TVU 8 JOHN KASICH WINDHAM NH TOWN HALL C16 020816 [location: Windham, New Hampshire] [transcript from Snapstream NOT 100% accurate] [timecodes are completely different, taken from later rebroadcast] JOHN KASICH >> Thank you. >> I saw my life pass before my eyes that day, you know, with that dogsled and all that. [8:37:53 PM] This is 105 town hall meetings. I want to thank you all for coming and my wife who is up here today, give her a round of applause. [Applause] I heard her saying a little bit about the kids. Did you talk about the song's stressed-out? I said to her this morning how is this all going? We haven't heard from them but when I called on Saturday and said how are the girls doing she said her boyfriend came back and watch the debate with this and am a broad a boyfriend home and I said WHA ages call me when they are 21. It's hard for me. I'm trying to get the right pitch ear, not the pitch for votes but a pitch because I remember when I was here many years ago we knew the campaign was coming to them and and we were sitting in a circle and I can remember that beautiful time around us. I don't have a lot of images of that campaign because it was really hard. I thought we were doing well and after talking to this lady for 20 minutes she looked at her watch and said hey what do you think -- what time do you think the candidates going to get here? When you get down to the final hours you want to think about kind of the panoply of what is before you. I have so many good memories of being here and as I have said I have learned a lot here. People say well what is the most important lesson? These tn halls in some ways now that their group is all depressed some of the intimacy is gone from them but I have seen people come and tell about their hurts and about their joys and I have learned, you know I have kind of always known this. [8:40:02 PM] You might say what are you talking about? Well in 1987 I got a phonecall. One of those calls you don't want to get. My parents had been in a horrible automobile accident. My father was dead in my mother was going to die the next morning. So I drove all night to get to my mother's bedside and it was a complete nightmare for me because when I was a little boy my father would leave late at night to pick my mother up at work and they would drive on this narrow little street. I was always worried that one night they wouldn't come home. Here I am a grown man a member of congress and one night that nightmare came true. But I will tell you that the interesting thing about it. My parents lived a life, got all my values from them. My father was a Democrat and my mother was a Democrat but became a Republican later in life. They never took care of themselves.Everything was for the kids. You don't go out to fancy dinners, they don't smoke and you might have a ber. They just lived not as well as they should have because the next generation never appreciates all the sacrifices of the mom and the dad. But I learned common sense and respect and god-fearing in all of that. And I will never forget how dark it was. And it was like I just talk to somebody who'd been through hell and for those that have been through it it's all black, isn't it, except for one little tiny pinprick of white. A man came to see me and it was there that I really found my faith. [8:42:07 PM] The man said over time you are going to heal but you need to get yourself squared away with your eternal destiny. In the process of that I somehow received the grace to be healed, to have had an experience that was as hard as it is to believe turn lemons in a lot of ways into lemonade and it's made me so much more sensitive to the problems that people have. And it allows me to go right into their world because I know what that world is like. I didn't lose a child, god forbid but what this allowed me to do is to in some waysto just have the credibility. I learned something from the book of job. Sometimes it's not what you say, you just show up and use it with somebody. And so what I have learned here though is speed. Our lives are being live so fast we are constantly on the device. We have the apple TV and we have got to watch that next movie and we have got to get the new apple phone and we have got to do all these things. It's all great bt the reason it's greatest because change is sober freshening. But we have to slow our lives down and listen to people's hurts and victories because I have come to realize that there are a lot of people who never get listened to. They never get listened to and do you know what makes America special? When de tocqueville came here and he looked at America he said they are just so together. They are knitted together around a common value system and they care abot one another.Isn't that America? Isn't that the spirit that holds us together? [8:44:07 PM] So let's all slow down and list to our families which are not what they used to be sometimes and listen to our neighbors because all of us who are living now are part of a mosaic. It's our time on this Earth to carry out our purpose and then we listen to one another and help one another we make such stronger and better world.we and more beautiful world. Maybe you wouldn't hear that added Tom Holland maybe you wouldn't hear it out over Republican but I have learned that here in New Hampshire from you. So why don't we slow down and listen and help one another. What do you think? Is that okay with all of you? [Applause] The other thing I want to tell you is everything in life here in terms of politics starts with work. I have got a great friend here who was a great adviser to Ronald Reagan. Reagan was always about work, jobs. Do you know why? Because when you build a house the foundation of that house is built, tested be strong and the foundation of families is built on the work. When we work everybody is better when we work the kids are better. When we work the neighborhoods are better. When we work the country is better so it's imperative that we do everything we can -- look at this. Do you kn what this is? This is sloppy. This lacks discipline. This is a bunch of people who were not doing their jobs and they're they are putting their own interests to much of the time ahead of the interests of the job creators in our country. This is unbelievable. $19 trillion. This right here is a moral. [8:46:08 PM] That's what our kids and by the way the interest we pay on this is about $250 billion. Just think if you took 10 trillion other than you hundred billion abedin expended on research on Alzheimer's, just think if you took 100 billion evidence Pentagon als are pancreatic cancer. But we can't seem to control this. When I was in Washington we did and I will tell you the thing that is the most warring question is John kasich you are in the establishment. People who have known me that question is a joke. It is a flat-out joke. Do you know what Ragan was never in the establishment lane. I remember in 1976 when he ran against the establishment and they said he was a two bit actor and he was dominant he didn't know what he was doing. Did do you know how he won? >> Kit the door down. He told the establishment get out of my way and he used us to PEOP as a battering ram to renew America. You see, this is happening because we don't have a leader who is able to get people to raise to a higher level. Do you know why we won't balance the budget young lady? It only affects students, doctors, farmers, military people and who else can we go in there? Everybody and you come exact way. So people say if somebody else and what happens is we don't get this drink. There are three things that we need to grow jobs in this country. Common sense regulations that don't crush our small business. There are the engine of job creation. We all love the companies. We know their brands and everything but the people who change America are the job creators, the entrepreneurs. They bring new ideas and they're the ones that hire us. They higher our kids and they hire us. [8:48:10 PM] Maybe if we are 52 years old and they will take a chance on an old dog. These regulations will kill them and when you kill the jobs you are hurting the family. Secondly you have to cut taxes. If you don't cut taxes than it sends a very bad signal to job creators and their like a demented if they can't cut my taxes and take it easier for me I'm going away. In the third thing they need is they need a fiscal plan because of this is happening in the job creators mind that means it somehow is going to come and hit me at some point because this is not sustainable. Where are we today in our country? Overregulated, taxes are going up and nobody and Washington can control their spending. Why is that we don't have good economic growth? Why is itthat don't have better jobs? Because they don't know what the formula is but -- they may know what the formula is that theydon't want to follow it. In my career I've told people we have to do that and if in the course of that I have to work against presidents who happen to be in my party, so be it. I offered up -- a budget when Republicans out of even the committee I I served him and I will tell you a funny story the reason I did it is because I was filling up my jeep one day and complaining about what I saw in the budget committee from Republicans and Democrats. This guy walked around the tank and filling my jeep jeep and he said if things are so bad what are you going to do about it? I flew to Washington and called my staff and I said we are going to write a budget for America. We are going to what? We are going to write a budget for America. There are 100 people on capitol hill working on a budget and we have six. I sai I isamu nobly overstaffed and we stay out of each other'sway we can do it. One day I made a speech to legislators from all over America and I just tore into the Democrat budget. [8:50:12 PM] And I said I know I M. A Republican so you think I'm happy with Republicans. Let me tell you what's wrong with the president's budget and I were on this tirade ended my younger days I got a call from a guy you may have heard of. He told me he went into the oval office and the president wasreally mad at me. He was really really mad at me and his name isi don't kw if you remember, it was Dan Quayle. He told that the president saidabout being very angry at me and he said I know you were misquoted. I said I really wasn't and if you want to have a meeting I can explain this to you but the vice president of united the united States 34 years old or something so I call home. My girlfriend at the time and they said no how we get these fixes that the president is really mad at me. What do you think? A couple of hours later I got flowers delivered to my desk with a note the president may be mad at you but I'm mad about you. Yeah, exactly. [Laughter] So here's the thing in the firs 100 days they said he other day at the debate I'm going to have a plan to reinstitute the formula because when I was in Washington we cut th taxes greater was the chief architect. We balance the budget for years in a row. We cut capital gains tax. Jobs are growing like crazy. We had a projected $5 trillion surplus and things were good grades and I went to Ohio and we were dying and what did I do there? To cut the taxes, the most of any governor in America and we went from an eight billion dollar hole to a $2 billion surplus with secure pensions and high credit ratings and now we have gone from 30 and 50,000 lost jobs to a gain of over 400,000. 400,000 jobs have been created since I've been governor. So I'm going to take the regulatory piece and here's what it's going to be. [8:52:14 PM] No more federal regulations outside of health and safety for one year and the vice president might vice president will spend his or her time unraveling the regulatory morass in this country to help small business grow. We are not going to let their credits right of the laws. 100 million or more the congress will have to vote on it and we will have tax cuts, 28, 25 and 10. We are going to make a significant increase in the earned income tax credit so hard-working people can climb climb up and have incentives and then we are also going to make surethat we lowered the capital gains to 15 which is what you need and we are going to lower the corporate rates of 25 and not double tax companies if they pay taxes another country. They can bring their money home and invest here that I'm going to have a plan that will freeze all non-defense discretionary and slow the growth of medicare from seven to five and medicaid from five to three and I'm going to increase defense spending while fixing the Pentagon and that I'm going to have a plan to say that if you are in this country illegally if you haven't created -- or cause to crimes that have been here I will make you pay a finder back-taxes and you can get a path to legalization and build the border to tell people if you're coming across you'll be sent home with no excuses. We are going to fix social security and that I'm going to travel and get on the phone and senior allies and tell them America will have your back. That will all become the first 100 days in the course we are going to shift welfare job-training infrastructure programs medical programs to the poor all back to the states. You are going to then be in charge and then we are going to work to strengthen number of departments that we have fewer people reporting to the president so they can all be held accountable. We will get that done in the first 100 days and I forgot one other thing. I'm going to have to get the birthdays of all the moms and dads of members of ngress on their birthdays I can call mom so she will call her son and her daughter and say don't mess with the president, really like him. [8:54:23 PM] We are going to pull people together and stop that nonsense of the partisan fighting in America not being able to solve problems. We will solve problems and I'm counting on you to help me if I'm president of the united States. What do you think of that? [Applause] This is an incredible facility. Who wants to ask the first question? Never go to the person that put their hand up first because I have learned, 105 meetings and I kn. I'm going to go right through to this lovely lady. >> I don't have any doubt --. >> Okay thank you we will go to the next question. >> I'm very comfortable with you as a candidate. What i'm concerned about is you seem to be a really nice guy and we saw for John McCain that didn't work out so well. How are you going to hit back at Hillary and when it starts flying you will need someone who will be assertive. [Laughter] >> A little dirty. Let's think about that for a while. Look, let me tell you something. I was first elected in 1978 believe it or not. I was a kid. I was 24 years old so for all you young people to see me standing here the hopes and dreams. I wasn't the smartest of the best looking or anything.Hard work, hard work and I beat an incumbent. The incumbent was the chairman of the ways & means committee. He had a funeral home they operated for 100 years and he could legitimately claim that they were the last ones to let you down. So anyway, and I won that election. People couldn't believe it. They could not believe it it was people power. [8:56:26 PM] Then I ran for congress in 1982 in the Reagan agenda. I was now 29 years old and Iran with Reagan. Everybody was running away from Reagan in 1982. Interest rates have come down and the economy was coming. Nobody would even appear with him which was great because I got to spend more time with Reagan and I was the only Republican in America to defeat an incumbent Democrat in the country and then I did not have a great district and I was reelected and then I decided to quit. Nobody could dig out why I quit. It was time to get out of politics for a while but I decided to run for governor but I've never been on the ballot. We have 11.5 million people in our state. I have never run statewide. Nobody knew who I was anywhere in the state. Except for my start them on fox business but anyway the last time that somebody who had never run statewide had been an incumbent was 96 years ago. I won that ad then I won re-election and I had a pretty good re-election. I won 86 out of 88 countiesincluding cuyahoga county which the president won by 40 points. I won the county and I received 26% of the African-American vote that doesn't happen for conservatives and I also won 60% of the women's vote and I won 51% of union households. I can put the Reagan coalition back to the -- that's where he grew up in the fact is with Hillary now is not the time that we were going to talk about things like her server and we are going to talk about, and I want to say the other night it didn't get time on Libya. It was Hillary that through Gadhafi out. We had no business being thereand create a total mess that the list goes on and on with Hillary and her husband. [8:58:27 PM] I'm not going to bring him up but here's what it gets down to politics. It's the head on the hearth. The vision thing. Right, Charlie? Is the vision thing. If you have the vision and you can get people to understand what the vision is and you can communicate to them that you understand their problems that's how you win elections. It's not all about dirt and negative campaigning. I wanted to know if you brought your football team into her school and you beat us that would be wkay but we would break every window on your boss. [Laughter] I am a nice guy but I'm going to tell you something, you don't want to mess with me. I am telling you nobody wants to mess with me including Putin or)[ any of these other people come you don't mess with me. I'm a likeable guy and I'm a positive guy but don't try to get in my face. And I told one of -- nevermind that not going to say it, it's too close to the election but what I can tell you is this I will take the battle there but there's something else we are going to do. We are going to to unite people again and I'm going T make addictions. .. [9:00:32 PM] >> >> We have got to give them the chance the drug-addicted fight the war on drugs of those other drug-addicted and give the working for a sense they can rise in the developmentally disabled the African-American community T minorities inorities th america is a place everybody can have hope and opportunity yet the Che to ris I heard that before it ended 1976 from the master himself, Ronald Reagan. [9:01:14 PM] That is why I halys been a rean die base campaigns andectins are Abt visionnd hope but if you don't sense it and cannot communicate and then go do something else. >> What if that is not occurring anymore? >> The leaders need get their act together and start beating. , The overhead universities and community colleges absolutely exploded. Its hardor theseeople to bring about change the president of Ohio state wanted to lease the parking garage in the university community fought him and he did it anyway and got half a billion dollarswired even running a parking gage Dini halls? If they privatize that in their prices have gone down in the qualit has gonf up with MRE students using it. Universities have to get their act together. What do we do with the beginning? , First oall, sent should take college cst-- edit course is id high-school. Sond students ough to read to me -- we beat themselves. How many take remedial math and enish$ they take 11th grade in pay tuition. So we need to mediate on line to go with the fresh start not from behind." People want to pick schools based on brand. You should pk them on what you want to do in the cost per pohai$id to cut the cost of higher education and that's the W I see. [9:03:27 PM] Talk about the debt. It is a problem. Second we suld let the ivteector to compete against a pogram city promise students you get good job payoff dead a and life is good so they got the edition the debt is sky-high they cannotet a jobhe bend the eighall. , Like the idea of community service with infstructure. Or tutoring the Beebe could discount some of that board ot get off. Intoink ofother creative wa. Somebody said if you have the dead did job that pays les maybe St a portion of that and not have the interest rates put you farther behind purple eye open to anything. We tried to deal with this but it was like in the oceanecause the numbers are so big Bute have to give ooung people a Chace. A I am thinking about it. We have to put all of our heads together figure out a way to T out of tis situation the wa to D it until T university leaders start cleaning up hank because the want more debt than we forget you know, what it cost to go to school about? What is itow? We got that the answer quickly. [Laughter] [9:05:31 PM] My friend daughter got a full ride $60,000 per year. >> Wear a about tm limits in congress. For example, we have those who have been selected for a long time >> Will you run and? >> I'm not on the board [laughter] You never know where you will hear. I said I appear in new Hampshire in she said she is not practicing she is sent Hawaii. All credjlitywhen to out the window. [Lauhter] It is sa to you to decide terlimits. Of course, I favor them in congress. I did in Ohio and then they go from theousto the senate to the senate to the hoe andtate0 yes. Bin if you want to have term limits for congress bin you and I will walk up the store in flap our arms and fll the way to Boston.$ hat I will get passed the constitutional amendment and have been fighting for this since I was a kid. [Applause] It is all in E heart the key to good effects of government is be in a position and to motivate people to do the right thing. [9:07:40 PM] Social security and all these programs0 the is another thing have to in about. >> Did you send tt? We will wait. Is it good? Here we go. [Laughter] E this? We are now T nstant connected consumers. When my daughter was 11 they said what that thing over there? I said that is whereSuperman changes his clothes and we used to make phone calls from that thing. Everythingis travelinat the speed oflight. Communication N all thface time. Rembers some day we could dress up in the morning because people would C.S.? But the point is medicine, transportation every single thing is changing is big and slow like a nosaur in change and take a risk. Tw thinof differentways provide services where you could serve peoplebetter and still deal with the debt you should not place a fer workers thats what I thk you need to do. [9:09:48 PM] >> I am still undecided but IBM deciding between you and Hillary and to Bernie Sanders. >> That isinteresting. [Lauger] >>Ow do I geou over? Let's get up close and personal. >> Why should I vote for you ? >> I will tell you the grounds I may favor them one aspect I am in favor of then to be president of Ben and Jerry's a want them to give us free ice-cream. If we can get free everything why not free ice-cream? Here isthe thing. I ve anndepdeuy. Another key tells me what to do but he is a socialist it isn't going to happen we will not tax people of 95 for saugh -- 95 percent notrashing him that just won' hpen in the problem with Hillary what does the latest poll and focus group? Keystone pipeline? I can make the environmentalist increase your happy and L to the posters say? We cannot run America with pollsters. I am convinced god created posters to make astrologers look accurate. The fact is you wa somebody that can brgdramaticme I told Yo what would happen the first 100 days. But we do that by conns for smart peopl we have to get hold back the country again. [9:12:03 PM] One istohot ons llut have the right temperature. [Laughter] [Applause] Zwickau my doing? >> I will let you know, . >> Call me. I will give you a phone number M be F dome Beaufort we n'tcalle. Auter] Seriously. I hope you will think about it. Thank you for suggesting dealing with social secure so those who depend on it will get what they need you can get done with just a Republican. With the nservative Democrat from T sou W joined with Reagan to form a coalition. Because we work together nobody demagogue one another. So what he does is he attacks than you have all these people that will help you then they're all gone. To have some form of bipartisanship then in the course of that I didn't get everything wanted. We got a balanced budget with real numbers and the jobs went up there is a few places we have to give. [9:14:11 PM] Anpolitics isn't the only place where it is no known go. We have more 18 golds to believe they will see a ufo the and the social security check. That has to change. >> It ses Fait and religious freedom is under attack. What might we be able to do to protect religious freedom? >> I don't think that U have aeligiousinstitution and ought to be protect but if you are in the cup cake business then sold them the cupcake. Then get out. And don't like the idea of discminationin any way ape or fo and that is at I would fight for and I would really fight for that. I hope that the answers that >> With an affordablea health care qion. He is an architect and single and he signed up through the exchange now pay $1,000 a month for hishealth care. He lives with his:friend who was an artist and she makes 8,000 per year I can help but feel the with those two extremes a compromise is better for everyone in America. Is. [9:16:11 PM] >> With the fundamental problem of obamacae is the rising cost of althcare. We will end up with catastrophic out of pocket expeesobody can affordthird the cost is going up 80% so whawould I do Abt it I don't care space should lose healh insuran if their pre-existing condition to lose our home and everything they have worked for that is an American. We should have done that years ago. Where the working poor could still have health care we can go where they all said and don't have anything. And I want you to think about this in health care we don't know what it eating cost. It is ear to interest T said then the hospital bil. There is nothing we go the we don't know the process except if we go to a hospital we do know the quality.We just assume it is goo that we found out with people who hav to go back intohespital with infeiates we have a right to know how they're doing of if you go get your knee replaced it you go to Manchester it is the same operation but it never crossed the same. [9:18:21 PM] Why is the so much Diffee? Seek fifth other states are beginning to do it we want children as heresy -- total transparency. So the higher cost hospital does not get better quality than a low-cost. Often there is relationship. And and physicns N't get anyncve to to)keep the S stick with theabili of all hospital to perform. If I et surgy and higher a surgeon that can give me high-quality below the uidpoint. I give them a financial payment.Thought because under that system it is striving towards high quality and lower prices so who decides all this have a little medical operation is called the Eveland clinic. [9:20:35 PM] All the people who represent positions in a room because they all recog if we can do this on the free market incentivize system of we saw a large part of this problem to people who couldive as high quality a low prices. They're all working together this is Avery adn and a ew idea and then think putus in the BETT place. [Applause] Come down. If the answer is right we give you a new car. [Lauter] Stick to is your favorite justice and why? >> I can tell you my favorite quarterback E favorite basketbl player I ll nt get I my favorite but I do like Scalia I have filled over 100 judgeships in Ohio. So I have the grthat sits down in an Ohio supreme court justice who is doing a great job. I nt a conrvive will intpret the law and not make though lot. Second and want them to have character and high integrity because the one thing I get concerned out is wchin Thi becomolic the we should N be making laws. [9:22:41 PM] That same process and I have been fortunate enough to pic judges to see how they do that stand for election it has worked out very well. And had us statement in the military basesis a radical idea T to have the necessary expenditures because if we have the necessary expenditures we don't have enough money to take care of the things we need to take care of. Bu ly because ts located in somebody's district it is called pork barrel. I am proposing $00on more in the milita serving on the defense committee for 18 years after 9/ and then to go in and out of E Pentagon SOI have thatsystem for a longtime. And I was one of the people. Work with John sununu to limit the production of the b-2 to cst $1 billioner plto Dr bombs in Tmiddle of the soviet union in the middle of the nuclear wand made more sense to restrict the development to take the money to have standoff technolog in that he end of the battle and I will tell you that whole building needs to be dramatically reformedto performreaucratic functions inside the pentagon I think the vote was supported by every single Republican in signed by Ronald Reagan. [9:25:39 PM] And once we decided all that we had the votes congress THA V approval but of vote of disapproval in Maya understanng including the members fromNew Hampshire people study that all over the country they had an economic boom. So we have to build that military those criticiing me ha T go to Europe to see whatthey think about things. And then we have to make sure we are not wasting money and then we are not getti the resources to the N and women in uniform. Hat is intereing hear the full story. Just like Paul Harvey. >> Thdido kudlow he is a good guy to have economic growth in restrn goernm and to keep its fold when people started yelling. [9:27:57 PM] I'll let -- above the line item veto. If they give you a crummy spend llhere are presentaid nevetoed any spending bill. That would be a good thing S.If you ve a Republican house and Republican senator public didn't see president getting you could get that.! Gore term limits without some kind of campaign across the cntry that youay be ableto get that linitem ve. >> The working class has been absolutely decimated. >> There is no better example of now the largest company W you recti that trade agreement? >> This is one ar I actually agreed with Donald Trump. He was to put 35% tariff. But here is the thing one added every five jobs are connected to trade we do want to shut trade down we said bk toeteoe cheat on theirgreements. [9:30:16 PM] And then dumped the products from the American country. It is they did at terrible violaon so they did want to stop on in South Korea because I don't now. Ou have to proct E American worker from the cheating in trade agreements. We need to bring that down to the seventh grade becausewe nd Torain people for that kind of work it should not preclude them from getting more education for. But on top of that we have to give people skls it is jantastic with manufacturing we have a low prices it like a big element to bring that manufacturing back. The transportation cost we now are getng advantes weid not Ave before. I now have a chinese investor who has opened a windshield making plant in Dayton Ohio. Thishiese guy who built this facility we have 1,000 people from Ohio working in that plant that is more than the car company and I made what that 2,000. Of the workforce and the people are trained and hard work. [9:32:19 PM] We Beaumont in you when you come to Ohio. We need to cruit the businesses to bring back a and it is happening for variety ofsons that we have to be prepared to carry out the function fluor drawback because of the workforce but we have some energy in our state right now I got word company from thailandwasuilding a cracker facility that breaks down the component parts natural G. In the plastics industry gets me all fired U so they go around country in they come to Ohio to say who will build it? They will ivest 4.5 billion dolars pretty exciting the operating engineers and guess what happened you are getting thebusine. Now spending $10milliono E at cost and what a victory for us in the midwestnd as president we have to be biness fendly we have to understand how business works hoyou advise you and have lots of business people coming around because theyare the job creators. Bi conclusion we will take a few pictures but here is the thing a young lady I want to take a unified and positive messagof econo growthand opportunity to the whole country. [9:34:28 PM] I am not scripted. If dn't T to do it it will be your fault. We have 105 these. Ems sd one thing and do another but I would like youruppo de with the a great deal to me and I believe we can't get the country regenerated the spirit back and you are the folks that can give me a chance to get around america and tell them this story. Thanks for coming today. God bless.