A prefabricated house is assembled and construction of sewage disposal plant, telephone lines and houses in the U.S. (WW2)
Construction of homes for war workers under the Division of Defense Housing Coordination in the United States in World War II. A truck carries a part of a prefabricated portable house. The prefabricated house part is attached to other part stationed on a grassland. Women sit at the entrance of the house. A man uses a dumpy level to observe the contours of the land. Workers work at the community sewage disposal plant. A cemented pipe is lowered. Linemen at a tower erect telephone lines. A truck passes under the tower. Workers mix cement. Workers keep a grilled structure onto the truck. The truck carries the grilled structure. A truck drops lumber on the ground. Workers in a row pick the grilled structure. They erect the walls of the houses. A worker carries a wooden slab. He walks on the roof of the house with the wooden slab. Other workers work on the house roof. Stucco siding applied to homes. Location: United States USA. Date: 1941.
PA-0191 Beta SP; PA-2030 Beta SP
Once and Forever
LITHDF/ Focus: tracking leaks in the water network
Various Subjects
News footage only: POLLUTION: aerial oil refinery, oil drums, pipes, drills/polluted water, dead fish, people getting water from hose, hydrant gushing, CU hydrant gushing, getting clean water, oil spill, ocean, dirty beach, polluted beach closed, ducks on polluted pond, toxic waste into ocean/landfills, trucks dumping, dirty beaches, smokestacks, toxic waste dumping, toxic waste, garbage, landfill/dirty water, sewage treatment plant/cars on highway, smokestacks, air pollution, smoggy city, factory/nuclear power plant/aerial Indian Point nuclear power plant/nuclear plant aerial/nuclear plant/night aerial nuclear power plant/clear-cut forests, landfill, sewage treatment facility, power plant/Nuclear plant in Siberia/Chernobyl, checking radiation levels/Three Mile Island nuclear plant/Nuclear plant opens in Czech Republic, interior and exteriors/Peat Towers Nuclear Plant imploded (pretty cool)/international pollutions: air pollution, coal mining, oil drilling/large oil spills, cleanup efforts/oil in the Persian Gulf (this is really disgusting-sea is made of oil)/cleanup efforts after Exxon Valdez spill/contaminated brown river/toxic waste cleanup (asbestos?), oil pumps on land (nice)/oil rig spouts oil (at Bush rally)/Exxon spill/Chemical fire at Israel toxic waste dump (night)/oil tanker spill on highway (day)/deforestation, logging, endangered owl, Clinton speaking/more logging, deforestation
Washed out roads and bridges after Hurricane Hazel in 1954
Effluent discharging into the Cleddau Estuary, Wales, UK
Effluent discharging into the the Cleddau estuary at Merlins Bridge, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. Sewage such as this can cause excess nutrients to enter waterways, severely harming natural ecosystems. It can also make swimming in surrounding waters dangerous for humans. Filmed on the 16th June 2023.
pollution - muddy or dirty water pours from sewage pipe from nearby factory - oil and trash in water - polluted small river rushes by - c/u of dirty water - oil floats on water - c/u pan down river follows oily water - various shots - l/s factory in b/g - w/s trees - then pan down - industrial waste - scum
Better Housing for the Prairies
MS of men working on sewage pipes.
[BAGHDAD 2002-2886]
00:24:12:15 VS of sewage pipes in a field in Karrada, buildings in background (1:45) / 00:24:12:15 VS of buildings in Karrada; footage of unid woman hanging laundry on a line; footage of streets torn ...
Polluting and Poisoning the Planet -- The Gift part 2
Part 2 picks up where Part One ended with oil derricks and oil slicks on the water. Garbage barges are accused for littering the oceans, sewage run off pollutes the rivers, and industry takes its toll on clean water. Various pipes dumping pollution into water- one red, one white and foamy. This contrasts with scenes of pristine mountain lakes and forests. Families canoe, play at the beach, and go sailing. We're told it's our responsibility to do something to turn things around. Interior Secretary Walter Hickel wraps things up.
Rimini our city, 1922-65 (35mm negative, scan 4K/sound)
Location: Rimini, Italy Creator: Giuseppe Ferrara The film recalls the history of Rimini and the participation of its citizens in the fight for democracy. In particular, from the Risorgimento to the present day, the action of the socialist movement, at the forefront in Italy, through prints and drawings and materials of film repertoire is underlined. 01. Nineteenth-century prints of Rimini 02. The Sismondo Castle 03. Prints on the motorcycles of 1831 04. Portraits of Giuseppe Mazzini, Giovanni Venerucci, Pietro Renzi, Giuseppe Garibaldi 05. Inq by Palazzo Gioia 06. Late Century Photographs 07. Fishermen pull the nets ashore 08. Photographs on the advent of fascism; interview with an old anti-fascist on resistance to fascism in Rimini of the 1920s 09. The alleys of the historic center 10. Rep on the War of Spain 11. Houses in Via Bernardini; a bicycle vendor 12. Rep a partisan team in action (fiction) 13. Pan of the remains of a former string factory transformed into a Nazi lager 14. Casolare di Viserbella, former seat of the communist federation; in the background a farmhouse, former seat of the German command 15. Photography of partisans, photography by Adelio Pagliarani, slaughtered by fascists on 16 August 1944; interview with Pagliarani's brother 16. Partisans in action (fiction) 17. Interview with a farmer on a Nazi massacre in 1944 18. A group of displaced persons encamped in a meadow 19. Rimini rubble after a bombing; English soldiers enter the city 20. The displaced people on the way back; carts drawn by oxen; hand-driven carts 21. Photography of the rubble 22. Photography on the Elections for the Constituent 23. Photograph by Mayor Walter Ceccaroni; photograph of clashes with the Celere, photo by Mario Scelba 24. The empty classroom of the city council 25. Pp of workers 26. Nurses working in a hospital; inq of patients in hospital beds 27. Employees at work; inq shelf full of billboards; an employee consults a log 28. Facade of the Court of Forlì 29. Tractors, Scrapers, Excavators in Operation 30. The new aqueduct; photograph of the old aqueduct 31. Beach photography 32. Beach pan with bangs 33. Various Inq of the fruit and vegetable market 34. Inq various of the wholesale fish market; trades 35. Facades of new kindergartens 36. Children play in courtyards and classrooms 37. Interviews with some mothers on the municipal kindergarten service 38. Children draw, play, set the table and eat; the teacher directs a choir 39. Facade of a modern primary school in the country; interiors; schoolchildren during theoretical lessons and practical exercises (knitting, small printing press; carpentry) 40. Children get on a bus from the Atam municipal company 41. The garbage collection trucks 42. Photographs on the economic boom 43. Interview with an old farmer on the crisis in the countryside 44. Interviews with two masons on the construction crisis 45. Interview with a hotelier on the situation in tourism 46. Interview with a merchant on the crisis; inq credit booklets 47. Inq of Emigrants by Train (rep) 48. Road construction sites for the construction of the new sewage system; pipes, excavators, workers 49. Construction site for the construction of the covered market 50. A school under construction 51. Work on the promenade extension 52. A meeting of the city council 53. Interview with Mayor Walter Ceccaroni on the new regulatory plan and the overall situation in Rimini
Bridgeman Images Details
Inside of the sewage treatment plant located upstream from the Kashechewan reserve's water treatment plant which led to the drinking water becoming contaminated with e-coli bacteria and other pollutants. Overhead of a film crew setting up at the sewage plant.
INTV/W HENRY SMITH, THE MAYOR OF IMPERIAL BEACH, CALIFORNIA, ABOUT SEWAGE THAT IS COMING FROM MEXICO. COVER FTG OF SEWAGE HOLDING PONDS. 12:04:40 smith talks about programs to return the sewage to mexico. he says a sewage treatment plant at smugglers' gulch would cost one billion dollars. 12:14:20 gv's of a sewage receptacle pond at smugglers' gulch. 12:20:10 cu of sewage pouring into the pond from a large pipe. 12:26:44 pan to a, return to sender, pipeline which returns sewage to mexico. CI: PERSONALITIES: SMITH, HENRY. ECOLOGY: POLLUTION, WATER.
Wide shot of creek surrounded by trees to CU of water.
Canadian Profile
Various shots of construction of town, partially built frame houses, men laying sewage pipes, muddy roads and spruce trees in background.
Fast Images Library
00:00:00:00 WS black women walk along countryside in silhouette carrying baskets on their heads, WS dry soil in desert, WS group of woman walk in desert, MS woman walk past carrying buckets on their heads, CU bucket being dipped in muddy water, CU bucket pouring muddy water, CU pails filling with water, CU muddy feat by riverside, CU water spills on woman's head as she carries the bucket away- her baby is on her back, MS the group sings as they march back, WS as woman stand outside of building, CU babies face, MS mother and nurse place baby on examination table, MS nurse pinches child's belly, CU through microscope of bacteria and germs, CU person lays on examination table, various CU mothers and children waiting outside office, woman fills jar with water from kettle, CU opening Unicef packet and pouring it into jar of water, WS child drinks water from mug, ECU infant drinks from mug, CU child in diapers crawls on dirt, MS pigeons and chicken eat from overturned pot, CU dirty spoons on ground, MS young children eat in circle, CU child washes dish, MS mother dips bowl into water and gives child a drink, 00:05:13:00 WS pan along empty plains, WS small village, MS tilt down hole to aquifer, CU water between rocks, low > MS of 2 men on drill, CU water pump, CU man's face as he monitors the machine, CU scientists looking over plans outside during wind, WS villagers greeting care giver, CU faces of natives, CU pounding drill in action, WS drill, MS scientists look over drill readings, MS scientists examine soil samples on excavation site, CU lowering drill and pump into ground, MS men pouring plaster mix, CU machine gear perforating material, CU man cutting with large saw, CU stacks of plastic pipes, WS villagers carry pipes over to construction sites, low > CU placing pipe into hole, CU pipe entering hole, CU putting plastic beads around pipe in hole, CU water pouring from spigot, CU test tube being lowered into water, CU computer panel, CU man pulling up dirt with hoe, various shots of placing the pump into the pipe, MS woman pumps water pump lever, CU boys by pouring water, CU young boy drinks water on porch, CU people pour water into bucket, CU woman pumps lever, various CU pots and buckets filling, low < MS as man instructs woman how to use pump, WS as cars pull up into parking lot, MS as man shows the parts of the pump in office room, CU of parts, CU people using the pump, CU machines pumping and turning, CU man monitoring screen, high > shot of moving pump, CU of moving pump, WS people walk around college campus- high >, CU instruction manuals for water pump, MS tracking shot through classroom, WS as people in village wash clothes, various CU cascading water over rocks, WS woman hangs laundry, CU woman washing clothes on rocks, 00:14:28:00 WS men and woman cleaning and digging to place pipe, WS villagers working on road, MS villagers dancing as being sprayed by water, MS flowing waterfall, MS man and woman scientists wade in water, CU flowing water coming from green pipe, CU through microscope of paramecium swimming, CU placing stopper into pipe, WS technicians on the side of the river, WS 3 children crossing river, CU sprinkler pan up to scientist walking outside university, "Jesus Matis"?- CU of worm parasite under microscope flailing its tail, CU parasite working its way through vein, CU colony of parasites in bloodstream, CU larval egg hatching, CU snail, CU creature spewing out parasites, WS two muddy boys walk towards camera in desert, MS muddy boys lean against wall, Zoom out from CU of boys belly to other boys standing, 00:20:12:00 MS man stands leaning on railing watching sewage floating by in channel- talks to camera, WS village, WS woman exits latrine / outhouse- dog runs by, WS two children sit on rocks in village zoom out to reveal interior of outhouse and toilet, CU dog chewing, various woman digging pit for latrine, various "high tech" toilets in village, WS village with row of bathrooms, WS sewage cleaning truck drives past, CU truck cleaning, WS people bathing in out door showers, various shots of African city and commerce, 00:25:10:00 high > WS of construction site, CU 2 high tech toilets, CU water flowing down pipe, WS village houses, various shots of people filling buckets of water, WS group of children sit outside being instructed by teacher, MS silhouette of woman pumping water, 00:28:16:00 end.
Effluent discharging into the Cleddau Estuary, Wales, UK
Effluent discharging into the the Cleddau estuary at Merlins Bridge, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. Sewage such as this can cause excess nutrients to enter waterways, severely harming natural ecosystems. It can also make swimming in surrounding waters dangerous for humans. Filmed on the 16th June 2023.
0:50 Advice Ladies by Skip Blumberg. A trio of women sit out on the streets of New York City dispensing free advice. Ecology: I think it's the big issue for the 90's. People are really concerned with the environment because it's starting to affect us personally. 01:36 Malibu Surfers by James Mulryan. Glenn Henning, a surfer, talks about the polluted and disease-riddled ocean as he floats on his board, waiting for the next wave. We're actually seeing the very first stages of the Greenhouse Effect, the very first stages of long-term pollution starting to effect the health of people who are supposed to be healthy. Surfers in Malibu are actually coming down with diseases that doctors are unable to diagnose. Everybody's causing the pollution and everyone's going to have to figure out what they personally are going to do about it. 04:44 Redwood Forest by Jay April. Jay April visits Redwood Country and encounters different opinions on the timber industry's notion of progress. Earth First has been protesting the rapid pace at which the timer industry has deforested the region and call for a policy of sustained yield. One environmentalist notes that the forest has already been reduced to 4% of its original splendor: Some of us question if Redwoods as an ecosystem can survive at all. An argument ensues between lumber workers and a lone protester. One worker claims that cutting down trees is like harvesting a garden. 13:00 Uncle Sam Falls by Bill Stamets. A humorous clip where a mannequin dressed as Uncle Sam topples over and people scramble to right him. 24:40 Todd Alcott by Skip Blumberg. 90's regular, Todd Alcott rants: You know what they're talking about now? - the Greenhouse Effect. They'll be growing peaches in Siberia, here we'll be roasting weenies on the car hoods... So I'm gonna destroy the world if I put Right Guard under my arm pits. Believe me. God help us if I didn't...Here's what I'm saying, five years ago these scientists were telling us about the Ice Age... okay, where's the ice? Wasn't here when I woke up. Hope it doesn't wreck my car... Maybe this Greenhouse-ozone thing is keeping away the ice. Greenhouse. Ice Age. Which do you want? Me? I look better in summer clothes. 26:28 Santa Monica James Mulryan. John Young, a long time surfer and cancer victim from Santa Monica, reads a sign on the beach that warns of potential contamination. Drain pipes spit sewage out in the ocean near favorite surfing spots. Every major city street in Los Angeles dead ends in Santa Monica. I would think every major drain also dead ends in Santa Monica... The man in East L.A. changing his oil and thinking 'it's cool, I'll just dump it down this storm drain'... He doesn't realize that in a week we're out here sucking it up... We've had lifeguards on this beach die from the contamination... This is Santa Monica, welcome to it, and be ready to read our sign. 30:51 'Clean Dan' Grandusky by Jimmy Sternfield. A builder from Denver, Colorado voices his concerns about environmental change, likening the current situation to a global war. The significant problem with the urban landscape is our cars, our highways. World War III is being waged right now. We are the last generation who can save the planet. 33:34 Zeke's Heap by Jay April. Segment about a communal compost heap run by Tim Dundon, aka Zeke the Sheik. The county health department is trying to force the removal of the giant compost pile, claiming it is a public nuisance. The people in the town organize a protest to save the heap. 31:51 One Man's Trash by Dee Dee Halleck. Two little girls sing One man's trash is another man's treasure. 38:29 Steve Brill: The Wild Man by Esti Marpet. In Central Park, New York City, the wild man conducts tours pointing out edible plants and teaching about conservation. In 1981, when he was leading tours in New York's parks, he was arrested and charged with criminal mischief for picking plants. After that, he made a deal with the city and now he's an official Park Department employee. His advice: Enjoy this planet, it's yours to partake of, it's yours to protect. 47:16 Anthony Kiedis by James Mulryan. Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, visits the beach: When the UFO's come down they see our oceans and they say, 'Look at all these creatures'... and everyone's hugging each other and swimming through this liquid space atmosphere and they're having a good time. And the people get to go swimming and surfing and sail boating and its just beautiful out here and the idea that some guy in a office is sitting behind his desk saying, 'How can I make a few million dollars... Well maybe if I cut the cost and pollute a little more'... I don't want my kids to come out of the water and get into some sort of detoxification booth, because it takes all the fun out of it. He then raps the tune Green Heaven (The smile of a dolphin is a built feature/They move in schools/But everyone's a teacher...) 50:18 Popeye by Eddie Becker. At the Earth Day celebrations in Washington, D.C., Popeye joins the ecology movement. I'm Popeye the sailor man, I recycle my spinach can... Anyone who pollutes the air, earth, or ocean is nothing more than a criminal! 50:51 Excerpt from Garbage Mountain by Nancy Cain. In Los Angeles, California, Jody Procter takes us on a tour of a garbage dump and shares his reverence for what is found there. yes
Contribution of WPA federal buildings projects in Ohio, United States, during the Great Depression.
From a film titled "A better Ohio". Scenes of Great Depression period in the United States: Idle men, closed factories, men searching through trash, sleeping on sidewalk. Scenes of post depression recovery: Smoke from factories, lines of workers, ample food, happy families. Views of Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects in Ohio: Airstrip construction of runways at Cleveland Airport; construction of Dayton Airport runways and aerial view of the Dayton Airport area; pipe capping and sealing work at abandoned coal mines to prevent pollution of local water supply; remodeled orphanage in Defiance, Ohio, with orphan children playing on the grounds of the Defiance County Children's Home; repaired and updated buildings at the Home for Sailor's and Soldier's Orphans at Xenia, Ohio; newly built dairy farm at the Sailor's and Soldiers Home; Rebuilt wing of the old people's home for care of the elderly in Napoleon, Ohio; view of the newly constructed tuberculosis sanatorium in Toledo, Ohio (the William Roche Tuberculosis Hospital). Scenes of fast moving flood waters during flood of Spring 1936 in Ohio. Flood water rushing past flooded buildings. WPA -constructed dams, levees, and retaining walls are seen during building process. African American and white workers seen digging together with shovels on the project. New trees are planted at the sites. Location: Ohio United States USA. Date: 1937.
DN-RLB-085 Beta SP
Unused / unissued material - Colour material. <br/> <br/>Various shots of barrels marked with 'Poison' warning labels. The cans / barrels are open and appear to have leaked their contents. They look to have been dumped. <br/> <br/>VS of industrial area where the dangerous chemicals are poured safely into large vats where the waste will be safely disposed of. <br/> <br/>VS of pumps, pipes, dials and controls at waste disposal centre. Tilt up chimney of waste incinerator. VS of incinerator. <br/> <br/>VS of nasty looking chemical waste being poured into a horrible look pool. Various containers of toxic waste is laid on the ground. <br/> <br/>VS good shots of sewage treatment plant. VS of effluent pouring out of pipe in large stretch of water. <br/> <br/>VS of building with 'Purle' waste processing plant. VS chimney letting out lots of smoke. VS of vat marked Cyanide being stirred and dealt with.