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Right-wing rally in Kiev against alleged corruption
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Retreats: is the battle over?
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1993 Anti-Immigrant Demonstration
protesters on street corner - demonstration for Armenian genocide recognition - Glendale Community College - President Bill Clinton's visit - undocumented workers - residents - Right Wing - extremism - politics
GIs come home to a rosy future. Detroit Times headlines: NAZI RADIO ANNOUNCES WAR ENDS IN EUROPE; ALLIES RULE SW PACIFIC Young woman in dress, apron sits in chair, reads magazine, looks out window, is happily surprised, jumps up WWII army sergeant exits purple 'CHECKER CAB,' pays driver, limps toward house with cane, young woman runs out of house, hugs him CU they kiss, climb steps Teen boys eat lunch, talk in school cafeteria Teen girl in dress pays for food in school cafeteria Girl smiles Narrator tells us how one girl gets lots of dates by 'parking in cars with the boys at night,' and 'she dates all the boys' Girl walks over to table with tray, talks to group, boy hands her paper Narrator tells us she is 'not really popular' Boys make comments about girl, second girl says 'meow, meow.' Girl takes water from dispenser, puts glass on tray, second girl talks with her, invites her to table, she sits CU phone rings, female hand picks it up Teen girl talks on phone Teen boy talks on phone They discuss possible dates to movies, 'teen town,' skating party, wienie roast Offscreen narrator tells us this is way to make a date Dad wears suit, sits in easy chair, reads newspaper, teen girl descends stairs, lets teen boy in, he takes off ear muffs, she introduces him to dad, mom, boy comes off like world's biggest dork, talks with girl's mom Teen girl descends steps, smiles Mirror view of teen boy, girl putting on gloves, earmuffs Teen girl hands boy ice skates, shows key, they exit Fishing boat enters crowded harbor Steam locomotive moves through rail yard Switcher engine moves boxcars Diesel engine pulls train under bridge Table stacked with food products, including many of today's brands, plus a box of DREFT!!, woman's hands point to products, lift black cloth to block view, remove it and, presto, shot is now in B/W, then she changes it back to color CU packs of various brands of cigarettes CU hand puts something in creel (fishing basket) CU creel lies on side, several fish next to it Next to pond, man smokes cigarette, lights one for woman, on their way to their first cancer operation CU man lights woman's cigarette Ext. man in tuxedo lights cigarette for woman in gown (NIGHT) CU Joe drives Car stops at house, Joe walks into house with bundles Joe sits in easy chair, reads comics, laughs, picks up fireplace andiron, lifts over head, throws back out, yells in pain, argues with narrator Joe in line with men in costumes of several nations, they all merge into his body Time machine appears next to Joe, he pulls lever, watches cave woman on screen pounding rocks, then man with pipe hammering spike into a wheel (could pass for animated character watching TV) Man hammers spike, lifts anvil, strikes match on it, lights pipe CU flexed bicep, 1/2 and horse drawn on it Horses run on treadmill to turn wheels Joe runs machine with lever, machine stamps metal into wheels Joe speeds out of factory in suit, hat, he struts CU Joe gets mad at narrator CU cartoon versions of Constitution, Bill of Rights Man with top hat hands blueprint to man in suit, he hands it to Joe, who enters tiny 'MODEL SHOP,' works, exits with engine, looks proud Joe enthroned atop giant engine, man in suit gives him OK sign, he pulls lever, various futuristic products emerge on conveyor belt CU Joe tips crown Teen boy, teen girl walk to her door, look uneasy, he practically attacks her trying to get a kiss, she gets upset, runs into house, he walks away feeling stupid They approach door again, he says 'so long,' walks away CU girl looks sad They approach door again, talk, smile, say good night, boy walks away smiling, whistling Female master chef demonstrates techniques for making jelly in kitchen Woman in dress, apron cooks, talks to woman in dress Master female chef dumps contents of jar onto plate, result is runny jelly, teenage girls at table giggle, she lectures CU hands dump contents of jar onto plate, result is soft jelly falls over, hands cut it with knife CU hands dump contents of jar onto plate, result is perfect jelly, hand cuts it with knife Same dumping business, result is stiff jelly, more cutting Teen boys, girls pick up food, drinks at table, banner overhead ('SCAVENGER SALE') One boy, girl sit on crate, use second crate as table, bottles of Coca Cola, food on crate, they talk, girl drinks coke through straw, they talk about potential date possibilities: bicycle trips, weenie roasts, taffy pulls, miniature golf, square dances, baseball games, bowling, band concert Girl says 'baseball games and taffy pulls. I think they're swell.' Teens 'break open the ice cream' Family sings praises of electrical appliances CU teen girl's feet in bobby sox, saddle shoes tap in rhythm Portable radio Teen girl wears man's shirt, tail out, irons, bops to big-band music, turns radio off Teen girl irons, talks CU middle-aged woman talks 'Normal' teen boy, nerdy teen boy do Alphonse-Gaston act, enter front door Nerd says hello, hugs mom, introduces normal boy Alex Teen girl annoyed, nerd's voiceover ('you're the twin without the Toni.') Alex looks in bathroom mirror, shaves with electric razor, talks Nerdy boy looks out of shower, talks Mom pulls blanket out of washer, teen girl sorts laundry, they talk in CU Teen girl reads magazine on sofa, dad smokes pipe, Alex bores them to death with techno chatter Teen girls take towels from dryer, one hugs a towel, one mimics mom CU Alex wears suit, blabs some more to teen girl CU thrilled teen girl smiles ('golly, I'm so impressed!!') 'IKE' button bounces behind words 'EISENHOWER FOR PRESIDENT' Uncle Sam struts with baton, wears 'IKE' button (seen again) CU Eisenhower caricature Elephant wears Ike caricature, parades, beats bass drum with tail, wears 'IKE' banner on trunk (seen again) People of various walks of life march with IKE signs Donkeys represent Democratic candidates Farmer drives tractor with 'IKE' banner Parents push baby carriage flying 'IKE' balloon, their dog has 'IKE' banner on tail Tail beats 'IKE' bass drum Sign with Eisenhower caricature People with 'IKE' signs march past sign ('WHITE HOUSE') from day into night Silhouette of man riding donkey in background Jet plane flies 'IKE' banner over United States Capitol Building 'IKE' sun rises over Capitol Building CU girl blows on nails Girl stands, talks, points to appliances, takes clothes from Whirlpool washer, puts them into Whirlpool dryer, sits on high stool, talks Woman wears dress, pearls, fresh hairdo, talks on phone in kitchen, hangs up, talks to us about advantages of owning 'two fine Fords' Man in suit gets into '56 or '57 Ford in suburban driveway, drives past Ford station wagon Hollywood-style musical fantasy by General Motors. Art of night city skyline Woman with perfect makeup and hairdo 'sleeps' in Hollywood-type bed Masked man in top hat, tails waltzes into room, does worst imitation of Fred Astaire in recorded history, holds out tray to woman, she takes heart-shaped invitation from it CU in woman's hands heart-shaped invitation says 'SPECIAL INVITATION TO THE GENERAL MOTORS MOTORAMA' Woman in pajamas rolls out of bed, dances, pajamas suddenly turn to beautiful gown, she looks at camera through frame of large mirror, 'dances,' flies out window after heart invitation Invitation flies past art skyline Masked top hat man holds, points to invitation, 'INFORMATION' sign overhead Woman dances down hall toward masked man CU puzzled woman's face Woman takes invitation from pipe hanging from ceiling, puts it back on tray held by man Crowds jam large room to see 'concept' cars Masked man points out General Motors wonders to woman, she looks through opera glasses, dances to back of crowd, tries to see over tall people, top-hat man materializes, lifts her ballet style for better view People smile at cars, man holds woman aloft, she stares, 'CHEVROLET' sign overhead During following, woman sings about wanting each car Woman looks over crowd at 1950s Corvette Crowd looks at 1950s Pontiac, man dances on carrying woman CU Pontiac front end They dance in, look at 1950s Oldsmobile convertible Crowd looks at Oldsmobile convertible They dance to, look at Buick convertible, crowd looks also Woman thrilled in driver's seat of Buick convertible Man carries woman over to a Cadillac, crowd watches Woman steps out of back door of Cadillac, opens umbrella (I have no idea why), photographer snaps her photo, umbrella disappears, apron appears around her waist, she swoons in man's arms, he carries her off, puts her down in ultra-modern kitchen, spins, vanishes, she dances around kitchen, slips card in slot, picture of food appears on screen, she pushes button, mixer blades descend from cabinet into glass bowl, spin, she operates lazy-susan refrigerator, pushes button, cabinet rolls out with pan of cake dough, she puts it into oven with glass-dome top Woman skips behind upright, emerges in tennis outfit with racquet, dances, goes back, comes out in golf clothes, spins club, dances, goes back, comes out in swim suit, large hat, pantomimes oiling body, lies down on bench to 'sunbathe', goes back, emerges in gown, apron, exits Woman dances into kitchen, pushes button, oven dome opens, she removes cake with frosting, birthday candles, candles suddenly light Woman crosses fingers, closes eyes, blows out candles, smoke fills screen Smoke clears, reveals woman on stage Audience applauds Woman bows CU woman smiles Audience claps in unison (GREAT) Woman does goofy dance on 'futuristic' stage Woman throws sparkling stuff in air Fireworks against night sky Chauffeur opens door of Cadillac limo on rotating display stage, model exits in Dior outfit Model in Montesano outfit stands next to Buick Centurion on rotating display stage, holds dog, puts dog on car roof Model stands next to Oldsmobile Golden Rocket on rotating display stage, wears Pat Primo outfit Model in Emilio of Capri outfit stands next to Pontiac Club de Mer on rotating turntable, dances Model in Digby Morton outfit dances next to Chevy Impala on rotating display stage Audience looks up with open mouths Top-hat man says 'ssshhhh!' Audience says 'sssshhh!' Woman is astounded Man presents Firebird II car in cloud of smoke, opens door Woman floats from upper level of set to floor, dances to man at car, he puts white fur stole around her neck, ushers her into car Audience is wowed Gull wing doors close as man, woman sit in car, his mask vanishes, she is surprised Headlights slide out of fenders Car pulls away, kind of flies off Audience watches View of stagey 'road of tomorrow' from moving car. Color version of futurama with all kinds of models on roadway Mini cars zoom on roads in Disney-style model of future highways, looking like a forerunner of Hot Wheels as voiceover male, female sing corny song about our bright future Woman passenger astounded Tranquilizers as the antidote to reality. CU man apparently tries to sleep on rug Six model Greek columns, 'ATARAXIA' appears overhead Lab equipment on table, bubbling beaker, two tense grasping male arms (!!) stick up through holes in table, glass bottle hangs overhead CU beakers, flasks with unhappy Mr. Potato-Head-type features glued on Glass bottle of apparent rock candy, tube labeled 'ATARAXIC' Hands try to reach hanging bottle CU crystals fall from neck of bottle CU red liquid in beaker bubbles, smokes, turns blue CU hands relax Businessman relaxes, spins slowly in chair behind desk, poles for walls, arm with newspaper rises from desk top, man takes paper, opens it, it's 'THE DAILY TRIBUNE EXTRA HURRICANE ON THE WAY,' then he opens another paper, 'THE PARK TRIBUNE EXTRA HURRICANE OUT TO SEA,' he throws paper on floor, arm rises again with newspapers, man takes, opens, reads 'THE EVENING TIMES EXTRA BUSINESS DIP DUE' (apparently this guy IS the business dip!), next it's 'THE EVENING JOURNAL EXTRA INCOME AT NEW HIGH,' he throws newspaper away again Modern kitchen, 1958 style Woman in dress, apron, earrings, new hairdo, pulls down panel with burners on it CU hand holds mixer, puts it into bowl CU small chickens turn on General Electric rotisserie, hand closes lid CU overhead shot of toast rising slowly out of toaster CU hand opens tray in bottom of toaster, puts toast into tray, closes it CU hand pours tomato juice from plastic pitcher into glass CU electric can opener opens can CU hands take open can of Campbell's soup from electric can opener CU hand takes bowl of ice away from ice maker CU from rug level, vacuum cleaner cleans CU floor polisher polishes floor Off screen narrator says 'everyday conveniences...which we as Americans may enjoy' All dressed up with nowhere to go Large telescope in observatory, dome opens, reveals night sky (SKY IS SFX, AND TELESCOPE IS PROBABLY MINIATURE), SFX meteor streaks across sky next time we see this Off screen narrator says 'you are about to enter a beautiful, exciting, wonderful, new world, the world of 1960!' Crowd of people in tuxes, gowns, furs on sound stage, mini observatory, SFX sky, SFX city lights in background People watch SFX meteor streak across SFX night sky, land, suddenly turn into a 1960 Ford Galaxie (surprise!) Two more SFX meteors land, turn into a Thunderbird and a Ford Falcon Elegant (read 'snooty') people march over dutifully to check out the Fords CU right front fender with 'GALAXIE' name, dolly along right side of car to rear bumper with 1960 plate Dolly along left side of Thunderbird as people look, to rear bumper with 1960 plate Front end of Falcon with 'FORD' name above grill People look at Falcon Off screen chorus sings about the 'beautiful, wonderful, new world of Fords' (and who wouldn't?)
00:00:00:00 Right wing march = pro disengagement (:00)
Reich und Republik: Teil1 Film3
The start of the Weimar Republic: Montage of 20s culture, election of President Ebert, beginning of Weimar Republic, Bavarian beer festival, Oktoberfest, US soldiers in defeated Germany, celebrations in Straßberg, bringing down Kaiser William monument. Kapp Putsch. Failed right-wing coup in Berlin in March 1920. Plus early automobiles, driving through Brandenburg Gate. First President of Germany, Friedrich Ebert. French occupation of the Ruhr district for unpaid reparations post WW1, 1923 Daily life during hyperinflation in 1920s Weimar Republic. US forces leave Ruhr. Failed communist uprising. 1923 Beer Hall Putsch (Hitler's and NSDAP's failed attempt at revolution in Munich). 1924 and Chancellor Gustav Stresemann. Leisure activities of German citizens. Workers of the Ford Motor Company in the factory. Aircraft, telecommunication, broadcasting, 1920s French ministers Pierre Laval and Aristide Brian. 1925 Locarno Treaties. French military leave the Ruhr. Gustav Stresemann speaks at League of Nations. Charleston demonstration, slow motion legs. 1920s. Funeral of 1st President Friedrich Ebert and the election of 2nd President Paul von Hindenburg, 1925. President Hindenberg visits the exiled former Kaiser Wilhelm II at Castle Doorn in the Netherlands. Hindenburg in parade, Stresemann and Briand at League of Nations meeting, Hitler leading Nazi Party rally. Goebbels in Berlin, 1920s, deployment of Communists, Ernst Thälmann speaking. Hugo Eckener, airship commander, footage and original recording of speech. Gustav Iron Gustav" Harmann
Bridgeman Images Details
AFP-43-I 16mm
Interview with Liad Ortar pt 2
Interview with Liad Ortar of Tel Aviv University about his days in the Army and history from the Oslo agreement to Sharon.,INTERVIEWER:,We just talked about Israeli policies what about Sharon's policies INAUDIBLE,LIAD ORTAR:,05:01:09:10>>>,Um concerning Sharon again when, when looking at his 3 years of ah 3 and half years of INAUDIBLE of being a prime minister in Israel I think the most the, the thing that really pop up to me is the thing, the fact that he basically did nothing. He didn't do anything um maybe build a new settlement although he did build settlements. And he didn't evacuate any settlements just didn't do anything. It's turning it's going back to the same economics of a drifting ship without doing anything. So he's negotiating with Abu Mazan. We had the worst the last few years were the worst years in Israel history. Economy has never been in a worse situation. We have an enormous rates of unemployment and stress the socialist, socialist situation is very bad in Israel. And seems like nothing is happening. Every INAUDIBLE when, when he never appears on the media. He never um explains his activities, his deeds to the Israeli people. And the Israeli people doesn't do not demand him for an explanation. He's basically doing nothing, saying nothing. Um and I'm saying he's not working hard I'm sure he's working very hard but it's just being full gas on, on neutral just doing nothing.,INTERVIEWER:,Sharon says recently that he supports a Palestinian state and his military policies are temporary. Why shouldn't a leftist support him?,LIAD ORTAR:,05:03:22:18>>>,Um a lefty a leftist or a peacenik in Israel has a has a one, has a one tool to dissect reality. And the one tool is reality itself. I cannot go around um listening to numerous declarations by the prime minister or by the foreign um the minister of foreign affairs or any other minister or president of Israel in the matter of that and going around saying hey Sharon says he's against occupation so everything's going to be ok because Sharon says it. So what if he said that. The only thing I believe is the thing that I look that I see in my own eyes. And you have to remember after Sharon said he's that the occupation must end he said that Netzareem should remain forever. So you can not be for you can not promote ah a Palestinian state, state on the one hand and on the other hand say that Netzareem is going to be there forever or INAUDIBLE is gonna be there authorizing new settlements etcetera, etcetera. It's something that just cannot happen. And, and when you look in reality and when you look the thing that's going on in the ground in the field itself in the West Bank these are ah terrible things that's happening on an everyday basis. And if you um and if you want to um decide something from taking this, this activities putting them one next to the other the only thing you want to, the only ah conclusion that you can come up with that the only thing that Sharon is doing is surviving till the next election or till something bigger will happen like a war with Syria I don't know or Arafat will die or something happen something will happen. INAUDIBLE,INTERVIEWER:,How do you feel about the foreign press the criticism about Israel do you think I,It's fair referring specifically INAUDIBLE,LIAD ORTAR:,05:05:53:04>>>,You know the um the media the international media one of the things that I did in um my previous works that I did I, I'm a PR person I did quite a lot of media events. And in Israel, in Israel it's quite a unique place in the world because you have everyone here BBC, CNN, CNBC, AP, APN everyone is sitting in basically in the same house in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv. So it's like, it's like the belly button of the world everyone when something happens here the whole world is shaking around. And it's very easy to come as an Israeli and, and read newspapers from England, from United States from France from European I don't know from all over and criticize them. But, but my criticism over there should be um based on objective criteria and not just because they foreign, ah foreign reporters and just because it's a foreign newspaper. This is why he has no right to criticize Israel.,LIAD ORTAR:,05:07:01:19>>>,He has the same right as I do and like every other people every other, every other human in the world there's the right to criticize the Israeli ah um activities Israel government policy. I think for us for Israelis we have to continue to read what's, what's written about us in the world because of some of the times they have the guts to write about something to write about, about us things that we do not have the ah we do not have the courage to write about ourselves or we can not cause of censors and things like that. And we have to relate to that from objective point of view and not by subjective point of view. And is that true where, where those the right facts of the, of what happened. And what do I think about the event that happened over there. And not just rule out headlines and, and ah and reports just because they were written by foreign reporters.,INTERVIEWER:,What stands in the way of peace right now?,LIAD ORTAR:,05:08:41:29>>>,I think when, when you want to see let's say the future of peace in Israel Israeli Palestinian peace the one thing that you have to understand, that we have to understand that peace is in a Hebrew word has, has absolutely no, no meaning. Like when you say because this is something that you can you say on the sudal (HEBREW) everyday (HEBREW) so it's, it's something that you pray for god to bring peace upon us. He's gonna bring peace upon the all, the all people of Israel and lets pray for that. So what the hell is peace? And it's just it's a term that has no meaning. Everyone is, is, is pulling this close term into, into the place that is most convention for him. So I think the one, the first or the basic step in order to get this, this ah cart out of the mud is stop relating to the term peace. Peace doesn't exist. Let's start about collaboration. Let's talking let's talk about joint ah joint governments. Let's talk about joint resources. Let's talk about solid waste treatment. Let's talk about sewage. Let's talk about the concrete elements of everyday life. Let's talk about fresh water supply for everyone from the Jordan to the river. Let's talk about concrete stuff and when you say what, when try to ah ah present the question of the, the future of peace according to Israeli and according to Palestinians they translate this term into 2 different ways. And even in Israel the religious people say oh not the religious or right wing but let's say the right wing religious people say hey we are praying for peace everyday so don't tell us we're not promoting peace because we are praying 3 times a day for peace.,LIAD ORTAR:,05:10:51:13>>>,So we're doing the best we can. And when you say peace to ah yossi bari to people from the left wing they say peace is living together in everyday life but basically what they're saying let me live my life in quiet don't bother me. Let, let me earn my money. Let me go abroad and every, every half a year let me to ski in Switzerland. This is peace for them. So everyone is talking peace to its own it's own um term of references. And, and then you see a situation with quite a lot of elements going around in, in the Israelis Palestinians are in conflicts and not relating to, to each other because they do not have the common language because they're sitting around one table and talking about peace and not understanding the, the real translation or the in-depth translation of this term to the INAUDIBLE on the other side of the table for them. So I said put Israeli and Palestinian into one ah one ah round table and let's talk. I always bring the example of the environment because it's something I deal with in everyday life. And, and I know it works especially in the issue of water but take the Israelis and the Palestinians and lets talk about healthcare you know. Let's talk about, about initiating healthcare policy of the Israelis and Palestinians and everyone's gonna be healthy here.,LIAD ORTAR:,05:12:16:22>>>,Or everyone's gonna get the best care. Let's talk about that level peace alone, leave peace alone. Then you have some people that can could relate to one another and to the issue that they are talking about. So this, this is the this is one of, one of the basic thing I believe we have to take this ah resolution ah sorting dynamics into. Not talking about not continuing ah drowning our self. You know it's like a swamp. The best thing you do in a swamp is not do anything. Be we are continuing talking about peace, peace, peace and then we are drowning our self down. Because we are then we have the new term like the hunda and everyone's talking about hudna but isn't the hudna peace. But for Israeli hey we have a very, very good 2 month. The last 2 months been quiet everyone's going around for discothèques, for pubs, for the café shops are full. We have open shows in the gardens in the parks and everyday life is back. So peace is back hey everything is ok let's continue our life but it's not cause you don't know what's going on on the other side.,INTERVIEWER:,So what do you think it would take at this point to move it forward?,LIAD ORTAR:,05:13:33:01>>>,Yeah. I, I think from an Israeli point of view ah when you look you know what could get this, this situation out of, out of the mud and what is the way of starting to roll this huge machine in order to get ah some kind of normal life in this, in this area. I think for an Israeli the responsibility is, is, is an Israeli responsibility and if I was a Palestinian sitting here I'd tell you that the responsibility is a Palestinian one. So for, for my point of view the responsibility is 100 percent Israelis. And for us the one we have 3 things, 3 steps to ah to embrace in order to get something happening here. First of all is to evacuate the settlements. Until we're not gonna evacuate the settlements and all of them from the West Bank and Gaza nothing is gonna happen. Something is gonna happen and, and the thing that's gonna happen is the one country two nation because at the moment that the Palestinian will ah divert their struggle from a an, from a bi national struggle Palestinian versus Israeli and adopt the, the black people struggle in south Africa fighting for civil rights the, the it's gonna change. The game it's gonna, it's gonna be a different game. ,LIAD ORTAR:,05:14:54:07>>>,So one thing is the evacuation of settlements. Then is the withdrawal from the West bank. Israel must withdrawal its forces and it's everything from the West Bank and leave the West Bank and Gaza Strip for the Palestinian as a whole with a safe guard like safe passage like they did Oslo something like that and let them have a chance for sustainable ah self governing state. This is step number two. And step number three is, is building a border between Israel and the pal, and Palestine based on the green light and not an inch to the right and not an inch to the left. Not like what's going on ah this day were creating we're segregating huge areas with INAUDIBLE closed by INAUDIBLE and a lot of other places. These are the three steps that are a full Israeli responsibility to the Israelis future. This is our own benefit in, in embracing this three steps. Evacuating, withdrawal and putting a border. And if, if this is not gonna be embraced in the near future it's gonna be we're gonna have to erase all of that and also start ah understanding that in order to continue ah our human or humanistic way of life by equality and, and freedom of speech and freedom of movement we have to promote one country for two nations ah lead by some kind of federal government with condoned with national condones with different cultures in them but creating a bi national way of governing.,INTERVIEWER:,Can you think of a time that you felt disillusioned during this conflict INAUDIBLE?,LIAD ORTAR:,05:16:59:00>>>,I think the biggest ah um when looking back the biggest disillusion I had during let's say the last 6 years ah were the, was in the beginning of antifata alaxa the recent antifata. After Sharon went to ah to Jerusalem to harem sharif and, and then the riots began. Um and I remember specifically it was an event that Palestinians shot. Ah it was back then there were the DCO's the joint patrols and the Palestinian ah policeman came to an Israeli jeep and just shot everyone that was inside this jeep. Ah it was one of the events for me it was a very difficult times that were I went to demonstrate in front of the security ministry, ministry here in Jerusalem. Um I thought everything is crumbling I was totally wrong we have no chance of doing anything with those people. The only thing they want is war. The only thing they want to do is to, is to continue fighting against us. Ah we have to just kick ass over there. It was, it was quite a hard period for me. Um I was full of emotions, full of anger. Ah it was like they betrayed us, betrayed our faith. They betrayed our confidence. We wanted to continue the peace process with them and the only thing they did was collecting guns and ammunition in order to find the right opportunity to get back at us.,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE,LIAD ORTAR:,05:18:37:02>>>,You know um after after explosion in Israeli suicide bomber in Israel you have this kind of dynamics when there was an explosion and everyone comes out shouting kill the Arabs, kill the Arabs like your emotion burst out. But then you take a day or two and everything relax and then you have a chance to reflect on reality and reflect about the situation reflect about what's going on and get some sense into the situation. And that what happened to me. We were it was a great shock to every, everyone in the left party in the left organizations in Israel. We didn't know what to do with, with our self. We were ashamed in our, in our way of life. Ah we were ashamed of our ideologies. Ah we were being blamed by the whole country for give, giving them rifles ah for causing this conflict to burst and it was a very, very there it was very difficult problems. But when you draw your ideology from very rooted ah historical, moral norms like equality, like French revolution norms you'll come back to them as soon as you can and you find comfort in them and see there's just on other way of living.,LIAD ORTAR:,05:20:08:06>>>,And um I'm not, I'm not saying that the Palestinians are INAUDIBLE in their activities but I think we didn't do um the best we can for our own future. ,INTERVIEWER:,Is there still hope?,LIAD ORTAR:,05:20:30:20>>>,Yeah of course there's hope. But, but. Of course there is hope. There's always hope and, and if ah the, if hope would you know give up on this country then hell breaks loose. But um I think the real hope for Israelis and for Palestinians I'm talking especially about Israelis because this is my nation my country and my people is um getting the people to understand and to start. There is a song in Israel say don't say the day will come bring the day or make it happen. And this is exactly what we have to do we have to make it happen. We have to understand that continuing drifting everyone drifting on this refugee ship coming from Europe like an exodus and we are some place in the middle east and we are still on this refugee ship full of, of people that ran away from anti Semitism running away from Europe, running away from our self ah doing nothing. Continuing this dynamics is going to at the end it's going only sink the ship. And we have to handle the, the ah the steering wheel of the ship and take it to safe harbor. And, and start dealing with the real issues that are tearing the Israeli society and this is the issues of religion, of what is and basically what is being a secular in Israel. I'm secular Jewish in Israel what do I believe is what do I believe in. what are my values. What ah what will I die for what will I kill for. And If I'm not religious than god is not gonna come and gonna save me I have to save myself. It's like a very basic American ah phase that god helps those who help themselves. We have first of all to help ourselves and to the religious people only then god will come and help us.
Large crowd of Anti-Vietnam war demonstrators march holding banners in New York and rally in Central Park
An anti-war march event in New York City, organized by the Spring Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (later became the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam). Large crowd of anti-war demonstrators begin in Central Park and march on the streets holding banners. Students, housewives, doctors, businessmen, teachers, Beatniks, Hippies, and other demonstrators attend the protest. Group of demonstrators burns draft cards. Pro war and anti-war demonstrators argue. Right wing demonstrators protest the anti-war march. Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King and officials walk towards the United Nations headquarters building (46th St and 1st Ave, New York, NY 10017) during the peace demonstration. Military policemen arrest demonstrators protesting the Vietnam War. Location: New York City USA. Date: April 15, 1967.
DN-B-013 Beta SP
Special Envoy: [6 April 2023 issue]
A2 / France 2
Ehud Barak Interview
COLOR SYNC Exclusive interview with Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel. He discussed the peace process and the Camp David Accords. |09:01:34>>>Q: (Why didn't Arafat accept terms at Camp David) ,EHUD BARAK: Oh I...I cannot answer why Arafat did not respond the offer on the table at Camp David since I cannot penetrate his soul, but my feeling is that on the most profound level, he just doesn't have the kind of character of President Sadat of Egypt or King Hussein of Jordan who you know in spite being bitter rivals in the battlefield, we have thousands of graves in our cemeteries as a result of fighting with them, when the time came to make peace, they were ready to take decisions, painful decisions vis-a-vis their own people and move forward. That's something you couldn't find in Arafat. The other element that I found at Camp David is that on the most profound level, what Arafat wants is not...are not just two states or two nations, the Palestinian Palestine and a Jewish Democratic Israel, he wants a Palestinian Palestine and a (INAUD) democracy called Israel that gradually with demography and history and time, will become another bi-national state and ultimately a state with mostly a majority...basically he does not recognize the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state. And that explains what happens at Camp David. |09:02:58>>>Q: (Why you thought he might recognize it) ,BARAK: It's not...even though I went into Camp David out of a strong conviction that whether Arafat will deliver or not for a Jewish state named Israel, there is no way to begin disengage ourselves unilaterally from the Palestinians without at least trying, bona fide, to achieve a peace agreement if it's possible. When I came to power, it was eight years after Madrid(?) and seven years after Oslo(INAUD) and long beyond the time or the schedules for opening discussion of permanent status, uh, peace agreement and there was no way out of it. So I carried my doubts in my heart about Arafat the same way that Rabin carried his doubts when he was alive. And of course we cannot uh, kind of state these doubts every other morning without being blamed for delivering the kind of...trying to defeat the peace process. I had my doubts, but I felt that out of my national responsibility we have to carry it to the end, be ready however painful to put on the table offer that will be acceptable, at least to the rest of the world. And the fact that Arafat was not even ready to take it as a basis for negotiation, he rejected Clinton's offer and turned deliberately and consciously to terror. That means that whenever you know an Arab spokesman or...or leader tells us it's about occupation, occupation, occupation, I say no. It's about terror, about an attempt to dictate to us suicide bombing as a dip...diplomatically legitimate tool. How do I know? I was there just two and a half years ago and when the offer was on the table, in which in exchange for end of conflict and certain Israeli security demands, Arafat could bring a Palestinian independent state, not provisionally, Palestinian independent state with uh, with you know access to the neighboring countries, contiguous over ninety-five percent of the West Bank and one hundred percent of the Gaza strip, with right of return for Palestinian refugees into the Palestinian state, of course not into Israel, and even a foothold in Eastern Jerusalem as part of the Palestinian capital, and he rejected as a basis for negotiation and turned deliberately to terror. That's telling and that's why I say it's about terror, terror, terror and we will never ever yield to terror, period. |09:06:13>>>Q: (He could have accepted and continued to fight) ,BARAK: Right, it was not that easy for him to make a tricky step, namely to get whatever we put on the table and then turn to terror. Since in the present, you know, the beginning of the...of the 21st century, you can not close a deal behind closed doors, smoking rooms. You have to go public, you have to talk in front of the cameras to the whole world, you have to let the whole world read and see it, Arab people will see it on al-Jazeera that he wrote the document that says this is the end of the conflict. Whatever we have agreed upon, however painful it is to Israel and however...slightly short of what we hoped for, we accept that this is the answer for 242 and 338, U.N. security Council resolution to the refugee problem, to the...the borders debate and so on. So he should basically...he realized that he will have to tell the world, his own people and the Arab constituencies that he decided to put an end to the conflict and that in exchange for the establishment of a Palestinian independent state he gives up the uh, exploration of destroying Israel. That was something that he uh, doesn't got the courage to do and he thought maybe that he will never be able to take irreversible means, the picture and the content, the substance of such a breakthrough would leave an irreversible imprint on the minds and the collective psyche of the Arab world. |09:08:21>>>Q: (Your condition made it clear he did not want peace) ,BARAK: What some people uh, told to me, we are thankful that you unmasked Arafat. I used to tell them you know I know the truth. I didn't make it as a trick to drove Arafat into a trap. It was not a conspiracy. It was a bona fide effort to put an end to the conflict if possible. But since I'm open-eyed and realistic I knew takes two to tango. You can impose war, on the other side you can impose peace. So I did not know what will happen, but it was a bona fide effort to make peace with him. I was ready to go beyond any previous prime minister in Israel, I was ready to go beyond what my own people believed that they can accept, and I'm confident that if we would have a partner on the other side, that would be ready to make the painful decision on behalf of the Palestinian people, I could go knock on any door in Israel and convince my people to uh, accept it and to approve it. The...I used to say about Arafat he was unmasked in (INAUD) I...I did nothing about it. It is his response that the mask is more profound, a kind of antagonistic or...or...more profound level of animosity toward Israel a Jewish state and as a neighbor and as a representative, a spirit of the Jewish people. In fact I should tell you, I found along the negotiations that Arafat does not recognize a Jewish people at all. He recognizes a Jewish religion that was even (INAUD) a kind of guest within the Muslim world for many years, but he does not accept or recognize the existence of a Jewish people if there is a Jewish people he might have a self-evident right to go back to the place where he was born and establish its own state under self-determination which is also self-evident under the zeitgeist of this century and this never happened to him. Arafat never internalized. (OVERLAP) The...the fact that there is a Jewish people and...and an Israel. He...the most he can afford is to accept Israel as a matter of fact like sunset or thunder. |09:11:15>>>Q: (Were you really almost there) ,BARAK: No, I don't believe. Basically I don't believe that Tabba(?) was an important event. The defining moment of the process came at Camp David. There was a time when there was an offer on the table that was real negotiation, Americans were uh, there and there was an opportunity. Tabba was never a negotiation. There were no uh, planaria meetings, no teams on different issues, uh, not even a formal delegation, not a record taken, no Americans in the room. It was just informal meetings between several prominent Israelis and several prominent Palestinians, try to see together whether there is an eleventh hour kind of a wakening up on Arafat's side so that we can hope for something after the election. know everything that was raised there was the private, personal ideas of...of some participants. It never committed Israel, there was no positions, no documentation, nothing and uh, even if some it could look as if they came closer to their Palestinian counterpart in a room, the depths of the abyss between them uh, made it much more grave than the appeared or perceived distance between the positions that they held privately. I don't think that Tabba was an important event. It was informal gathering, an informal exchange of uh, views three weeks before election. The most that I expected for it is give some...if it's successful, some closing statement with some positive spirit on it, but even this could not happen since Arafat uh, kind of swayed at the last moment made the bizarre statement in the post, and...and terrorist attacks continued. |09:13:55>>>Q: (Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount) ,BARAK: Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount became a very good excuse for the Palestinians and very good explanation of what they have done. It had never been the cause effete of the reason for it. First of all, when he visited you know it's legal to visit it, there's no way to avoid for Israeli to go there, especially when it doesn't happen during the praying you know and in fact, nothing had happened when he visited there except for some shouting by Arab...Israeli...Israeli citizens who are members of parliament who came to carry on the political kind of staging of some friction. But it is only the day after that violent...a violence erupted on the Temple Mount when the demonstrators kind of tried to go outside of the compound and face the police. But I...I can not tell you that this was the greatest kind of timing for this visit but no one in a state of...under the rule of law could ever avoid that there was no reason, in fact it was even coordinated with the Palestinian Authority security people. Our police and our security services and our minister of INT who happened to be also minister of foreign affairs, professor Shama Ben Ami(?), they contacted the head of security uh, of the Palestinians in the East Jerusalem area, and they said as long as Sharon will not enter into the mosques, both those over the ground and under the ground, uh, we do not predict that something will happen and the security services went to Sharon and his entourage, they accepted these condition not to go into the mosques. They didn't. And there was no reason but let me tell you more than this. We know from hard evidence of intelligence material that Arafat planned this eruption of violence long before Sharon visit. So it might erupt ten days later or a few days earlier even if Sharon had never planned this attack. Basically Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount was a political demonstration against me. It was aimed at portraying my government as being a little bit soft in regard to the holiest places for Judaism rather than the movement that he represented as a political uh, demonstration it was not very effective to the best of my judgment but as an excuse for the Palestinians and the explanation in uh, retrospect it became quite effective one. |09:17:17>>>Q: (What about Clinton) ,BARAK: I was left admiring his readiness to go that far, invest so much energy, sources, intellectual capital, even political capital in order to try to bring two peoples uh, normal reconciliation and I found his...him acting out of a strong moral as well as strategic conviction that this is the right thing to do and the defect that you can not ensure in advance the success can not justify if are sitting at the head of the world as the president of the United States, avoiding taking the challenge. In a way, he was courageous, since no one could promise him that he would be successful, he fully understood the risks. I remember talking about it, that you know somehow Arafat can fail all of us, and he...he was determined to take it. I highly respect him for that, and I should tell you that he made an exceptional job in this. |09:18:48>>>Q: (Are you relieved he didn't take the deal) ,BARAK: No, I don't think so. I think that you know there's a direct relationship here. If he would take the deal, it would mean that he's different from what we see now. So you know you can't have it both ways. It''s clear to me that however painful, if there was a deal, I would pass a deal and the Palestinian people who as a majority, maybe some extremists not on the...on the fringes would reject it, but the majority would...would take it and...and go for it. |09:19:37>>>Q: (Most Palestinians wanted peace in some form; has that changed now) ,BARAK: It changed on both sides. A lot of...there is a loss of trust in the Palestinian leadership, at least the present one, on the Israeli side and there is more hatred maybe, more frustration on Palestinian side. But when you look at it, you can not draw moral equivalence between the...the perpetrators of suicide attacks and terror and...and those who found themselves compelled to uh, defend themselves against it. So there is some damage and human suffering that is caused even by the self-defense that we are carrying out. But it if you do it in just self-defense or at least the...the moral blame can not be weighed in a kind of objective and divided into two similar pieces. The lion's share of responsibility is on the Palestinian leadership. And as our late legendary foreign minister Abba Eban used to say, the Palestinian leadership never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. They repeated it once again at Camp David and since then. |09:21:12>>>Q: (Impossible to convince Palestinians we have no intention of retreating) ,BARAK: I...I believe, I know the Palestinians from my early childhood. I remember the time before Israel was established as a young kid of five years-old, we used to go to the Arab village, it was near my kibbutz, I remember the youngster Arab babies on the hands of their mothers, they might be almost sixty years-old now and they're refugees somewhere. But as human beings, I can tell you, I spent my life fighting against Arabs and against Arab terror, I never hated them. I never felt hate. Hatred. I felt that we have to defend ourselves and there is no way to defend yourself unless you are ready to be more effective with...with using your weapons when it's needed. But we always combine stretching our hand toward...toward them and trying to strike a deal and make peace. At the same time, having the other hand or the finger on the trigger protect ourselves. So somehow, I...they are very capable people. Very capable. Highly adaptable. They were exposed to friction and some suffering, but also to the experience of how modern, open society is working, and I believe that there...with different leadership they can make...strike a deal however painful with Israel and let the Palestinian people flourish in good neighbors. I should tell you the same about the Israelis. You know of the prime ministers of Europe asked me several months ago, how come that my ambassador in Israel tells me that there are contradictory results in the polls. On the one hand Israelis want the government to hit even harsher on terror, at the same time they are...they are saying we are ready to make far reaching, painful compromises you know to achieve peace. I told him, there is no contradiction. It's healthy people. When you see your fellow citizens exploding every other day in bus stations, pizzerias, discotheques, restaurants, at bar mitzvah gatherings or...or Seder ceremonies, you expect your government to take do whatever it takes to put an end to it. At the same time, the moment...the moment there will be a leadership on the other side that would be ready to negotiate, the...the basic ideas that were raised at Camp David, under whatever name, you can call it Arafat, Sharon, President Bush, blame...the moment there will be a partner that wants to make peace, you will see immediately the majority of Israelis that are for it, emerging to the surface. It's not even shift. They will -just a half an inch underneath the surface. They will emerge to the surface and if the government will try to stop them, the Israeli government, the will of the people will prevail, and the government will be removed. |09:25:11>>>Q: (Not one Arab democracy, why could Palestinians have the first one) ,BARAK: First of all they were exposed to democracy in more intensive and...and a daily way than any other Arab societies but I'm not...I did not...I believe...about the future of democracy in Arab world. First of all I believe the Palestinians are more ripe than any other Arab society since they were exposed to the daily life of a...of (INAUD) vibrant democracy for many years and they do not have any other traditions on a state level. Since they had never been a political sovereign entity. But I never lost my hope about the Arab world as a whole. I don't expect for them to become Jeffersonian democracies over night, but you know when you watch honestly what happened in Jordan and in some of the Gulf Emirates, in the recent years, you see the beginnings modest but clear in the direction, the beginning of a process toward more opening of the social system, the political system, giving some more voice to the people, some rights voting to women, and trying to take into account in a more explicit way what the people want, not just what is comfortable for the rulers. And I believe that the war in Iraq, that it might be behind us when this will be broadcasted, it could create a window of opportunities for a major change that once again would not make the Arab world the...another North America a generation or two but beginning a process where the beginning of change will sow the seeds for a more profound change or reform that might take a generation or two with the (INAUD) of education. And this is our only hope. We are here forever. And for us, you know we...we are determined to stand firm and to hit whoever try to threaten us, but in the long term, the only solution for the inherent problems of the Middle East have to do with the Arab peoples having their own reformation, their own opening up, out...out of their interest. Not serving our interest or the American ones, out of their own interest to give their own youngsters a better future in the...developing and the kind of global world. |09:28:25>>>Q: (If there's a wall of separation, how will Palestinians have contact with us),BARAK: First of all, you know can know make...I don't know how you say it in English, to round a square, you know? You can not make...,When you talk about a separation, and the fence, and something that might block the direct experience with democracy, you should realize that we cannot uh, square a circle you know or circle a square. We can not bring about another solution first of all for the security issue. You know we have a very primitive fence around Gaza Strip and until now, after two years of Intifada there was not a single suicide attack in Israel from the Gaza Strip. The reason is very simple. The terrorist do not know how to cross the fence. So we can not avoid you know just to protect those who are living in Israel the main settlement blocks from a certain distance. But I should tell you, that this disengagement from the Palestinians have a much more profound logic, that we should refer to. Between the Jordan River, several dozens miles to the east and the Mediterranean, several hundreds of yards to the west, there live ten million human beings. Six point five million Israelis, and three point five million Palestinians. If there is only one political entity in this area called Israel, it will become inevitably either non-Jewish or non-democratic. If this block of millions of Palestinians can vote, it's a bi-national state (INAUD) if they can not vote, it's an apartheid system under whatever we've got. So we have a compelling imperative to disengage and to settle. We tried to do it through an agreement that's exactly was the essence of Madrid, Oslo and Camp David. We couldn't do it, since you can not impose it upon the other side and the other side doesn't want. It takes two to tango. So now we find ourselves, in the need to answer are we paralyzed by the fact that the other side doesn't want peace. We can not be paralyzed. So we have to begin unilaterally these processes of disengagement, while keeping the door open to resumption of negotiations. At the moment that a Palestinian leadership will be ripe for it, and in the meantime, as any government on earth will do, we have to fight terror tough as we can. |09:31:45>>>Q: (You must be disappointed),BARAK: No, but...but I...I'm not disappointed. I was fully aware at the time of the risk that...that entailed what I'm doing and when people ask me in advance before the decisions, how come that you are ready to risk yourself, uh, in such endeavors. I told them you know all my life I risk myself in much more irreversible way. I could be just being shot for causes that were much smaller in a way in meaning than this one. So even if it means that by doing the right thing for Israel and making clear once and for all whether it's possible to make uh, agreement with this generation of Palestinian leadership or not. If this means that I will have to uh, shorter term in power, I don't love it but I don't really care since somehow there is no meaning for sitting in that chair of the prime minister of Israel if you are not ready to take the steps however risky it would be political...politically to change the reality toward a better direction, and in this regard I can just quote from, you know from memory, I can not remember the exact quote, that Churchill once used when after he came after you know being out of active political life for some ten years, he said to the parliament, that we can not predict...we human beings can not predict the future and maybe it's good for us we could not uh, carry the burden of knowing in advance what will happen. And it is not just the future that we can not predict. Even the past is changing in front of our eyes. That the, as he call it, the tumbling lamp, a kind of tumbling lantern you know on the (INAUD) of history attempt to shed different light from different perspective, from every round of the way when you look back on...and he asked, so what is the lesson for us if we can not predict what will happen and we can not know what uh, how the past will be...will be described. And he answered it, there is only one rule that a man can use. It's to use his conscience. And the...the practitude(?) and inner compass and try to do the right thing. It can not give you a full guarantee against disappointments along the way. But if you adopt this rule, you will always be marching in the ranks of honor. |09:35:25>>>Q: (You were criticized for offering part of Jerusalem),BARAK: I didn't create any...anything by being ready to negotiate something which is serious and I should tell you at the end, whether we will sit to the table once again in five, ten or fifteen years, we'll end up dealing with the same problems, the same issues to the slightest details as we faced in Camp David and not because I crossed the line, but because this is the reality of the conflict. Now, I uh, offered a plan within which it's true that the Palestinian will have a foothold in Jerusalem in the Arab heavily populated neighborhood, but at the same time, it will make Jerusalem bigger, stronger, and more Jewish than ever in history and since our compelling imperative as I described it earlier in regard to the whole state of Israel was to establish a Jewish state where there will be a Jewish majority, for generations to come, the same applies in a microcosm for Jerusalem. To...for us the real objective was to add to Jerusalem three major settlement blocks, Gush Etzion, Maaleh Adummim, Givat Zev to make it much bigger, much stronger and much more Jewish and convey the almost quarter of million of Palestinians that are living in our capital and you know they became part of the capital as a result of our administrative decision. know this situation in Jerusalem is the result of a decision taken after '67 to add to Jerusalem that was a small city twenty-eight villages and towns surround...they became part of Jerusalem. But as I told some of my political adversaries, I told them you know we prayed 2,000 years year in Jerusalem, we never prayed next year in Abu (INAUD) I used to joke with those great believers in Jerusalem that tried to question my commitment to it, I used to tell them if I just take the keys of my prime minister car and put you in the driver seat and ask me to take me to (INAUD) which is in the holy Jerusalem, you would not even know where to drive in spite of the fact that you're a right wing (INAUD) so I just tried to correct something that we distorted in our very hands by adding quarter of millions of Palestinians which are not even Israeli citizens unless they choose, and...and they're...all of them are educated under Palestinian syllabus, and according to the formal position of Israel they're going to vote to the Palestinian parliament. That's an absolute uh, is incongruent with any reality and I strongly believe that what I suggested is the right way to establish stronger, bigger and more Jewish Jerusalem than ever in the Jewish history. And there is never...there was never a basis to the claim was that you could hear from some right wing (INAUD) that Barak gave up the sovereignty of the Temple Mount or that he brought some Palestinian soldiers to the walls of Jerusalem. Just nonsense. Political manipulation, nothing to do with uh, with reality.,(END OF INTERVIEW WITH BARAK)
Austria Right Wing Ball
Thousands protest against the far right
Activities of aircrew from 59th Weather Reconnaissance Flight in a WB-50D aircraft
View of clouds and of numbers 3 and 4 engines, running, from cockpit of airborne WB-50D aircraft. Stratiform clouds seen below. Pilot at the controls. Another crew member seen at window in right side of the aircraft. View of WB-50D right wing from the rear. Two dropsondes are released and fall away from the aircraft. A lieutenant (copilot) demonstrating turbulence at the controls, and then eating lunch in the cockpit. The WB-50D of the 59th Weather Reconnaissance Flight (Hurricane Hunters) landing at Kindley Air Force Base, Bermuda. Storm clouds seen in background. Location: Bermuda. Date: September 19, 1955.
1993 Anti-Immigrant Demonstration
protester on street corner with American flags and signs - rally leader chants about Art Torres - racism - bigotry - xenophobia - anti Latino Latinx Hispanic Mexican rhetoric - Proposition 187 - Prop 187 - undocumented workers - residents - Right Wing - extremism - politics
NEWSFEED: 8/19-20/05, POPE BENEDICT XVI, AIRLINE MECHANICS ON STRIKE, POLICE ACTIVITY, MILITARY FUNERAL ;IA ICE CREAM TASTE TESTERS Blue Bunny taste tester panel. POPE VISITS SYNAGOGUE Pope at service, in procession, shaking hands ; US SHIPS ATTACKED carrier at sea, bombed USS Cole, bombed Egyptian resort, rockets at demonstration, officers on bridge, deck ;Zarkowi, NX city, missile strikes near camera, DX bombed out bldgs ;AZ BORDER SAFETY press conf. BLOOMINGTON, MN NORTHWEST AIRLINES PICKETS Dawn workers on strike, Int MacFarlane press conf; ECUADOR OIL TENSIONS riot police, man escorted into police car, people fleeing, people struggling with police, riot ;Official being sworn in. TX CAR INTO WACHOVIA BANK Aerial car accident aftermath, car smashed into bldg, police approach ;NC 1ST DAY OF PENALTY PHASE courtroom scenes. AZ GOV ANSWERS QUESTIONS; NJ GAS STATION ATTENDANT gas station scenes. NY BATS INFESTATION VAR houses, Putnam County Department OF Social Services ;NY DESIGNER ECKO SUES NYC press conf, some right-wing talk show host (it's WABC) ;OR NEWS CREW CHASED BY PITBULL ha ha ha! NX dogcatcher removes dog from news van ;CO PANHANDLER STUDY man panhandling by off ramp. NM OFFICER SHOT BY MENTAL PATIENT P-In window, officers listen to eulogy ;NX blocked street police activity flashing lights, man on stretcher ;MI NORTHWEST MECHANICS PREPARE FOR STRIKE passenger planes taxiing, mechanics, hangar, banner, making signs ;AR PIZZA & PAPER DELIVERY taxi cab waiting for fare, pizza parlor, man delivering pizza, NX picking up newspapers for delivery ;VIETNAM ND LEETUN REMAINS MIA medal & folded flag, names on memorial. OH LEBRON JAMES VERDICT leaving courthouse ;AR LIBRARY PATRONS SIGN birthday card for Clinton, giant cookie, limo on display ;NM SEC BREACH FORCES RE SCREEN Int airport lobby, people lined up, heightened security ;FL SECOND KIDNEY TRANSPLANT medical press conf. TX GOSPEL DREAM 2000 gospel singers in studio ;TN PICKETERS AT MEMPHIS INT'L airline mechanics on strike, airport scenes ;PA SOLDIER MEMORIAL PELLIGRINI military funeral, flags outside church, salute, bugle, motorcade ;DREAM CRUISE CLASSIC CARS parade of classic cars and customized cars ;EX-BOYFRIEND LEAD POLICE TO SCENE NX crime scene, manhunt, detectives labeling evidence, DX loading body in van, motorcade ;POPE BENEDICT VIGIL COMMUNION NX Pope at vigil (the usual- candles, a man juggling hats & torches, monstrance on display, mass ;MI NW TIRES BLOWN WHILE LANDING passenger plane stopped on landing strip ;
House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) comments on the budget negotiations while in Michigan.
No title - REVIEW OF THE SIXTIES. <br/> <br/>M/S crowd on balcony at London Airport, pan to mass of people awaiting the arrival of pop group The Beatles. C/U teenagers screaming. M/S John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison walking down steps of aircraft and waving to crowd. M/S as crowd wave from balcony. C/U Beatles waving. M/S crowd on balcony waving. M/S mass crowd. C/U Beatles standing together smiling. C/U as police hold back crowd. M/S as Beatles push their way through crowd. M/S Beatles pushing through crowd being helped by police, pan up to large crowd. M/S girl being lifted over the heads of crowd after fainting. C/U Beatles pushing through crowd. C/U crowd behind wire netting. C/U Beatles aboard airport coach. M/S of large crowd at the Arlington Cemetery for President John Kennedy's funeral. M/S of the hearse carrying President Kennedy's coffin at Arlington. M/S as the coffin is taken from the hearse. M/S large crowd of dignitaries, including heads of state, General Charles de Gaulle and Haile Selassie, Emperor of Abyssinia. M/S of mourners around the graveside, Jacqueline Kennedy, etc., as the flame is lit. C/U of the flame, camera zooms back to show Guard of Honour beside the coffin. <br/> <br/>Various good shots flower people and hippies in the open air. C/U girl with face painted. Big M/S Houses of Parliament, (Churchill's funeral). Interior M/S Winston Churchill lying in state. C/U coffin draped with Union Jacks. M/S of the lying-in-state showing the Guard of Honour. Angle shot exterior showing Union Jack flag at half mast on Westminster Abbey. Top shot showing queues of people waiting to go in to the lying-in-state. M/S Westminster Abbey showing large queue of people. M/S people going into Westminster Abbey. Interior M/S crowds filing past the coffin. <br/> <br/>M/S pan mass of small craft on their way to meet Sir Francis Chichester on his return from round the world yacht trip. M/S of Chichester's craft surrounded by other boats. M/S Chichester in his boat being escorted in. Interior M/S of girls in mini skirts picking out clothing. C/U mini skirted legs, pan up to girls holding up clothes. Exterior M/S two girls looking in shop window, one wearing maxi and one wearing mini. Interior M/S mini skirted girls. <br/> <br/>M/S of jumbo jet at the entrance of its hangar. C/U one of the giant engines on the wing of the jumbo. M/S of the jet as it is towed forward. C/U under wing of the jumbo. Top shot showing the jumbo standing on tarmac, its size is shown by the vehicles standing around it. C/U and M/S of Martin Luther King surrounded by crowd of people. Pan of civil rights marchers. C/U Martin Luther King walking in crowd. M/S as Martin Luther King walks to microphone. M/S large mass crowd. Pan aeroplane dropping bombs in the Vietnam War. M/S pan aircraft dropping bombs. M/S explosion. M/S troops coming off landing craft. M/S troops. M/S troops in jungle. C/U troops in jungle. M/S explosion in trees. C/U's troops moving into position. M/S pan police running towards demonstrators at Grosvenor Square. C/U policemen handling demonstrators and throwing them into bushes. M/S police fighting with demonstrators. C/U demonstrators with placards. C/U demonstrators fighting the police. M/S wrecked vehicles in the desert in the Arab - Israeli War. M/S armoured vehicle travelling through the desert. M/S pan wrecked vehicles. C/U crew of armoured vehicle travelling through desert. M/S pan of wrecked armoured vehicles. <br/> <br/>M/S of the Hovercraft, 'Seaspeed', moving off. M/S as it takes to the water. Interior M/S of the hovercraft. Various shots of 'Seaspeed' underway. M/S blanks for the new decimal 50 pence coin in tray. C/U of blanks. M/S of machines in Royal Mint stamping new coins. C/U of machine. C/U new 50 pence coin coming from machine. M/S pan over the length of Concorde. M/S as it takes off. M/S the surface of the moon. M/S of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin putting up the American flag on the moon. M/S of the moon's surface. M/S of the astronauts walking about on the moon's surface.
United States airmen trained to build America's air power after World War I.
World War I is over. Congress authorizes renewed Air Service training. U.S. airmen lined up. Airmen at training camps. Officer explains aerial photography. Men develop photographs and print and paste them into mosaics. Pilots stand in formation in front of hangar before departing for strafing training mission. Ground crewman pushes back on right lower wing of a Spad airplane as it begins taxiing out for takeoff. Airplanes participate in maneuvers with American ground troops whom they pretend to strafe while the troops fire back with blank ammunition. In Scottfield Illinois, men train with Balloons and nonrigid and semirigid airships. Major Gen. Charles T. Menoher, Chief ot the Air Service discusses maneuvers with the Commandant of 5th Army Corps. Major Carl Spaatz stands in field and signals to air crews for start of graduation review. Squadron of Spad aircraft take to the air and demonstrate aerial maneuvers. Parachutist jumps backwards from an airplane wing as part of a test. Another parachutist faces forward and allows the slipstream to open his chute and pull him from the wing. Open parachutes descending in air. Location: United States USA. Date: 1920.
Spain Women's Demo
Spanish feminists oppose regional right-wing coalition