Paul Robeson entertaining a gathering in Moscow, Russia.
A huge gathering at Green Park, Moscow. Paul Robeson an American African American singer entertains and sings national songs in Russian and English. 1949. Location: Moscow Russia Soviet Union. Date: 1949.
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[WWII - Paul Robeson Singing at His Birthday Party]
The estate of the late singer Paul Robeson has been put up for auction. He was a great but controversial singer of the 20's and 30's. His political views were not quite aligned with the mainstream thinking of the day and his popularity suffered because of it.
Receiving line at Soviet embassy in Washington during anniversary reception commemorating the October Revolution
Announcement of the concert tribute to Albert Kerbonne
1949 Paul Robeson in Russia
b&w, Russian newsreel with narration in Russian, June 1949, huge crowd seated in outdoor amphitheater,m/s stage as Paul Robeson comes to microphone, audience applauds, Robeson sings with orchestra and conductor behind - sings in English Ol' Man River, various shots of Robeson and audience, Robeson sings another song in Russian, Robeson shakes hands with conductor and accepts flowers then speaks to audience in Russian - audio
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The legendary Paul Robeson closes out a film geared towards black American servicemen about the transmission of disease through sexual contact.
Paul Robeson in movie musical talks to wife about starting a new life in America. Audience applauds; curtain opens to reveal Paul Robeson on stage; people say "bravo" from offstage, man cries; Robeson talks to audience; man requests song; Robeson sings song; man asks "what's he doing?"; orchestra in pit; audience watches Robeson; (snippets from film "Song of Freedom") Robeson in film "The Emperor Jones" gives girl Pullman Porter hat, sings song; Riot in Peekskill; sign for Robeson concert; anti-communist riot over concert; woman put thumbs up to noses; black concert-goers run through protestors.
1949 Paul Robeson in Russia
b&w, Russian newsreel with narration in Russian, June 1949, huge crowd seated in outdoor amphitheater,m/s stage as Paul Robeson comes to microphone, audience applauds, Robeson sings with orchestra and conductor behind - sings in English Ol' Man River, various shots of Robeson and audience, Robeson sings another song in Russian, Robeson shakes hands with conductor and accepts flowers then speaks to audience in Russian - audio
The lost taste of tomato
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News In Brief -- Jackie Robinson Replies to Paul Robeson
Various Subjects
1920's-1930's Chicago. Old San Francisco (1910s-1930s). The San Francisco fires. Jackie Robinson playing baseball. Paul Robeson singing on street and in bar. John D. Rockefeller. 1920's college football and 1920's professional footaball.
Soviet embassy in Washington, DC throws lavish party for 35th anniversary of the Russian Revolution
Paul Robeson, an American singer, actor and political activist, in New York City during his 46th Birthday celebration.
Paul Robeson (Paul LeRoy Bustill Robeson) at the 17th Regiment Armory, at 34th Street and Park Avenue, in Manhattan. Paul Robeson, an American singer, actor and political activist gives a speech during a celebration of Robeson's 46th birthday and the anniversary of the Council on African Affairs. Cameramen click pictures in the foreground. He sings on the stage, including the song "I dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night." Candles are lit on the stage in the foreground. Flags in the background. Location: New York City USA. Date: April 16, 1944.
To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Paul Robeson's birth, an exhibit of pertinent things opens at the New York Historical Society. Robeson, who "owns" the song "Old Man River" for all practical purposes, was an African-American with a magnificent singing voice and unpopular political views. His rendition of "Old Man River" from "Showboat" made him his mark in show business.
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Images of protest against Paul Robeson in Peekskill, New York. White Americans carrying patriotic flags and parading in the town. Paul Robeson's image on a protest sign. Image of angry crowds standing and yelling at a motorcade. Guards holding the crowd back. A group of police officers walking. Large group of white and black people sitting and standing in a large, outdoor, public area.
NEWS; 1945-1950
13:00:47:00,War planes on United States aircraft carrier prepare for takeoff, Deck crewman gestures (repeat), CU pilot in cockpit, CU men watch, Deck crewman gives thumbs-up sign, Plane taxis (repeat), Takeoff (repeat), Rear view POV from plane of carrier during takeoff, Aerial of plane over carrier, Planes in formation, Aerial of wing, ocean in background, Aerial of planes in formation (repeat), Pilot in cockpit, Planes peel off (dive into action), Plane lands on carrier (phone narration indicating the war is over), Pilot's POV as plane lands on carrier, White House, Crowds wave at passing camera, White House in background, MP's control White House crowd, President Harry Truman tells news conference of Japan's acceptance of surrender terms, unconditional surrender, words on soundtrack, Reporters run from conference, Reporters on phones, Boy with newspaper ("EXTRA! IT'S PEACE!"), Soldier jumps, WAC jumps, Women run, cheer, Crowds wild in street, TImes Square mobbed, United States flag waved, Man holds baby, baby holds small United States flag, Radio announcer above crowd, Dancing in street, Servicemen on lamppost, CU people mug, Man wears Japanese battle flag as hula skirt, does hula, Men lift pretty girl, People lift man, Pretty girl on sailor's shoulders, Sailor kisses girl, almost on ground, Woman slugs beer, Hand points to soldier's stripes, Soldier drinks, Man shampoos self with champagne, Soldier, girl kiss (repeat), Sailor, girl kiss, Soldier, woman dance, Revelers in car, flags, Ticker tape, Big United States flag, People drown each other in ticker tape, Huge mess, Church steeple, United States flag, Small town street, Empty sidewalk, trees, Dad home from work, child runs to him, Kids play under sprinkler, Kids' jumping feet, Kid in mud, Boy drinks from hose, Girl drinks from hose, Hose squirts boy in face (CU), Hose squirts girl in face, Boy helps dad mow lawn, Boys fix wagon, Little girl helps mom hang wash, CU girl shakes clothes (CUTE), Bored boys sit on curb, Small town Main Street, Men talk on street, Boys hang out, Women talk on street, Woman writes in notebook, Sign: NOTICE THE POINTS ARE MARKED ON THE ARTICLE & SHELF OF ALL RATIONED FOOD, Grocer, customer, Store window ("NO MILK, NO EGGS, NO LARD, NO BUTTER"), Half-empty shelves, Sign on shelf: SORRY NO MORE PINEAPPLE, Sign: PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR BUTTER TODAY, Sign: NO BEEF TODAY, Women buy food, CU ration stamps, Grocer counts stamps, CU hands count stamps, Butcher sharpens large knife, Butchers cut meat, Crowded meat market, Smiling butcher holds up chicken, Steak on scale, Smiling woman takes bag (repeat), Price tags changed, 78c to 95c, 59c to 74c, etc, Gas station, sign: GAS RATIONING OFF NO STAMPS REQUIRED, Men fill up tank, Pump ("THIS SALE $2.33"), Man tears up card, CU hand scrapes "A" decal off windshield, Aerial of aircraft carrier, deck crowded with men, Soldiers in foreground see lower Manhattan skyline, Soldiers look, New York City pier, banner reads "WELCOME HOME", Troops on ship wave, CU smiling woman waves, Soldier waves from porthole, Grandma waves, woman hugs her, Women wave to aircraft carrier, Servicemen run off ship, Man, woman hug, kiss (famous shots), Woman runs to hug man, Sailor picks up little boy, Aerial of troop ship, War brides, babies wave, CU brides, babies (NICE, repeat), Women off ship, luxury liner at sea, Men kiss babies, Statue of Liberty, People on ship see Statue, Crowd at pier waves, Refugees on ship, CU women show concentration camp tattoos, just barely visible, Refugees leave ship, People kiss, hug (VERY TOUCHING, MOVING), Army camp, sign: SEPARATION CENTER, Group of soldiers, one steps forward at a time, gets discharge in front of United States flag, Soldiers wave hats, Soldiers wave discharges, Rows of quonset huts (military buildings), Man takes bedding into quonset hut, Child, man take belongings from car, Women hang laundry, Tethered child plays, man reads paper in front of quonset hut, Young men leave school, meet wives, kids, Couples walk with babies, People walk home to tiny trailers, Rows of hundreds of warplanes (repeat), Rows of plane engines, Bomber ("DEADEYE II"), Bomber ("CALAMITY JANE", nose art), Bomber with kill markings, Bomber ("OUR BABY"), Bomber ("DRAGON LADY"), Bomber ("EVASIVE ACTION"), Bomber ("FOREVER AMBER"), Crane stacks planes on end, Welders dismantle plane, Molten steel poured, steelworkers shovel, Men, machines make cars, Car engine hoisted along, Men weld cars (car manufacturing), Men put door on car, Men paint car (repeat), Car body hoisted along, Car finished, Car driven out of factory, Cars drive, Textile bobbins spin, Nylons being made, Women mob "Sultana Hosiery" store, Woman inspects nylons as crowds watch, Man buys nylons, Crowds run through street, Women mob man under sign: WE ARE GIVING AWAY NYLONS, People scramble, Man throws nylons to crowd, Crowd dives, fights for nylons, Person, stretcher loaded into ambulance, Crowd of women don nylons on street, CU legs, "Cheesecake", Models parade, nylons emphasized, Women raise skirts (a little), drop them (a little), "New look" long skirts, Models at lunch, CU Christian Dior, Legs, skirts, Line of models in bikinis, Bikini babes parade, Crowd watches Henry Ford's funeral procession, Woman cries (repeat), Onlookers, Sad boy in baseball uniform, New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia's funeral procession, LaGuardia, Bud Abbott, Lou Costello on steps of New York City City Hall, LaGuardia, Abbott, Costello up steps, Costello trips on purpose, LaGuardia with fire chief, Firemen spray hoses, CU LaGuardia, LaGuardia runs steam shovel, with Casey Stengel (I think), Steam shovel, Walks in parade with General Dwight Eisenhower, With Eisenhower in motorcade, man in weird costume runs up, hands unofficial key to city to Ike, Speaks on radio (WNYC), Reads, dramatizes funnies on radio (SOT, very long version), LaGuardia waves, Original Yankee Stadium, United States flag at half mast in foreground, Game at stadium, Ruth walks on field past uniformed boys, CU Ruth grips bat, Ruth homers, Ruth signs autographs for crowd of kids, CU older Ruth, Ruth waves goodbye to kids, Sickly Ruth at Yankee Stadium for his farewell speech, Crowd, Kids watch, Ruth applauded at microphones, Mel Allen in background, CU Ruth says farewell in pitiful, raspy voice, Mel Allen on verge of tears, Crowd, Ruth smiles (CU), Stadium, United States flags at half mast, Crowd enters Ebbets Field, Man sells programs, wears hat lettered ("BROOKLYN"), Crowd cheers, jeers, calls players "bums", fan gets hat pulled down over his face, CU Jackie Robinson smiles, Fan Hilda Chester with sign "HILDA", CU Robinson (repeat), Robinson gets hit, Fans cheer, Robinson greeted after homer, Crowded street, pushcarts, CU fish put on scale, Fish market, Signs: KNISH 10C, KNOCKWURST 10C, Man eats hot dog, items taken off scale, Strollers, Street scene, Engineer's POV as train passes train, Engineer, Train crosses bridge, POV from train as fields pass, United Kingdom Prime Minister Winston Churchill leaves train, Churchill, President Harry Truman into car, Car moves, secret service on fenders, Two leaders in motorcade, Churchill makes famous Iron Curtain speech at Fulton, Missouri (SPEAKS NICE, long version), Audience, Flags at United Nations headquarters, United Nations headquarters, "NEW YORK CITY BUILDING AT FLUSHING MEADOW PARK, NOW AN ICE RINK!!", Marines guard building, VIP's enter, Cars pull up, exit Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov, United Nations Security Council session, Soviet representatives, including Andrei Gromyko, Soviets walk out of session, CU Soviet seats empty, Parade, Marchers carry sign: WAKE UP AMERICA PEEKSKILL DID, Poster advertising concert by Paul Robeson, Protesters, Cops control crowd, Enter more cops, Crowd, Sign: OUST THE COMMIES, Cops search man, Cops confiscate baseball bats, Cops, crowd push each other, Man arrested, CU Gary Cooper testifies at HUAC congressional session, Coop says he doesn't like Communism (speaks), Crowd (repeat), Crowd, press, Women knit, Reporters (repeat), CU Ronald Reagan testifies, says no Communist ever used films for ideology, stands up for movie industry, Chairman raps gavel, Herbert Biberman testifies, is asked whether he is a Communist, defies committee, criticizes committee's purpose, refuses to cooperate, Photographers, Hostile witness, don't know who (Hollywood 10 member), CU Congressman Richard Nixon, Committee, Alger Hiss sworn in, Hiss speaks, no sound, Whittaker Chambers testifies, accuses Hiss, speaks, CU Hiss, CU Chambers, Astor Theatre in New York City, huge sign for premiere of "THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES", CU Myrna Loy, CU Virginia Mayo (at opening of movie), CU Dana Andrews, Photographers flash bulbs (VERY NICE), Shirley Temple weds John Agar, CU couple, Fans wild, Fans rush Rita Hayworth-Aly Khan wedding, French cops, crowd, Couple in car (CU), Fans, CU couple CU, Photographers, Couple, violinists, Ingrid Bergman, Roberto Rosselini walk on street, Couple drink in cafe, CU Bergman smiles, Princess Elizabeth marries Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, couple in carriage, crowds watch, Crowds rush palace gates, Multitude, Couple, family wave from balcony, Crowd, Extended royal family, CU King George VI, Queen Mary, CU Elizabeth, Philip, Ext. United States Capitol Dome, Newspapers on printing press, Secretary of State George Marshall at committee hearing, speaks of Marshall plan committee, Street scene, Woman hangs out wash, Women talk, Men talk, Men talk in diner, Crowd, announcer at microphone, Woman says Joe Louis and Joe Walcott should fight again, Black man expresses opinion on fight, Crowd on golf course, Enter Bob Hope, Hope jokes, words on soundtrack, Hope gets set to drive, Crowd, Hope drives, hams it up, Future President Dwight Eisenhower on golf course, tries to hit out of sand trap, CU Ike, Ike, press, Ike refuses once again to run for president, CU Ike (NICE), Truman leaves White House with bodyguard, Truman, bodyguard walk (repeat), Truman's legs, cane, Shakes hands with woman, Shakes hands with man, Photographers, Shakes hands with black man, others, House Speaker Joe Martin bangs gavel at 1948 Republican Convention, Indian chief, South Dakota sign, Men, Kansas sign, Aged Herbert Hoover waves, Signs for Taft, CU Robert Taft, Confetti, Balloons, Drum majorette, Man wears goofy-looking mask, Photos of Dewey, Signs for Dewey, New York Governor Thomas Dewey waves (repeat), Papier mache donkey head, Democratic Convention, "ILLINOIS" sign, Delegates fan themselves, Man, towel around head (FUNNY), Sign: WE ARE MILD ABOUT HARRY, Sign: THE WORLD'S HOPE TRUMAN, Delegates, Sign: TRUMAN FOR PRESIDENT, Delegates make noise, Man looks like beardless Gabby Hayes, Fat lady dances, Signs, delegates (repeat), Truman on dais, Truman, Vice President candidate Alben Barkley hold hands aloft, Seal of the President, Truman waves from train observation car, Kids cheer, Truman leaves on train, People wave, POV from train town passes, CU Truman, Dewey writes on train, CU Dewey, CU from train as countryside passes (repeat), Crowd hears Dewey speak, Crowd, CU Truman speaks at microphones, Old man watches, Old couple watch, Old lady with funny hat, CU Dewey speaks at microphone, Truman holds bouquet, Boy holds flag, Dewey gets stick of fish, Dewey waves, POV from train of crowd waving, Reporters work on train, Truman in motorcade, People go to town hall, Sign: TOWN HALL, People enter building, Voters line up, Workers help voters, Couple with baby vote, Voter at machine, X for Dewey, Man casts ballot, X for Truman, Woman casts ballot into ballot box, Truman votes, People vote, Dewey votes, NBC news room, Sign: POPULAR VOTE TABULATORS, Bob Trout broadcasts (repeat), Worker marks STATE CHART (repeat), H.V. Kaltenborn speaks (repeat), Operators at switchboards, Workers use adding machines (repeat), Tote board, Reporters type various broadcasters broadcast, Times Square (NIGHT), Times Building news ticker: TRUMAN TAKES LEAD AWAY FROM DEWEY (SIC), Banquet crowd applauds, Couple hug, celebrate, Empty Dewey headquarters, Glum group (four people look very disappointed), CU sad woman, CU sad man (repeat), Political cartoon of man with ass marked "ALL US POLITICAL EXPERTS" says "KICK ME", Banquet, Truman on dais, Crowd rises, applauds, Truman speaks, makes fun of, does accurate, mocking impression of Kaltenborn and his predictions of Truman's defeat, Nuclear bomb tests, Flashing sign ("DANGER"), Men in bizarre safety suits work with hazardous materials, Flashing sign ("RADIATION AREA"), Robot hands handle chemical in beaker, Worker moves radioactive material, Glow, Scientist works equipment, Man looks through eyepiece, Men work with radioactive chemicals (repeat), Chemical bubbles, Man smokes pipe, Instrument lights flash, Instruments operate, Blindfolded man in G-Force test, face horribly distorted (WEIRD!), Rocket sled speeds (repeat), Man in sled under G-Force, almost as weird, People look at sky with binoculars (repeat), Cat looks up (CUTE), Soldiers look at sky, Soldier on microphone, People talk to Air Force investigators, CU airline pilot, Pilots talk near jet fighter (trying to find flying saucers), CU Air Force pilot, People on sidewalk look into "Today" show window, CU men smoke, People look in store window, Early TV screen, wavy lines (repeat), Bartender, CU mug of beer, Men drink in bar, Horse race on TV, Man laughs, Bartender consoles patron, TV antennas all over roofs, People watch TV, Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca do skit, CU Dave Garroway, Faye Emerson, Kukla, Fran, and Ollie, Milton Berle dances with Carmen Miranda (guess which network made this film), TV studio, Microphone boom operator, Camera WNBT NBC, CU Albert Einstein speaks of danger of nuclear suicide, Thermometer reads 97 degrees, Crowded beach, People on beach blanket, Kids run on beach, Woman, child with bare ass (the child, not the woman) on beach, Girl plays in surf, Crowds on Coney Island beach, People descend on parachute jump, People on revolving swing ride at Steeplechase Park, POV from front seat as people ride roller coaster, Starter waves flag at auto race, Autos race, Race accidents, End of horse race, Crowd, Bob Richards does pole vault, People at fair, CU balloons, Carnival rides, Barker barks, Man hits bell with mallet, People watch, Cotton candy made, Kid with cotton candy, Man holds son, Rides, CU clown, CU boy with father, Goats on leash, Truman says goodbye to wife at plane, Plane engine starts, Truman onto plane (repeat), People wave, Airliner taxis, Aerial of airliner in air, Aerial of Washington, DC, CU landing gear goes down (NICE), POV from plane as it lands, Plane taxis ("INDEPENDENCE"), Secretary of State Dean Acheson in parking lot (A COUPLE OF FRAMES ONLY), Truman exits plane, Truman's car leaves, Men raise flags at United Nations, Sign: COUNCIL IN SESSION, United Nations Security Council session, Soviet seat empty, Korean representative, empty USSR chair, Korean refugees flee battle (repeat), Refugees, building burns in background, Burned buildings, Naked baby cries, Legs of marching soldiers, Troops march to ship, Troops board ship, Dog watches, Troops up gangway ("SAN FRANCISCO PORT OF EMBARKATION"), Hand beats drum ("SAN FRANCISCO PORT OF EMBARKATION"), Navy band plays, Crane removes gangway, Men untie ship, Smoke from funnel, Ship leaves, People wave, Men wave from portholes, Troops wave (repeat), Woman waves, CU baby waves, Aircraft carrier at dock, Ship in harbor, View from ship, Soldier on ship, CU sailor, CU soldiers, sailors, Aircraft carrier at sea
Images of protest against Paul Robeson in Peekskill, New York. Guards forcibly holding back a crowd using clubs. Police frisking a man. Police carrying clubs or baseball bats while a black man watches in the background. Police pushing and carrying away both black and white people in the crowd.rnrnWhite Americans carrying patriotic flags and parading in the town. Paul Robeson's image on a protest sign. Image of angry crowds standing and yelling at a motorcade. Guards holding the crowd back. A group of police officers walking. Large group of white and black people sitting and standing in a large outdoor public area.