the administration those records just became available on December 29th on January 2nd new Leon redacted Pentagon emails which raised serious concerns by Trump Administration officials about the legality of the presents hold on it Aid they came available on January sixth former Trump National Security [9:23:46 PM] advisor John Bolton announced that he would comply with a senate subpoena compelling his testimony is lawyer stated that he has new relevant information on January 13th reports emerged at the Russian government hack Ukrainian gas company brisma almost certainly an effort to find information about Vice President Joe Biden son in order to weaponize that information against Mr. Biden and in favor of Mr. Trump just as Russia did against secretary Clinton in favor of then-candidate trump in 2016 that brings us up to January 13th of this year last week house committees received new evidence from Lev parnas step further demonstrates that the president was a central player in this scheme to pressure Ukraine for his political gain and also last week the government accountability office found the President Trump violated the law when he was held that Aid [9:24:46 PM] last night we have the further development one more redacted emails from The Office of Management and budget were produced I think representative Crow showed you these These are among the documents that were just released I'm sure that if we could read under those redactions it would be a very perfect email but you have to ask what is being redacted here what is so important to keep confidential during the course of an impeachment inquiry as you can see right up until last night evidence continues to be produced the truth is going to come out and did the truth is already come out but more and more of it will more emails are going to come [9:25:47 PM] out more witnesses are going to come forwd they're going to have more relevant information to share and the only question is do you want to hear it now do you want to know the full truth now you want to know just who was in the loop sounds like everyone was in the loop you want to know how broad the scheme was we have the evidence to prove the President Trump ordered the aid withheld he did so to coerce Ukraine to help his re-election campaign he was held a white house meeting to course the same sham investigations we can and will prove President Trump guilty of this conduct and of obstructing the investigation into his [9:26:48 PM] misconduct but you and the American people should know who else was involved in this scheme you should want the whole truth to come out you should want to know about every player in this sordid business it isn't within your power to do so and I would urge you even if you're prepared to vote to convict an impeached and removed this president to find out the full truth about how far this corruption goes because I think the public has a right to know now today but yesterday we made the case for why you should hear this additional evidence and testimony this morning I introduced you to the broad sweep of the president's conduct and then during the course of today we walked you through a factual chronology [9:27:50 PM] in real time about how this plot unfolded and during that factual chronology today you saw that in March of this year Giuliani began that smear campaign against the bastard Jovanovic in order to get her fired by President Trump something he would later admit was necessary to get her out of the way because she was going to be in the way of these two investigations this is the supposed to anti-corruption effort by the president to get rid of a woman who has dedicated her career to represent in the United States often and dangerous parts of the world to fighting corruption and to promoting the rule of law this plot begins with getting her out of the way with the president sang that she's going to go through some things this anti-corruption reformer this us Patriot this [9:28:51 PM] plot begins with getting her out of the way and telling lie and it says so much about the administration tellingly it wasn't enough just to recall her or fire her the present good done that done that anytime know they wanted to destroy her because she had the audacity to stand in their way so we heard in March about the effort to get rid of her and it succeeded and guess what message that sent to the Ukrainians about the power of the president's lawyer has Ukrainians were watching this whole Saga they were hearing his interviews they were seeing the smears that he was putting out and this attorney for the president working hand-in-hand with these corrupt Ukrainians [9:29:52 PM] was able to get a um Bastyr yanked out of her job proof positive you want a window to this present you on archery this present you want to make in hpewith this present you go through his lawyer never mind the state department never mind the National Security Council never mind the defense department you go through his lawyer that's March April Zelenskyhas this huge victory in the presidential election from the president the president assigns by vice president Pence to go to the inauguration May Giuliani is rebuffed by Zelenskycancel the trip to Ukraine the one where you wanted to go remember metal in the investigation because he says enemies of Trump's around Zelenskyguess THA means you didn't get the meeting and they must be enemies of the president course the Ukrainians know why he wants that meeting [9:30:54 PM] May Trump disinvites Pence to the inauguration pencils going Giuliani's Reebok pants ain't going that's me instead May 23rd we have this meeting at the White House and there's a new a new party in town the Three Amigos they're going to be handling the Ukraine portfolio and they're told work with Rudy work with Rudy Bastress on living the best revoker secretary Perry work with Rudy and as you saw on June Giuliani's pushing for these investigations and the trying to arrange these meetings and trying to make this happen and also in June the defense department announces they're going to release the military aid the president reads about [9:31:55 PM] this and then he stops it he stops the aid in July on July 10th you heard in the chronology there's a meeting at the White House the meeting in which song and blurts out of this meeting between Ukrainians and Americans hey they got a deal the trying to get this meeting and there's a debate about whether he is going to happen when it's going to happen and someone says that we've got a deal with Mulaney here we're going to get this meeting and you're going to those investigations and bolt and stiffens and abruptly ends the meeting that was the first meeting that day and then someone brings the delegation to different part of the White House and have the follow-up meeting where you makes it even more explicit this drug deals made even more explicit and Dr. Hill is told by Ambassador Bolton you need to go talk to the lawyers I don't want any part of this drug deal they're cooking up [9:32:55 PM] that's July July is the month where that email goes from solid to Pompeo and others and everybody is in the loop July is the month where the hole is implemented with no explanation July is the month where mother testifies about Russia systemic interference in our Affairs July is the month after Mother testifies that the president believes he has escaped accountability the next day in July is of course the July 25th call in which the president asks for his favor and July is the month July 26th is the date of the call between President Trump and Ambassador songland you know the one Zelenskyloves your ass he'll do anything you want is it going to do the investigation yeah he's going [9:33:57 PM] to do the investigation July is the month of that conversation between song Linda and David Holmes were home says can you can you tell me candidly hear what the president thinks of Ukraine does it give a blank about Ukraine now he doesn't give a blank about Ukrainian only cares about the big stuff well it's kind of big stuff here in Ukraine like a war with the Russians no no no big stuff that affects him personally like the Biden investigation that Giuliani wants that's the month of July August we have that meeting between Giuliani and Aramark in Madrid August we have the back and forth about the statement know you go first and you commit and puic ounce investigations and then we'll give you they know you go first to give us the date and then one that's investigations well we'll give you a statement doesn't mention the specific no no you give us a statement that mentions in this investigation so that's the month of August [9:34:58 PM] August is also the month where it becomes clear that it's not just the meeting anymore it's everything everything is conditioned on these investigations the relationship the money the meeting Sunland and Holmes testify it's a simple as two plus two equals four that's all I get September Sunland says that you are my everything is condition on Public Announcement so message delivered no ambiguity the Ukrainians are told quid pro quo Taylor texts this is crazy to withhold Aid September is the month September 7th in particular Trump and Sunland talk on the phone and the president has a conversation he says no quid pro quo accept here's the quid pro quo Zelenski's got to go to the Mic and what's more he [9:36:00 PM] should want to ito it September Is also the month where the investigations begin in Congress September's the month were after those investigations begin after the president knows he's been caught the 8th is finally released and September is the month we're Pence and Zelenskyare on the phone and Jennifer Williams has classified information to share with you that I hope you will take a look at because it is relevant to these issues that's September October Trump admits yes if it wasn't obvious enough he wants Ukraine to investigate his political pun October is the month where he invites another Nation China to investigate his opponent this is the broad outline of [9:37:00 PM] the chronology that we went through today tomorrow we will go through the law the Constitution and the facts as they apply to article one that is the plan for tomorrow we've introduced the case we've gone through the chronology and tomorrow we will apply the facts to the law as it pertains the president's abuse of power and let me just conclude this evening Byron marketing again and what brought us here what brought us here is that some courageous people came forward courageous people that risked their entire careers and one of them's has been so striking to me about that as I watch these Witnesses like [9:38:01 PM] Maria Yovanovitch in the best of Taylor and David Holmes and others Dr. Hill is how much these dedicated officials were willing to risk their career the beginning of their career the middle of the career late in their career when they did everything to lose but people senior to them who have every advantage who sit in positions of power lack that same basic commitment like that same basic willingness to put their country first and expose wrongdoing why is it that colonel Venneman who worked for Fiona Hill who work for John Bolton and Dr. Kuperman why is it that they were willing to [9:39:02 PM] stick their neck out and answer lawful subpoenas when their bosses I don't know that I can answer that question but I just can tell you I have such admiration for the fact they did I think N N Ni and I think this is some form of cosmic Justice that this Ambassador that was so ruthlessly smeared is now a hero for her courage there is Justice in that but what will really vindicate that leap of faith that she took is if we show the same courage they risked everything their careers and yes I know what you're asked to decide May risk yours to but if they could show the [9:40:04 PM] courage so can we go back pursuant to the provisions of Senate resolution 243 of the 100th Congress a single one page classified document identified by the house managers for filing with the secretary of the Senate that will be received on January 22nd 2020 shall not be made part of the public record and shall not be printed but shall be made available pursuant to the standing order from the 100th Congress Majority Leader is recognized [9:41:06 PM] APPLAUSE FOR DEPARTING SENATE PAGES ************** MCCONNELL for the evening I will convene again at 1 tomorrow before we reach our not like to acknowledge that tomorrow is the official last day for this term Senate pages his group of in addition to witnessing this unusual event that we're all experiencing your studying for their final exams as well and we wish them well as they had back to boring normal high school Mr. Leader let me just add my thanks and gratitude for all of us it is rare particularly these days when a hundred senators from both sides of [9:42:07 PM] the aisle of every political persuasion get up and give someone a standing ovation [ Laughter ] But you deserve it. Thank you for your good work. And we hope you have beautiful and successful lives. [ Applause ] >> So, Mr. Chief justice, I asked that on Tuesday, January the 2th, from 10:00 A.M. To 11:00 A.M., while the senate is sitting as a court of impeachment, and that notwithstanding the senate's adjournment, the senate can receive house messages and executive matters, committees be authorized to report legislation, and executive matters, and senators be allowed to submit statements for the record, bills, resolutions, and co-sponsor requests, and where [9:42:56 PM] applicable the secretary of the senate on behalf of the presiding officer be permitted to refer such matters. >> Without objection, so ordered. >> Finally, I ask your consent that the trial adjourn until 1:00 P.M. Thursday, January 23rd. And this also constitutes the adjournment of the senate. >> Without objection, so ordered. The senate is adjourned.