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Rodeo, crowds audience in stands, mom and kid watch, clown, crowd does the wave, fireworks (short), crowd cheers
BG MATERIAL FOR A CS ON RODEO INJURIES. 03:00:20 vs of a Denver rodeo doctor, wearing a cowboy hat, taping a steer wrestler's ankle. Intv/w the steer wrestler. vs of another physician taping a rodeo clown's ankles. Intv/w the clown. Intv/w a physician. Cover shots of exercise equipment in the physician's examination room. CI: HEALTH: RODEO INJURIES. SPORTS: RODEO.
DN-39 1 inch
Sports: Rodeo--Sheriff's Posse
France. Ardeche. Rodeo at the equiblues
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
Bull rider at annual Sheriff's Rodeo at Los Angeles
Rodeo Clown vs. Bull
At Calgary Stampede, a rodeo clown employs his tricks and bull distraction skills against a charging bull who then gives up on running after him.
Cowboy athletes participate in a bronc and bull riding event during a rodeo competition in Palm Springs, California.
Broncs and bulls rodeo competition in Palm Springs, California. A large crowd of spectators gathered at a rodeo club. Cowboy athletes participate in bronc and bull riding events. An athlete falls on the ground while riding. Rodeo clowns help prevent participants from injuries. Location: Palm Springs California USA. Date: February 21, 1952.
Canadian Historical Pavilion
Several shots at rodeo showing bucking broncos, thrown riders, spectators, cowboys, clown with trained horse, flag-bearing rodeo parade.
1994 Dallas Rodeo Audience
- fans watching rodeo - c/u crowd shot w/ little boy - man rides bucking horse - bull chases clown around ring
DN-202 1 inch
Saugus, Calif. (Rodeo)
World's Championship Rodeo at Madison Square Garden in 1951
Soldiers engage in recreational activities like reading and playing cards in Italy.
Rest and relaxation services for soldiers provided by the United Service Organizations (USO) in Italy during World War II. In Anzio, Italy: U.S. Army soldiers do comic diving at a swimming pool during a water carnival. A man performs a serious dive, and then a clown performs a humourous dive from the high diving board. People watch the event. Men dressed as women (men in drag) during a bathing beauty contest. The men dressed as women and wearing makeup pass by. One is dressed like Mae West but smoking a cigar. The soldiers hold a casual rodeo event riding a bull and a horse until they are bucked off. Men and women at a beach. A man and a woman enjoy in water. In a USO club, soldiers suffering battle fatigue get a break and rest. Soldiers listen to a fellow soldier at a piano, as they sing. A soldier writes on a paper. Soldiers play cards, read and do other activities. Soldiers attend a dance with women brought in by the USO. Soldiers read in a U.S. Army library. Books and magazines on a table including many small pocket editions of popular books of the era. Location: Italy. Date: 1944.
07:25:00:00,Track and field event. Men run hurdles, slow motion, Man throws shotput. Judges measure, Pole vaulter runs, vaults, Women do gymnastics on floor in formation, People watch in crowd, Audience applauds, Great shots of many men doing constant somersaults, Gymnasts jump pummel horse, Male gymnasts leap over giant table, Wrestling match in ring, Referee tries to break up fight, Wrestler flipped, thrown, Boxing match. Wide shot, Boxers fight in ring, Boxer knocked down. Tries to get up, Boxers go at it in ring. Swing wildly, Boxer knocked down, Basketball tip off, Team passes and shoots, Passing game concluded with basket, Basketball highlights, Rodeo riders parade, Man wrestles steer in rodeo, Bronco rider in rodeo, Cowboy ropes calf in rodeo, Bronco riders in rodeo. Out of gate, Ice hockey. New York Rangers??, Women watch in crowd, Players fight on ice in hockey match, Fighting players slide on ice, Hockey game highlights. Goal scored, Ice carnival. Ice dancers skate in formation. Costumes, Skating clowns in ice show. Ice Capades, Ice dancers skate together in spotlights
rodeo sports - e/c/u happy rodeo clown, one front tooth black out - looks like missing - c/u of clown then rodeo performers on horseback and gates fly open - rider gets thrown off - clowns tease bulls - m/s professional rider on bull released from gate, rides bull and falls off - bronco busting, cowboy on Brahma bull thrown - rodeo clown teases bull - three men open stall gate as cowboy enters on Brahma bull then cowboy tossed off and bull steps on him - another rider thrown from bull - clowns tease bull - various shots - dog walks on hind legs along w/ clown - dog jumps rope - western crowd in bleachers - audience - spectators - entertain - jump over and into barrel - rodeo clowns - bucking broncos - bulls - cow in barrel - dog tricks - dog jumping rope w/ clowns
Hard Rider
Houston, Texas, VARIOUS SHOTS in the Astrodome where the Houston Rodeo is taking place. The clowns are using various tactics to try to distract the bulls once the rider has been thrown off.
Bilan foire de Bourail
GOOD FTG OF DENVER RODEO SCENES FOR A CS ON RODEO INJURIES. 05:00:38 Good medium shots of cowboys mounting bulls in a starting gate, then bucking off across the rodeo corral. cu's of rodeo clowns spotting riders. Tight shot of a rider's gloved hand clutching a bull bridle in a starting gate. Good ws of a horse borne cowboy lassoing an angry bull by the horns. Good ftg of clowns taunting a bucking bull. 05:15:06 Intv/w rodeo doctor Mike Peetz. CI: PERSONALITIES: PEREZ, MIKE. HEALTH: RODEO INJURIES. SPORTS: INJURIES.
Rodeo Clown vs. Bull
At Calgary Stampede, a rodeo clown employs his tricks and bull distraction skills against a charging bull who then gives up on running after him.