Finland Outdoor Sauna
Finns flock to a free outdoor public sauna
Warm Workers; 1/16/1994
pretty girls in sauna
DN-CLB-009 Beta SP
CzechRep Sauna
AP-APTN-0930: CzechRep Sauna Saturday, 5 January 2013 STORY:CzechRep Sauna- Theatre hosts outside saunas for those seeking to escape winter chill LENGTH: 01:56 FIRST RUN: 0030 RESTRICTIONS: AP Clients Only TYPE: Czech/English/Nat SOURCE: AP TELEVISION STORY NUMBER: 873808 DATELINE: Prague - 4 Jan 2013 LENGTH: 01:56 SHOTLIST: ++NIGHT SHOTS++ 1. Wide of "Urban Sauna" in public square outside Czech National Theatre 2. Mid of sauna with man walking inside 3. Tracking shot of men walking into sauna and sitting down 4. Close-up of hot rocks in sauna 5. Pan of man touching glass in sauna wall 6. Men sitting in sauna laughing 7. Wide of men getting out of cooling pool outside sauna 8. SOUNDBITE: (Czech) Fradisek Horak, Urban Sauna enthusiast: "It's the winter and it's the centre of Prague and I can go into a sauna and jump out into this little pool outside. We go to drink here around the corner. So this was quite unexpected, that you can go to a sauna here in front of the National Theatre." 9. Wide of man stoking sauna fire 10. Tight of fire in stove 11. SOUNDBITE (English) Marcela Strakova, Curator of Urban Sauna: "It's performance, it's marketing, it's also fun for people. We try to work with people who walk on the square here, so it's also for passers-by that they just find out that such activities happen." 12. Man jumping into cooling pool 13. Wide of pan of glass wall of sauna 14. Tilt up sauna as man walks inside STORYLINE: Czechs wanting to escape the cold in Prague this winter are enjoying a novel way to warm up. For just two euros (2.64 US dollars) an hour, they can get a blast of sizzling heat in an outdoor public sauna. The National Theatre is hosting the sauna on its plaza. Sauna-goers can buy tickets on the theatre's website at the same time as they buy performance tickets. Or if there's space they can buy a ticket on the spot, as Fradisek Horak and his friends did on Friday. The group was basking in the 37 degree Celsius (100 degree Fahrenheit) heat after going for a drink in a bar round the corner. Horak said coming across the sauna was "quite unexpected" - exactly what organisers say they were hoping for. The sauna's curator Marcela Strakova said it was designed to be an unexpected treat for passers-by. But it's also more than a way for people to let off - and enjoy - a little steam. Strakova said the sauna is meant to be performance art with the sauna-goers as the actors. This is the second year the theatre has hosted the "Urban Sauna." Demand has been so high this time that the organisers have extended its run for an extra week until the middle of January. Clients are reminded: (i) to check the terms of their licence agreements for use of content outside news programming and that further advice and assistance can be obtained from the AP Archive on: Tel +44 (0) 20 7482 7482 Email: (ii) they should check with the applicable collecting society in their Territory regarding the clearance of any sound recording or performance included within the AP Television News service (iii) they have editorial responsibility for the use of all and any content included within the AP Television News service and for libel, privacy, compliance and third party rights applicable to their Territory. APTN AP-WF-01-05-13 1023GMT
"Human polar bears" warm up in a sauna, jump into icy water in Dorval, Quebec
Finnish Army troops return to barracks and take hot sauna in Finland.
Training of Finnish Army troops in Finland. Troops march and halt near barracks. The troops stand at attention. They disperse. The soldiers come out of barracks. They take hot Finnish sauna with vihta branches and leaves. Location: Finland. Date: 1932.
Inside the Scandinavian spa "Les Bains" located in the Old Port of Montreal Reception of the Scandinavian Spa Les Bains in the Old Port of Montreal. Cloakroom. Relaxation area with armchairs, sofas and cushions. Juice bar "Les courants". Empty massage room. Hot pool with water jets and waterfalls. Cold water shower Retro showerhead (rainshower). Empty sauna. Poster on a wall. Logo Scandinavian Spa Les Bains Keywords: LEASURE,MASSAGE,MONTREAL (CITY),HEALTH
The prolo goes skiing
Radio France: filmed programmes
A Coach tour to Innsbruck, Austria, 1986
Coach tour to Innsbruck. Staying at Hotel Gasthof Riederhof. Featuring a sauna, steam bath, and restaurant serving international and traditional Tyrolean cuisine. Hotel Gasthof Riederhof enjoys a quiet location on the outskirts of Gerlos.
Bridgeman Images Details
Wings To Scandinavia
Wings To Scandinavia 1962 1960s Color Air Travel Color Air Travel Airplanes Europe Sweden An airline promotional film to Scandinavia in 1962 ski jumper flying through the air, Norway, using ski jump to jump into lake, man cutting grass on sod roof house, Oslo harbor, city hall with fountain, parade with flags kids waving flags at King Olav V standing on balcony, flowers on balconies of office buildings, woman walks out of balcony in bikini, closes curtains, lays down to sunbathe, Gustave Vigeland sculpture park, couple with bay carriage, fountains, wooden viking stave church, Kon Tiki boat in museum, viking ship, street scenes, people sitting on park benches, Bergen, narrow streets with wooden house, live fish market, fjord, passenger boat, waterfall, bird sanctuary, Lofoten Islands, Stockholm, Sweden, pleasure boats. street lamps, lanterns, outdoor cafe, people eating lunch, Skansen, outdoor museum, Millesgarden, home of the internationally acclaimed Swedish sculptor Carl Milles, sculpture, fisherman with circular net, arrow traffic signs, Kungsgatan shopping street, pedestrians, shoppers, policemen with sabers, leather clogs, glass vases, enameled silver tableware, doorman rocks baby carriage, herring, smorgasbord, fish dishes, shadow of airplane on ground, travelers disembark from plane, Helsinki, traffic policeman whistles and waves arms, rooftops, Lutheran Helsinki Cathedral, modern architecture, Children's Hospital, sunbathers on steps, man climbing ladder up chimney, chimney sweep, women washing rugs in river, man puts on bid to eat crawfish, eating around table, toast with matched arms, woman sucks on crawfish, sauna, man plunges into lake, Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Denmark, many spires, red tiles roofs, storks.pigeons. duck with ducklings, horses with bonnets, canal boat, royal palace, Kronborg castle Helsingør (immortalised as Elsinore in hamlet), Hans Christian Andersen birthplace Odense, woman serving bottle of beer, open faced sandwiches, traffic cop, bicycles, Pan American office, duck family crossing the street, ducklings jump into river, Tivoli Gardens amusement park, ferris wheel, beer garden, people raising mugs, fireworks, roman candles, torchlight procession in Lapland, night ski jumping, jumping into ice cold pool in snow, ski jumping, midnight sun, mid summer in the north. TFA-96B
Baseball player Babe Ruth exercises during the 1931-32 offseason
Newsreel clip showing baseball great Babe Ruth exercising indoors during the winter of 1932. Title card says he is demanding $80,000 contract -- he would receive a reported $75,000 instead. Ruth, wearing shorts and sweatshirt, climbs on stationary cycle and begins pedaling as a man rides another cycle beside him. Camera pans down to Ruth's well-known skinny legs. Ruth looks at clock on wall, wipes sweat from his face. Next, Ruth sits in 1930s-style sauna box and takes a sauna with a towel over his head. Other man playfully shoves his head while he is inside the box. Same man later seen wearing boxing gloves and throwing several punches at Ruth's stomach. Ruth takes a few, then delivers a left-handed punch to the head that pushes the much smaller man away. Location: New York United States USA. Date: January 7, 1932.
Various Subjects
Cape Dorset Eskimo Art
LS of Cape Dorset settlement, bay in foreground, rocky shore. LACU of Inuit. MS of Inuit adult and children, PAN to LS of two men in canoe. Brief shots of Cape Dorset terrain, of cliff-like coast. LS and closer shots of Inuits gathering "Kownik" (edible seaweed). Various AERIAL SHOTs of barrens. HALS of part of Dorset community, church in extreme background. Rear shot of Inuit mother and child walking towards church. HAMLS of Dorset. PAN from buildings to rocky outcropping. MSs of Inuit woman making bread out of oven, making raisin cookies, putting dough into oven. Interior shot of "restaurant", white men, Inuits being served by Inuit waitress at lunch bar. Various shots of Inuits at weekly dance, of children sleeping during dance. Interior shots of "sauna" (steam bath in plastic igloo), of Inuits and white men sitting and sweating. CUs of their faces, of hand pouring water on hot stones. Various shots of Inuit church service at Saint John Anglican Church showing front, side and rear view of attendance, baby with bottle, Reverend Michael Gardiner and assistant preacher Simeonnie. MCSs of Inuit faces looking at camera during visit to power plant. Short sequence showing Inuit repairing outboard motor, Paul Charbonneau looking on. Two shots of group of Inuits. (00/08/1961)
HZ Finland Sauna on Skis
Lapland resort offers a sauna on skis
Wings To Finland
TFA-171A Wings To Finland A Pan American Airlines film about visiting Finland Clip #: TFA-171A Length: 20:52 Color: Color Sound: Sound Decade: 1950s Region: Europe Country: Finland Subject: Air Travel Original: 16mm 1950s, Manhattan, New York City, Empire State Building, Finland House, Finnish Art Shop, Arabia of Finland china / dinnerware and glassware, Finnish travel posters, PAA airplane in flight, flight attendants assisting passengers seated in airplane, flight attendant serving gourmet food from Maxim's Paris to passengers, flight attendant serving couple in airplane lounge, flight attendants preparing beds over seats and bringing pillows to passengers, flight attendant bringing breakfast tray to woman in overhead bed, passengers looking out airplane windows, Finland, Helsinki, airplane pov Helsinki Olympic Stadium, flight crew speaking into microphone and operating control, airplane wheel touching down onto runway, Mannerheimintie, Mannerheim Street, hotel, street scenes, Helsinki Central railway station, Post Office, Finnish National Theatre, horse drawn carriage in front of Parliament House, shop signs, woman and man walking up steps of Helsinki Cathedral, statues, Havis Amanda statue, Maid of Helsinki, Wader statue, Shipwrecked's statue, Mother and Child statue, traffic, streetcars, modern apartment buildings, Helsinki Cathedral and outdoor marketplace along waterfront, people shopping for goods, boxes of strawberries, children eating strawberries, baby in stroller, fish vendor, women in traditional dresses eating ice cream cones, flower market, women picking flowers in field, woman buying flowers from vendor, passengers on boat traveling across Helsinki Harbor, boat pov harbor, sailboats, boat approaching dock, Suomenlinna Island, people walking up stairs to Walhalla Restaurant, people dining at Walhalla Restaurant, people at table toasting with glasses, people in traditional clothing performing folk dances outside to musical accompaniment, young women doing dance with hula hoops at summer camp, Kuopio, historic inn, Lake Kallavesi, women and child in wood-fired sauna, woman and children running into lake, boat from Kuopio to Savonlinna on Saimaa lakes, sawmill, lumber yard, stacks of lumber, logs floating in lake, people pushing logs traveling in water, logs traveling up conveyor belt, paper mill, big rolls of paper, passengers and captain on boat, Olavinlinna Castle, Punkaharju Ridge, Nuutajärvi glass factory, Nuutajarvi, glassblowers, glassware artisans, Helsinki, Arabia Factory, ceramic artisans, artisans hand painting ceramics, woman making ceramic figurine by hand, person stamping Made in Finland sign onto box, boat traveling on lake, boat docking, Hotel Aulanko, Spa Hotel Rantasipi Aulanko, children playing on seesaw on beach, Hämeenlinna, Hameenlinna, people dining on boat, Häme Castle, Hame Castle, Tampere, cityscape, factories / mills along Tammerkoski, Luonnonmaa, Kultaranta, Turku, President of Finland's summerhouse, cityscape, harbor, port, Turku Cathedral, Rajamäki Church, Rajamaki Church, Turku, Luostarinmäki Handicraft Museum, Luestarinmaki, woman catching crayfish in net, crayfish being cooked on campfire stove, people eating crayfish, Pohjanhovi Hotel, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Santa Claus Post Office, Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi, multidirectional road sign, bus to Nordkalotten, Sami adults and children in traditional clothing, Sami man herding reindeer, Sami man eating and feeding dogs, baby sleeping in cradle, Midsummer festival, bonfire, people holding hands and dancing in circle, people playing instruments, log rolling competition, logrolling, white water rafting, track and field competition at Helsinki Olympic Stadium, airplane in flight at sunset / sunrise
World swimming in ice water, happiness is in the cool
A2 / France 2
DN-B-321 Beta SP
COLD COMFORT version 1
Title reads: "Cold Comfort". <br/> <br/>Wimbledon Common, London. <br/> <br/>Various shots of children ice skating on frozen pond. M/S of young man scrambling out of hole in the ice. More shots of skater, one little boy in shorts falls over. <br/> <br/>Austrian Alps, Austria. <br/> <br/>Various shots of British Army and RAF (Royal Air Force) men on skis. Good shots of skiing contest; Army and RAF v. Austrian champions and amateurs. <br/> <br/>Sweden. <br/> <br/>M/S of men breaking hole in the ice of frozen lake. Various shots of men in swimsuits running out of sauna to roll in the snow. Various L/Ss of naked women running out of sauna. They plunge into the lake before running back to sauna. <br/> <br/>Note: very unusual to see naked women in newsreel, especially full frontal views!! <br/> <br/>Note: poor quality of film - this version is from badly damaged neg. See separate record for version 2. Version 2 is identical except transferred from combined print - much better quality.
Closure for 4 months of the playful pool of Nautilis (redif V2)
Midi Atlantique
Finland Sauna STILLS
AP-APTN-0930: Finland Sauna STILLS Sunday, 8 August 2010 STORY:Finland Sauna STILLS- REPLAY Man dies after sauna world championships, STILLS LENGTH: 00:38 FIRST RUN: 2130 RESTRICTIONS: See Script TYPE: MUTE SOURCE: AP PHOTOS STORY NUMBER: 653679 DATELINE: Heinola - 7 Aug 2010 LENGTH: 00:38 AP PHOTOS - No Access Finland/Canada/For Broadcast use only - Strictly No Access Online or Mobile SHOTLIST: 1. STILL of Russia's Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy, left, and Finland's Timo Kaukonen seen during the World Sauna Championships 2. STILL of spectators embracing at the final of the World Sauna Championships at news of death 3. STILL of Russia's Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy is removed from the sauna during the final at the World Sauna Championships 4. STILL of Sauna and the final two competitors - Finland's Timo Kaukonen and Russia's Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy - are shielded by a tarpaulin at the final at the World Sauna Championships STORYLINE: The Russian finalist in Finland's annual World Sauna Championships, Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy, died before the competition ended on Saturday evening, organisers said. The two finalists, Ladyzhenskiy, and Finland's Timo Kaukonen, were both rushed to hospital, according to the organisers. The head of the competition said in a statement that the Russian finalist had died, while the Finnish finalist had been taken from the competition in Heinola, 138 kilometres (86 miles) north of Helsinki, further south to a hospital in Lahti for treatment. Kaukonen won last year's championships while Ladyzhensky was among the favourites in this year's competition, in which participants were asked to withstand 110 degrees Celsius (230 degrees Fahrenheit) for as long as possible. Clients are reminded: (i) to check the terms of their licence agreements for use of content outside news programming and that further advice and assistance can be obtained from the AP Archive on: Tel +44 (0) 20 7482 7482 Email: (ii) they should check with the applicable collecting society in their Territory regarding the clearance of any sound recording or performance included within the AP Television News service (iii) they have editorial responsibility for the use of all and any content included within the AP Television News service and for libel, privacy, compliance and third party rights applicable to their Territory. APTN APEX 08-08-10 0554EDT
HC-32 35mm; 1 inch
HZ Finland Sauna on Skis
Lapland resort offers a sauna on skis