Roaring 20s Montage


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Roaring 20s Montage
BW 1920s Roaring Twenties montage - women (flapper fashion) sit and read newspaper, one applies make-up, one chews gum and one smokes cigarette, CUs. VS street scenes with women. CU theater poster advertising Norma Talmadge in Secrets. Two women enter barbershop, read newspapers while they wait for haircuts. Barber cuts woman's hair. Debauchery montage - young men wearing boater hats drink alcohol in car during Prohibition, woman and man kiss in front of car, gang of women and men party while driving. INT, college dorm as two young women, flappers, spray themselves with perfume before leaving for party. Lone student stays behind to study - wistful expression. Three women dance at club, Charleston, flappers, men join them, excellent. VS night club scenes, woman and man in passionate embrace, kissing. Musicians, dancing, CU woman's feet as she dances Charleston. Sex, alcohol, and gambling - party time. CU record spinning.
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